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  1. Vibrantella in Red Class

    Thank you for thinking of me I was healing from the therapy injuries, and then got flattened by a bad cold. I'm back on my feet now, but not yet back to normal, so have decided to hibernate until the next challenge. Slowly working on recovering my physical energy and a desire for healthy eating. I dare not step on the scale!
  2. Vibrantella in Red Class

    Having devoured Red Sister over Christmas (most entertaining fantasy / (shade of) SF I read in the last few years), I decided I'd have loved to have been schooled at the Sweet Mercy Convent of the Ancestor. That is how I imagine a Bene Gesserit school! Here is my new challenge as subjects taken in Red Class. 1. Academia classes: general knowledge Study for my MA in Classics Complete assignment due on Jan 18 2. Blade classes: fighting Walk (from Mordor) daily HIIT (kettlebells) 2 x week Weights (gym) 2 x week 3. Shade classes: poisons Ketogenic diet (enter on Fitday for a couple of weeks to get re-acquainted) IF (restart slowly) Supplements (for improving health and battling side effects of medication and radiotherapy) 4. Path classes: clarity, patience, serenity; manipulating threads Seeing the therapy through Researching how to deal with side effects, applying it (exercise, supplements, energy work) Energy / meridians work 5. Spirit classes: Reiki for myself and the world Meditation and grounding Community (including second Christmas!) Good luck, everyone! We can do this in 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!