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  1. Hey Red! I dunno if you remember but we live super close to each other. You went to Nerd Con in Carlsbad or Oceanside last year or something and I was going to go but didn't because of scheduling and cost. 

    SO, when Comic-Con came around I thought of you! Are you going by chance!?!

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    2. Lilmissbri


      Oh, bummers.


      Yeah! I'm going. My husband and I scored some tickets!! STOKED. We're going to go as two characters from the anime RWBY. :o)

      Sry about life throwing all sorts of stuff at ya! :o/

    3. Red1263


      I saw your thread! I hope you take lots of pics! I'd like to see your cosplay! I'm stoked for you! I hope you have lots of fun! Well, I'm not going to a con this year, but I AM going to Colorado for 5 days with my bros! I'm excited for that! ^_^ Life is life! you can only do so much :P Thankfully, I've got a plan to take care of the stuff thrown at me, it just takes time.

    4. Lilmissbri


      Ooo. That sounds fun! I so enjoyed Colorado when I was there. :o)

      And yes. Pics will be taken.

  2. Love your profile picture. :o) 

  3. Just wanted to say I love your profile pic. So cute!

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