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  1. I just don't even know how to move forward right now. Apparently I need to relearn how to walk appropriately. I got a gait evaluation at the end of my PT session, but no concrete exercise plan. I know I will get a plan, and I will make progress eventually, but hot damn if this is not the most frustrating thing I've dealt with in a while. I read about gait retraining. That just made my mood worse. I also need to learn how to relax my muscles, as I am relapsing into fibro tendencies. F. F. F. F.
  2. Week ahead planning: I will treat myself with some kindness. Change takes time. Small change is lasting change. Lasting change is what I want in the long run. Today Squirrel will help me finalize no equipment exercise plan and I will post it in Baby Bird's room and the living room Sunday Today I will make a template in the journal app for food diarySunday I will finish notes for word workshop #2 by tomorrow afternoonSunday I needed to email a few folks and I did that this afternoonSunday Make a list of what is on the table, and determine a num
  3. My first thought about this week is that I've been a total asshole to myself. My second thought is this isn't entirely true, but it feels that way. Aside from Monday morning, hitting goals for the week was a mix of overdoing and complete trash. Wednesday I woke up early, and only did part of the routine so as to not wake Baby Bird and Squirrel. I did get on the treadmill, but then since the weather was nice we also went on a walk outside which was GLORIOUS but I ended up hurting afterwards and doing jack shit the next day. I've also been staying up late, even though I keep tel
  4. Truth I made my own categories just for this reason. Many of the reading challenge lists just don't do it for me. I do want to read outside my comfort zone, but I will not finish books that don't hold my interest. I am also more likely to stall out and just not read for a while if I have books I need to slog through. So far I've read my first graphic novel and then two more, two books of poetry, a novel in verse, and two actual novels. Now that I've got on a bit of a limb... back to sci fi ❤️ I really enjoyed the novel in verse, and need to find more books like that.
  5. This is a legit solid question. I'm also working on my morning routine, and I've thought about what I had or need to do, but haven't thought about what and ideal morning would look and feel like. This is why I always come back to the forums. Ya'll are insightful and supportive as all get out. I feel this down DEEP.
  6. Ugh. I'm so sorry she was feeling bad! And all the mess! I always feel bad for the doggos, too. They don't *want* to be making a mess. But they feel awful. Poor thing.
  7. Trying to get caught up for more horsing around Hope your eye turns out ok Why do you *have* to be out of the barn??
  8. Yes. He's not that Wild 🙄 😋 but it keeps with the new theme. He's mine until he's gone from this world, hopefully many more years before that. I have to be careful Baby Bird doesn't get his little fingers bit off, as he almost stuck his hand right into Wild Horse's mouth yesterday. 😳 It is equally difficult to explain hands are not carrots as it is to explain big furry thing has bitey bits that will trash little hands. Monday was the first day I've ever accomplished my entire morning routine in one go. It's all of 20 minutes, but Squirrel and I made it happen. Eating w
  9. Not remotely caught up, but with you on the starting from scratch. Seems like there are several threads with similar themes
  10. Hi Elastigirl I'm not remotely caught up on the tail end of last challenge, but I hope you are doing well. You're a beast, and you're resilience (that I've stalked via the forums) has impressed me. I'm... not feeling particularly resilient lately. I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking a lot about you- Baby Bird has a tuft of hair that flips up (with the help of baby lotion) like Jack Jack. So lots of Incredibles references in my house. This is interesting and makes quite a bit of sense. I used some DnD generator to make my stats, and used the given numbers in th
  11. Not caught up even remotely, but here! TNG is one of my favorite things. Do you have Star Trek: Body by Starfleet: A Fitness Guide? https://www.amazon.com/dp/0762495774/?coliid=IRS8A9T13GKEM&colid=3ECRYP00Z3N3P&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I want it ❤️ 🖖
  12. W2 D1 Walk: 8 min, 3%, 2.0mph. Overdid it yesterday with 2x 10 min 2% 2.0pmh and was tight today. Also poor sleep = pain. Strength: stretch but no strength Routine: yes, though walk was delayed until after Baby Bird's breakfast due to pain Meditate: about to right now Baby Bird is getting increasingly restless. He is so so close to being a full fledgling, no longer my little nestling. He's ready to go EVERYWHERE. Right now, I am the ideal jungle gym. And holy smokes are these four walls getting dull. For him and for me. It was much easier, in so many ways, when the weather
  13. I saw this in a friend's TBR stack and was floored by sheer size. 😳 Hi everyone! I'm an avid reader and lover of books. I used to read a ton until college, and at that point I was reading so. much. for school that I had no desire to read when not on breaks. It took me 3 years to hit 26 books a year, but hit 30 the last two years. I'm aiming high at 50 titles, including DNF books, books of poetry, and graphic novels. Plus I'm tracking a book a week of picture books that I read with Baby Bird. I've also set myself up with a challenge of books in different categories this year.
  14. Word of the Year: Settle Space for 2021 Goals
  15. Going home feels a little different each time, she thinks. The feelings are scattered, skittery little things that flit between her branches like her little bird. When she set out for adventure, Tova wanted to learn everything, see everything, do everything. Her unrelenting drive - a continuous rockslide with no intent to stop, no concern for damage it might cause - had finally gotten the best of her. And now it was time to recover. Recover. How frustrating. Going slow. Even worse. That’s why she left the grove in the first place. Nothing was ever happening in the grove. But… may
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