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  1. Wednesday July 27, 2016 Here, listen to this song. It's awesome. Could just be me though, I love orchestras. Diet: Cookies, not-quite-taco-not-quite-salad taco salad, nachos and a mikes lemonade. All super bad for me. (Except the not quite taco salad, I guess.) But I ate little enough of all those things to make it under my calorie goal? Feels like I'm trying to outrun my fork, though. Don't know. I do feel like I'm hungrier this challenge than I was last challenge. Or... perhaps just less able to resist cravings? I don't know. 4WC #1: Under calorie goal? Y
  2. Tuesday July 26, 2016 Diet: Not so good. Toast and cereal for breakfast, and then I made a not-really-taco-not-really-salad taco salad for lunch using leftovers... that ended up being mostly salsa. (Pro tip: don't try to watch Penny Dreadful while eating. Don't do it. You think it's going to be a nice scene because everything's well lit and a child is walking through a field of daffodils. Surprise! Not a nice scene.) Salsa is not a filling lunch, so I was starving by the end of the day. I thought we were going to have book club today, so I had to go to the store and buy treats. (Co
  3. Great job so far! It sounds like you had a fun week as well as a productive one, so that's all good things, right? I'm with @Dagger I'm terrified of not getting enough sleep, but I kind of wish I wasn't. I'm glad you had fun.
  4. Maybe try toasting the pecans a little before adding them to the cod? I'm sure they toast in the oven, but my dad always used to insist on the extra toasting. He swore by it.
  5. Hmm, yam noddles... I've never had shirataki noodles, and so far it seems one person likes than and one person doesn't. I'll be curious to see who breaks the tie.
  6. Great job so far and have fun with your family in town!
  7. Monday July 25, 2016 I could have put this with Sunday I guess. It wasn't as full a day as I thought it was. Diet: Okay, so... breakfast was cereal and chips with guacamole. Because I looked in the fridge and saw that I had sooo much guac left over from Saturday and it was starting to get all brown and oxidized? So I ate it. Some of it. The rest of it I ate for dinner, with toast and a fried egg. Lunch you ask? Totally forgot about lunch. Guac turns out to be filling? I ate some carrots as a snack, but I didn't really eat a lunch. 4WC #1: Under calorie goal?
  8. Sunday July 24, 2016 Diet: Cereal and buttered toast for breakfast, and then my sister and our friend all went out to eat for lunch. We had Chinese; I did not add any sauce, soy or otherwise, to anything I ordered. Then both my sister and our friend had to leave, so I was on my own for dinner. I had toast and a Mike's for dinner. 4WC #1: Under calorie goal? Yes. 4WC #2: Under sodium goal? Yes. Exercise: Biked to where I'm pretty sure the trail ends on the north side. Something branches off and heads west a few miles south of that, so I'll explore that n
  9. Week One Check In Nutrition Goals: 1. Under calorie goal? Missed it on Thursday. 6/7 2. Under sodium goal? Missed it on Sunday. 6/7 Exercise Goal: 3. Do an exercise thing 4x a week? Yes! 4/4 Life Goal: 4. Prepare house for sale by cleaning? Yes! 7/7 (oops, I wasn't at home on Sunday so that day doesn't count.) 6/6 Main Quest: I lost 2.4 lbs this week! >John Reed used Soy Sauce! It was super effective! Jane Eyre knows to look out for that next time! >John Reed used Bagels and Cream Cheese to exploit Jane E
  10. Saturday July 23, 2016 I feel like I need to do individual posts because a lot of things happened this weekend? Anywho... Diet: Thank goodness I have MyFitnessPal because otherwise I would forget. Cereal for breakfast, and then I had an actual sandwich for lunch, with actual bread. This turned out to be a bad idea because I almost gagged? This was a lunch I used to eat all the time in college, to the point where I couldn't stomach it anymore. It's been two years, but apparently I still can't. Anyway, dinner was tacos with chips and guac. 4WC #1: Under calori
  11. July 20, 21, and 22, 2016 Diet: Ugh, okay. So Wednesday breakfast was leftover popcorn from bookclub, lunch was carrots and a chicken cabbage wrap(?) with a little ranch, and dinner was pasta with Parmesan and butter. And somehow I still managed to come in under both my sodium and my calorie goals. Thursday, not so much. Thursday was apparently "national junk food day" according to the radio hosts who decided it would be appropriate to go on and on about their favorite junk foods? Broke me like pinata. Suddenly I was scarfing down bagels, in addition to the food I had brought to ea
  12. I think I just talked about this in my battle log. So, story time: For the past two years, I've owned a business and done very poorly. So I'm selling out and applying to teach English as a second language in the Czech Republic. Reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone made me extremely enamored with Prague, even though I wouldn't actually be in Prague. Most of the teaching positions are in the countryside. But, anyway, I'm really excited. It's a job where I can travel and get paid which is super exciting.
  13. Is it weird that that sounds like fun to me? Except this would eventually become canon which makes it a lot more serious than what I'm imagining. Possibly? The actual game isn't really this creepy... or, I guess it could be depending on how you choose to do things... It's one of those making choices games that I'm pretty fond of.
  14. Honestly, this entire thread makes me sit up straight, so thank you so much for that!
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