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  1. WHAAAAAT!!!!! You read the Shadowhunter books? My challenge this month is themed after The Shadowhunter Chronicles because of Lord of Shadows came out yesterday. I'm so happy to have found another reader! Haha.
  2. No WORRIES lovelies. I have also been incredibly lazy this week. Thank you for the communication and let's kill it this week!!
  3. I f*cking love Archer. He's such a badass. Haha!
  4. I liked it! A lot actually. I was surprised to see on Goodreads reviews a bit of backlash. I enjoyed it much more than the last book. Little more detail here:
  5. gross. But kudos to getting better! Right?
  6. Will begin Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. Because this aligned with the beginning of a challenge, it's this month's theme. Haha. :o)
  7. May 23rd 2017 - Happy Overwatch Anniversary! Create - Auditions: Still in the week zero thinking. Study: Overwatch had a new event.... so..... Project: Fridays! Practise: Read aloud chapter four (The Keeper of Keys) of Harry Potter! (1 point) Learn - Had a green smoothie. SO good. Finally went grocery shopping and meal planed for the week! Woot!! (1 point) Train - Rest. (0 points) Hunt - Hmmm... Did I mention Overwatch? (0 points) Listen - Confirmed that it comes out on Mondays! Will be listening tomorrow. (0 points) Read - Finished Queen of Shadows last night! Where's my easy button? Just waiting for Lord of Shadows to arrive in the mail.... I hate when you pre-order something months in advanced and it arrives later than if you were to go out on the day. Also it makes me laugh how similar the titles are. (100%) Thrill - Been playing Borderlands with my husband (he needs a codename. hmmmmm). (82%) Daily Total: Create = 1/5 | Learn = 1/5 | Train = 0/0 | Hunt = 0/5 | Listen = 0/10 | Read = 100% | Thrill = 82% Author's Notes: I was originally not going to officially start the challenge until tomorrow, but I didn't want to go back on my word. So here I am! Starting slow, but I'll beat this challenge as surely as the nephilim beat demons.
  8. Lemme know!!! There are twists and turns that I would love your reaction to if you read them. :o)
  9. LOL! I really thought that sentence was going a different way.
  10. It is supposed to be 4 hours a day, literally. I have never heard of Tim Ferris until your message. I have promptly looked him up and I'm reading the first 50 pages. Very interesting! Will read more, for sure!
  11. NOO! I'm so sorry. I'm glad your back, but I'm so sorry to hear about your cat.
  12. OH, you know I'm following.
  13. Not bad, friend. Not bad. I can't wait for your new challenge!!!!!! HUZZAH!
  14. Okay! So this story is very confusing as it began as a trilogy. Then it became so. much. more. I began reading when the third book came out. Which is saying something because now there are 10 published books, the 11th coming in a couple days, 2 companion books (there are more, but these two are written by/with the author), and 7 more planned books that have titles and tentative dates. Making this entire world 20 books long with no end in sight. "These works are set in a universe where fairy tales and mythologies, both pagan and Judeo-Christian, are true with its figures existing alongside the mundanes (normal humans). A race of humans who possess angel blood, the Nephilim or Shadowhunters, is organized to patrol the Shadow World and prevent demons as well as Downworlders, including warlocks, faeries, werewolves, and vampires from attacking the mundanes. There is an uneasy peace, a treaty known as The Accords, between the governing body of the Nephilim, known as the Clave, and the Downworlders, not all of whom want peace or respect the Clave's authority." - The about on the Wiki page. What's great is that, like Game of Thrones, you really follow the families of these nephilim instead of the characters. Characters for sure, but when the original trilogy takes place ~2007 New York and then the prequel trilogy takes place in Victorian Era London... the thread throughout is the Family Names. Which brings me to the confusing part of this series. There is a chronological time line. Obviously. But they were written out of order. Lol. Here is the Chronological way to read them: 1) The Infernal Devices. 2) The Last Hours. (not written yet) 3) The Mortal Instruments. 4) The Dark Artifices. (not finished as of this post) 5) The Wicked Powers. (not written yet) Shadowhunters and Downworlders. The Shadowhunter's Codex. The Bane Chronicles. You may see the issues already. haha. And here is the published order: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones TMI: City of Ashes TMI: City of Glass The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel TMI: City of Fallen Angels TID: Clockwork Prince TMI: City of Lost Souls TID: Clockwork Princess The Bane Chronicles TMI: City of Heavenly Fire Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy The Dark Artifices: Lady Midnight TDA: Lord of Shadows Since I started when the third book was published, I've been reading them as they come out. Which means switching story lines, going through time, and diving back in about once a year. Haha!! If you read this. THANK YOU! I just think it's a fun story and I love these books. So, yeah!