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  1. Welcome! I am new here too. My husband and I were married in Hawaii in 2000 and want desperately to go back. It's a long flight from Massachusetts.
  2. And holy cow, I just took a gander at your profile and see you're a hammer thrower....I threw in college, and for a bit for fun afterwards, but I haven't been in a circle in over 10 years. I'd love to get back throwing again.
  3. I've been making my own miso soup from scratch.....making big batches of dashi broth with kombu and bonito flakes and freezing it. It's sooooo good, and really pretty darn healthy. I now have three different types of seaweed in my house, all for different functions.
  4. Oh dear, I'm a many striped geek. I'm a sci-fi/fantasy reader, love action movies, movies based on comics, but I've never been much of a comic reader; I've played every Blizzard game since the original Warcraft, I'm a cooking geek (right now obsessed with Japanese cuisine, we also have a huge garden and I freeze/preserve), a scrapbooking, knitting, and sewing geek. I also geek out about ancient history, genealogy, engineering (I have a BS in ME), and probably several other hobbies/interests that are dormant right now.
  5. Hi Cori, I am also new here, a work-from home mom of two, very tired all the time, and some mental/anxiety issues of my own, so I hear you there! I am looking forward to leveling up here and becoming the best me I can be. Good luck!
  6. Totally new to Nerd Fitness, referred here by another female gaming friend and I am completely in love with the "leveling up" concept. I am a married mom of two, business owner, and geek extraordinaire, I've been fit before in my life, and right now...not so much. I am following the newbie missions and today I did the Angry Birds workout for the first time (that combo is genius, I tell you!). This is something I can do, and I'm pretty flipping psyched about it. I'm looking forward to learning more, and leveling up my life. -Sue K. in MA
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