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  1. With all due respect, my relationship with my mother is none of anybody's business. Perhaps if you live in a very "American" family it's acceptable to say this type of things & behave this way to your parents, but my family is very traditional and it's not acceptable to behave this way.
  2. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    I usually end up doing plenty of walking during the day, I just don't always bother to check in on it and keep track, which was my original goal in setting a specific number of steps. I can't really get down with lettuce wraps, I'd rather just stick everything in a bowl and eat it that way. But we were trying to get rid of the tortillas so we're down to just a couple. And I'll probably leave them for my boyfriend to make quesadillas. Review for 6/16/16 Diet: missed the veggies with my taco yesterday but I had fresh local strawberries so that's not so bad. With dinner we had mashed potatoes with a whole bunch of kale cooked into it which was hecka good. Planning on having it again for lunch today. Haven't eaten out any more. I was thinking about getting an iced coffee after yoga but then I remembered I already had a cookie from Earth Fare earlier so I skipped it. Life: I saved yesterday. I might drop a little more, since my boyfriend gave me some cash to buy cat stuff. I did a NFA workout yesterday and browsed around and checked off some quests. Today I should go in and actually do some stuff.
  3. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    My challenge is going.... Well I don't know because everything has been such a mess with scheduling my life this week! I have managed to convince my boyfriend that he'd rather have a home-cooked meal than eat out! It was... suspiciously easy. Considering I'm making him do the work so he can learn to cook! I just come up with the recipes and make sure we have the ingredients and teach him the techniques. Review for 6/15/15 Diet: We had salad for lunch so that had lots of veggies. But for dinner we had tacos - it was a last-minute idea to use up some stuff in the house so we had no veggies with it. But I feel like the salad made up for it in a way. We ate out on Tuesday on our way to Detroit for the Beyoncé concert (wut??) and I had a mixed drink at the concert, but that's it so far. We had to drive straight from my boyfriend's work so there was no other option. Fitness: I'm scrapping this challenge since we're halfway through the month and my new garmin still hasn't arrived. but I've been to two hot yoga classes and a pilates class this week so it's not like I'm being lazy. Life: I just checked and I haven't saved this week so I dropped $5 and I'm currently at $12. (I emptied my savings at the end of last month to pay for a new yoga mat) yikes I haven't been online at all (like AT ALL. on ANYTHING. no facebook, no tumblr, no nothing!) so I haven't been on the academy. But I'm gonna go do a bodyweight workout before I eat lunch.
  4. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    Not eating out is mainly a goal because I just moved in with my boyfriend for the summer and he tends to get lazy and order pizza or chinese if he doesn't want to cook. I told him I'd rather not get quick carry-out and I'd rather go on a once-a-week date to a nice restaurant! For saving money, I put about 1/6 of my check into my roth and I have a savings account where I put another 1/6 each month, but I'm using Tip Yourself just to save for a rainy day fund - Amazon orders, books, cat toys, stuff like that. I like it because it's geared towards small rewards for stuff you do during the day (so if you'd tip a waiter/waitress for bringing you food, you could also tip yourself a few dollars for staying in and cooking a nice dinner! Or working out, or whatever). I actually really enjoy seeing the small amounts save up.
  5. Weekend: drove 1,000 miles across Canada to move from VT to MI. Not recording food because I'm lazy.
  6. Totally don't feel like doing this, but I'm going to anyways. It's 9:45 and I've gotten home after a very long day. Morning: (Technically, last night) All three smoke detectors started malfunctioning at 11:30 PM, about an hour and a half after I went to bed. I woke up with a splitting headache and the best I could do was to pry them out with a screwdriver, wrap them in blankets and sweatshirts, toss them down the stairs in the hall outside my apartment, and throw back some advil. This morning I slept in an hour (it was OK since we had a late start at work today, with no kids around because it was a teacher work day) and had two eggs scrambled with a dot of half and half and fried in a spritz of coconut oil. I tossed in a little shredded cheese and some salsa, and finished it off with a plum. At work, I dealt with my single most irritating student, who showed up with his dad after his parents (apparently for the first time all year?) realized he was going to completely fail my class. After his dad left, he half-assed some work, rushed through two chapter tests (30-ish minutes of work for the most serious students) in about 10 minutes each. After he got worn out, he left me on his own. Afternoon: At staff appreciation, I got a free coffee mug (looking forward to having something to smash out of frustration next time I'm pissed at my school) and they gave us free food. Potato salad, sandwiches with turkey, cheese, and veggies, two small cookies, and a load of watermelon, grapes, and strawberries. I rolled my eyes when a coworker took her sandwich off its bread because she "doesn't eat carbs" but then ate pasta salad and potato salad. (okay???) I finished my grading and set about my end-of-the-year tasks. I learned I have to return the employee handbook I received at the start of the year. Nobody told me this, so I dismembered it to give the binder to a student. I tried to return the papers and the secretary gave me the filthiest look. It's just a binder, lady... Evening: After work, I went to a going-away party for a coworker who was (unfairly) fired. We had burgers made from another teacher's highland cows (yUM), for which I sautéed our buns in some butter, chips and snacks, potato salad (again), and a couple of smores. The same teacher who brought his meat also brought homemade beer, which everyone thought was great - four or five different styles! We hung out, I met my coworker/future boss's husband's kids, and I did a 3d puzzle. We had a bonfire, I inhaled way too much smoke, and had another splitting headache by the time I got home. Mom had dealt with the smoke detectors (thanks) as well as a couple of other small problems that arose. My cat missed me a lot (mom says he was crying for me) and tomorrow is my last day at work. Saturday, I leave for Michigan.
  7. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    Week 1, day 3 summary: Diet: Ate veggies in my soup at lunch, and had carrots as a snack. There was spinach on my pizza but I'd rather count the carrots. Ate out again today Fitness: Only 3936 steps today. We didn't go on a walk because it was so cold today. Life: I still haven't saved any money but I'm definitely going to put the whole $5 aside tomorrow! Finished the goals quest on NFA and it took me FOREVER but I'm SO happy with my goals! 3/5 (tentatively)
  8. Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Morning: Had a good breakfast of an apple and an egg fried over-easy with a spritz of coconut oil. Today was the last day of finals at school and kids are stressing me out begging for extra credit. Afternoon: Had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and then two slices of pizza from FBLA. The square average-ish slices, not the giant triangular ones. Couldn't focus on grading and my tummy didn't sit right. I think it was the greasy food - earlier this week, we had tacos that were super greasy and they also made my tummy squeamish. Evening: Went out for a cider with friends and my mom, and split a Green Mountain Special pizza with my mom (local cheddar, spinach, onion, apple, bacon, and a drizzle of maple syrup.) At home, I had a hot chocolate because it's freezing out, and then snacked on carrot sticks while facetiming my boyfriend. I bought a kindle fire tablet (!!!) and the planner I've been eyeing up for over a month. I've got everything in line to be in the green again financially come Friday when I get my paycheck, now that I don't have to pay a cable bill and my electric bill will be low! I'm hoping to use the kindle fire to read books, watch movies & TV, surf the net, use tumblr, and I think it will be great for my trip to Costa Rica. Summary: I remembered what someone said yesterday about how you feel worse and worse after the first 3 bites of sugar. When I wanted a snack, I ate carrots. And made myself feel better by lecturing my boyfriend about mac and cheese. Then we talked about calories and he realized it takes a lot more to burn a calorie than he thought. I think I did better for myself today than yesterday.
  9. Cool! Kalamazoo is not that different from Grand Rapids, it has a lot of the same hipstery/grungy vibe.
  10. I have been. I used to go somewhat regularly in college (I studied music so had lots of artsy friends). Haven't been in a while, though.
  11. You'd do better to stop, especially in the summer! We have a pretty rad art scene, too.
  12. AZO, Kalamazoo? Southwest, home to Bell's Brewing and Oberon!
  13. There are a bunch of different ways of "breathing right," depending on the discipline you look in. In yoga, there's a whole "limb" out of the 8 that's about breath, "pranayama." This article breaks down three breath techniques. You can use different techniques depending on what you want to do, and it takes a while to build up your lungs/diaphragm/vocal chords for different breaths. "Skull shining" breath/breath of fire may be a good way to strengthen your diaphragm, but I wouldn't do it for too long.
  14. I'm in VT during the school year, up in NEK. During the summer, I'm in Michigan, though...
  15. Right? If I remember, I can usually drag my butt out of bed to do it. Acountabilibuddies, yay!!
  16. Acountabilibuddies are basically people you talk to and share how your day went, etc... You keep each other accountable! I totally always struggle to keep things going after I start... How often do we all say we're going to do something, get a week into it, and then totally forget? What a drag! I'm a student at heart so I love having a "teacher" tell me what to do and when. Even if I have to do it myself, it really helps to have someone else give me the framework. Anything where I'm responsible to plan for myself, I almost always totally bomb.
  17. The second book you can buy on amazon. As for the list of books, you can find it here. Not sure about the first book. The site layout has changed in the last week, or my computer isn't loading the second half of the bar across the top, so not sure how you can find them without googling them.
  18. I'm new around here too! For using the site and forums, I'm sure other people who have been around a lot longer will have some great ideas, but I'll say that I splurged and paid for the $99 course and so far I really enjoy it. I am a teacher so I do love all things that seem even remotely like school or have homework. It might be something to look at! You can start a daily log and challenge thread for yourself, too. Even if nobody reads it, it's out there on the web and someone might be reading it and shaking their head at you! I can definitely feel the not having support thing. I just moved to a very rural area last August and I have, like, three friends in the entire state. Even my family and friends back home don't really "get" it. I have a hard time because I really don't know anybody who will kick my butt or point out that I didn't do what I said I was going to do. And I NEVER finish anything I tell myself I'm going to do, either. Maybe we can be acountabilibuddies?
  19. Unfortunately, I live halfway across the country from my parents (they live in MI and I live in VT) so she flew out to help me for the week. I'm moving home for just the summer, so there's not much to work on (I had my stuff mostly packed when she arrived) so she's stressing out and doing things that either don't need to be done or are actively making things worse (she's done laundry three of the five days she's been here! I can't afford that!) Since I live in an extremely rural area and work during the day, she's made it a habit to walk down to the nearest grocery store and buy food, especially food I don't eat. The things I would like her to do she doesn't seem to want to do (feed the cat, do his litter, do dishes). So I'm really frustrated and I feel like I'm spending more money than I can afford (because she keeps forgetting her card when we go places), more time than I'd like (because I either have to re-do what she's done or deal with finishing her "projects"), and I don't feel like I have much of anywhere to send her. As for eating out, I'd really like to finish eating some of the food in my house. Unfortunately, her ideas of food don't mesh with mine so where I'd like to have a taco bowl with some guac, cilantro, and hot sauce, she insists on buying sour cream and other toppings, and she wasn't super fond of my chicken/veggie stir fry. Food is extremely expensive where I live and I feel like I keep spending more and more money on things and it's just STRESSING ME OUT!!! FORTUNATELY, on Saturday we'll start driving so Sunday I'll be back in MI and move in with my boyfriend, and while he doesn't quite "get" healthier/cleaner food, he at least won't complain and insist on buying things I don't want!
  20. I have been off sugar on and off for a few months, so that would be a good place to start! My boyfriend DID ask me if he should buy my favorite nacho cheese that doesn't have maltodextrin in it, and if I was "still doing that weird sugar thing." I'm having a rough week because my mom is staying with me to help me move this weekend and not only is she bringing more and more junk into my house (I've collected one box of chips/snack mix/crackers for every day she's been here!) but when she nags me about things I start emotionally eating. I ate better earlier in the day, though, so I don't feel so bad about it.
  21. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    Week 1, day 2 summary: Diet: Ate vegetables at lunch & dinner Didn't eat out at all Fitness: My fitbit arrived and we took a 20 minute walk. I assume after running upstairs three times at school and several times at home I hit 5,000 Life: I am so broke because I keep covering expenses because my mom keeps forgetting her cards finished two quests on NFA 5/5 points (tentative)
  22. Tuesday, June 7, 2016 Morning: Got up in the morning and took measurements, then had an apple and some peanut butter with vitamins for breakfast. Back to work today so I spent the morning compiling and grading exams. Afternoon: Ate leftover stir-fried veggies with chicken for dinner (no noodles) and did still more exams. Headed home, found there was a mistake in my vivosmart shipment. Received the wrong device, but still waiting to find out if it was intentional or an error. My new swimsuit for my trip to Costa Rica was delivered to my boyfriend's house. When I got home, I had a coffee with some cream and raw honey and a glass of juice. Dinner: Mom made chicken noodle soup with carrots, onion, and celery. Yum! Haven't had this in almost a year! Went for a walk with my mom and checked and added oil to my car. Found out my new yoga set arrived to my boyfriend's place too!! Had a mini plate of nachos and made some pecan brittle because my mom is driving me nuts. She bought more crackers and tried to make me watch a video about how to check the oil (even though I already know how!) and then insisted we ask a guy at the car store to show me how to change the oil. I'll be quite happy when I don't have to live with her any more come Sunday.
  23. How do you deal with eating around other people? I have a really hard time sticking to any form of rules with other people... And as I'm moving to where my whole family lives in a few days, I KNOW I'm going to probably end up eating 3-5 meals a week with either my parents or my boyfriend's parents. I don't want to come off as being pushy or saying "I don't want to eat the food you make," but I feel like the only other option is to roll over dead and just eat it. If you were to tell your family and friends that there's a single food category you're choosing not to eat, what would you make it?
  24. Astrid

    Challenge: mk 1

    Week 1, day 1 summary: Diet: Ate vegetables at lunch & dinner Ate out at lunch (but eating out multiple times is forgiven this week because my mom is visiting - we also split a sandwich at lunch) Fitness: I have no way of counting steps for 2 more days (my vivosmart was sent to Garmin for a defect and my new vivosmart HR won't arrive until Wednesday) but I strongly suspect after a 2-mile walk, I easily hit 5,000 steps. Life: I haven't saved any money yet Signed up for and started working through the mindset module on NFA 5/5 points (tentative)
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