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  1. Weds August 31st Exercise: rest day Food: peanut butter on toast for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch, vietnamese for dinner - summer rolls, fried squid and a chicken noodle bowl with salad. Had some yogurt and fruit/nuts in the evening too. Fun: Lovely dinner out with my wife and the cultural phenomenon that is the Great British Bake Off on the TV!
  2. Myrdinn

    Myrdinn, Act 2

    Cheers @Butternut. Having a better week so far. I think I missed my water target yesterday but not by too much. Still tracking my meals, have worked out twice this week so far and might go for a run this evening. I am behind again on the stretching, so should try and do something about that today. And I've checked the bank balance once so far this week. I think having set the goal of three times a week I might actually find that twice feels like enough, if I'm actually looking at the transactions that have gone through and making sure that I'm really on top of what's go
  3. Tuesday August 30th Exercise: Bodyweight. 3 x 8 beginner shrimp squats - form is gradually improving on these. I am just using a hand to balance myself, although as I've now hit three sets of 8 I am going to go back to the beginning with no supporting hand and try to get through at least one set of 4 without any additional support. 8,8,6 diamond push-ups. Getting there. Aiming for 3x8 or maybe 3x10 before I progress to the next thing. 3x8 bodyweight rows, bent knees. Have moved my workout to a close location to home but the rail there is much lower, so I am go
  4. The following does not make for pretty reading, but I am going to log it just the same. Probably my worst week since I started posting, including only working out once, but the difference here is that while in previous goes at sorting my health/fitness/life out this would have been the end of it all and I'd have been back to no exercise and a beer and cheeseburger diet, this time I am not going to let this throw me off and am going to keep on trucking. However, for posterity: Wednesday August 24th Exercise: Day off. Food: Bircher Muesli for breakfast, tuna salad for lunc
  5. Myrdinn

    Myrdinn, Act 2

    Apologies for the radio silence on here, with thanks to @NY153 and @PollyannaAgain for checking in. I have (probably not coincidentally) just had the worst week for food and exercise since I started posting on here, which coincided with a pretty bad week at work and my wife coming back from a trip away really stressed out. Quick update on week 1. I think I'm on track with water. Haven't been quite as good at the weekends, but since the challenge was all about the working week I think I'm doing OK. Have tracked all my meals since the start of the challenge. It hasn
  6. Tuesday August 23rd Exercise: Rest day (did consider going for a run, but it was swelteringly hot so I left it). I did do a bit of work in the garden which must have burned a few calories. Food: Bircher muesli with raspberries, chicken salad, tray-baked fish with couscous, sweet potato and roast veggies for dinner. And the inevitable ice-cream. Fun: Rewatched The Matrix. I was actually slightly disappointed, having not seen it for years - I remember it being completely mesmerising as a teenager but felt a bit flat in everything but the big set-piece action scenes this tim
  7. Nice one. Great set of goals too, and a well thought-out structure. A little late to the party but I'll be following along.
  8. Hey man Good that you've thought about your overall goals as well as the short-term ones, these all sound sensible and achievable. Hope it's going well so far.
  9. Nice set of goals. What exercise are you planning on doing?
  10. That's a good solid set of goals and a great way of scoring yourself. Mine's quite basic by comparison to that, just a single point every time I do the thing I set out to do with no bonuses and equal weighting to everything.
  11. Excellent set of goals - it's all about habit forming, and these are good habits!
  12. Glad to hear it - sounds like you're smashing the goals. Nice work!
  13. This is the thing I've struggled with the most over the last couple of months too. There are a load of different approaches to this and everyone has their own - I've started drinking a glass per hour of the working day, which is the time I'm most likely to fall behind on water intake. Other people swear by drinking 2/3 bottles per day, and there are a few apps designed to help with this. Otherwise that's a really great set of goals and I'm glad you're so excited about the job, even if the commute does sound pretty epic. If you enjoyed the article @NY153 linked to Mari
  14. Myrdinn


    Short sweet and to the point. Nice to meet you too! What do you use for your yoga practice? I know a lot of people on here do it from YouTube.
  15. Following along, this sounds like a good approach for you. Keep us posted!
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