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  1. Training log: I'm back! Was ill from Saturday through Tuesday, but starting yesterday I was back into training. Last week, I ended up with 3/3 workouts (awesome), 1/2 serve practices (pass) and 1/3 runs (Boo!) so it was a mixed bag. One of those missed runs was due to illness, and one was due to the leg issue I solved on Thursday, so hopefully things look up next week. This week I had to miss a couple of days training due to illness, but hopefully I can still get a passing grade. I still need one workout, one run, and one serve practice, so I should be able to squeeze
  2. Training log: Today started out badly, but then got a lot better. I tried running again, and my leg hurt so I backed out. But then I realised something very strange. When I play tennis, there's no issue with my leg. It barely twinges, and certainly doesn't hit. With all the running on hard surfaces, sprints, and sudden turns, it should be downright hell on any sort of hurt leg, but it seems fine. Why can I run back and forth on concrete but a light jog on grass hurts? It doesn't make sense. As the first part of my testing, I attended tennis. There were a couple of twinges to
  3. Training Log: First three days of the challenge are over, and I've gone to the gym twice and done serve practice once. I wasn't able to run yesterday due to some leg pain - sometimes the site of my old stress fracture whines at me. When this happens I tend to skip the run, given that I got injured last time I ignored pain there during a run. Tomorrow should be better. Gym: The gym had some good and bad news. The bad news is, I'm not sure what's up with my chin-ups. I managed 5/5/7 reps on the machine at 35 kg (77 lb) of assistance. That's more than half my bodyweight, and I
  4. It's definitely a great show if you're into that kind of style. It's exactly my thing and I've never found anything else quite like it. Sadly, it was cancelled after 2 seasons Thanks Tanktimus! Glad to see that even over a year later you're still encouraging everyone like the Paladin you are Cheers mate - I'll try not to disappoint! ======================================================= Training Log: Yesterday was an interesting day. Using Zombies Run, I expected the mission to be over after 6 laps of the local park (About 4.2-4.5 km), but the m
  5. Rings 1 is a tough program - I only went through the first few weeks myself, once upon a time. You'll have to show us the routine when it's done!
  6. Very impressive! I think if I broke my femur and had a bunch of metal shoved in my leg, I'd consider that the permanent end of my running. I'm impressed you're still doing it! (And feeling somewhat wimpy that I let an itty-bitty stress fracture take me away from running for so long, even after it was healed up...) Best of luck!
  7. Hi all. Callanthae here. I had a previous account on Nerd Fitness a long time ago, so I decided to skip the Level 1 Challenge and come straight to the Rangers. My challenge doesn't really have a theme, but it does have an inspiration. My favourite anime of all time, the reason I got into tennis, Baby Steps. For those who haven't seen it, Baby Steps is a tennis anime. What makes it so fantastic in my opinion is a host of factors: - Maruo Eiichiro, the protagonist, doesn't have impossible skills. He starts out as a complete beginner to the sport. While his eyesight and his studious nature are
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