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  1. J3NN Doesn't let the Holidays Slow Her Down

    I'd be interested in having a look, if you don't mind sharing...
  2. Vibrant(ella) Wonderland!

    Thanks! Yes, it is intense - because it's not just a diet. It is my medicine, keeping me from having to take 10 pills per day (as my older, diabetic sister has to; several purely for T2D, then for cholesterol, blood pressure and kidney function; then some nasal drops to deal with side-effects of certain meds. She "can't" eat in a ketogenic way.) I also remember my mother, who died of diabetes complications at the age of 68. Otherwise, my week 2 was not great, due to minor but annoying health problems including a migraine. In short, the ratings were: 1. Food - 100% 2. Fitness - 65% (not enough gym and stretching) 3. Mind - completely dropped the ball with the classics reading in the second half of the week; still not back on the horse, sadly; done some 2017 review 4. Soul - Omitted a few sessions when feeling the worst, but sleep was probably as valuable at the time This week hasn't started great as I'm still quite weak and haven't been to the gym yet. Prevaricating about keeping the gym membership anyway, but have realised it's the chimp talking. I am the one that does the gym! I suppose having a full calendar month's notice period is useful for me too, not just for their profits!
  3. Murphy's Roommate Runs

    I hope you're getting better!
  4. J3NN Doesn't let the Holidays Slow Her Down

    Yes, in my experience too, writing down your goals is impactful, even of you don't do much (conscious) follow-up.
  5. Unexpected changes and eye bags...

    Absolutely! It would be difficult to "bulk up" and lose fat at the same time, but I don't suppose you're really looking to do that, are you? Strengthening muscles can be done without extra calories, and I have done it too, in the last year, whilst shedding fat (as evidenced by DEXA scanning). Now, if you want to look like the Hulk, you will need the extra calories with your weight training (plus some kind of green dye)! Cardio is also important, but dancing and occasional running/sprinting sound just right. Also, lifting weights is fun! ETA: Great that you're lowering the carbs for PCOS, it's one of the metabolic disorders based on insulin resistance. I used to have it, and T2 diabetes, and low carb / keto reversed them.
  6. Rey of Light's Journey: Nascence

    To clarify my earlier comment, I mean inspirational for food and fitness - as in my personal circle I don't have people who could be role models. Here are some links:
  7. Vibrant(ella) Wonderland!

    This has been a magnificently rich, golden autumn, the trees are not bare yet, and the sun is still shining. The days are getting shorter, though, and winter is on its way, but at the end of the challenge the Sun will return and the Wheel of Life will make another turn. Let's make this last challenge of 2017 a good one! My goals for this challenge are to keep on keeping on: 1. Food Ketogenic diet with regular intermittent fasting. This is to keep the T2D under tight control and to improve general health after breast cancer. No snacks, no dairy either - until we go to France for Christmas (and cheese! ) 2. Fitness Lifting in the gym (and sauna!) at least 2 x week, preferably 3 Walking to the Shire from Mordor Stretching (daily) and foam rolling (weekly) 3. Mind Read and prepare well for the next MA paper (due January) - no extensions allowed any more! Do the year recap/next year plan 4. Soul Reiki meditation/healing daily Eden energy minute daily Keep calm and carry on through radiotherapy (if not postponed again; it wouldn't be a problem, as it is preventative in nature - I have no more disease in my body) Enjoy time with friends and family <3 ...walking in the winter wonderland....