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  1. Day 13: No workout, read a LOT of Harry Potter to the hubs. Now we only have 3 chapters left of Goblet of Fire. Unfortunately he already knew about the big twist, but it's still fun to read to a newbie and re read it for myself! Pretty nutritious except the chocolate and late night cereal. Ha! In bed at 12:24am
  2. Day 10 - 12: Doing alright. Did a mission on Friday. Much better than Wednesday's plus the story is getting good! I had to run after a fellow survivor cause they just ran off for no reason! Well there was, but still. Nutrition is doing okay. Could be better. I ate a done of chocolate today. I did a 3 hour music stream with my husband today so... I was so exhausted and decided to be a fatty. But I still put most of the dishes away and folded all the laundry. Overall the days are going well. Also my twitch community wants to join Habitica! So it'll be fun to have them on the journey with me.
  3. That's awesome! Yes, the graphics and such take work, thought, and at least some bit of skill. Even on the low end. It's pretty crazy.
  4. Day 9: Read 2 chapters because I'm a boss, did a mission in zombie training (it was rather slow, but I'm still trying to figure out a good route to take in my area), worked on my animation video, got so distracted by twitch and youtube, and started nutritious but then just didn't stop eating. For some reason I was so hungry today. Two things learned: Drink more water when hungry (that usually helps me) or I had some greek yogurt I could have put some strawberries in. And it's okay to listen to silence if it helps get a project done. Since I was so distracted, I'm not counting it for my 2 hour project block period time. OH and not drinking soda is so easy when I keep replacing it with alcohol. Ha! I need to not do that. Fridays - okay. Italian - yeah have that glass of wine that compliments the meal. But not a beer with dinner every night. Water is just as good. Plus, I find myself very dehydrated a lot.
  5. Altered Carbon? No. What's that? Awwww thanks!! I will warn you, I don't play PUBG a lot. I mostly play Playstation games cause I hunt for trophies. But on Friday with Friends, I sometimes end up playing it with friends. (twitch.tv/PlatinumTrophyWife) In case your still interested. As for the theme, you can thank the app "Zombies, Run!" Haha. I'm not even much of a zombie fan but I LOVE Zombieland. So I just ran with it. Pun intended. I'll have to check out Nickatnyte (I already love his username). Ha! It's nothing serious. Just my animation project or graphics for other people twitch streams. Mostly stick figures. Haha!
  6. Anyone keeping up with the Olympics! So much fun!!
  7. Day 8: Read, streamed, played a game that REALLY makes you think so I counted it under Brain Buster :P, made dinner, planned for tomorrow!
  8. I love how you track your stuff with a bolded/colored strike. I may have to "barrow" this. Haha! It's such a great visual way of knowing where you are at in your challenge.
  9. Day 7: Read, did another mission(!!), streamed (one of my best streams), hung with the hubs, worked on some art, relaxed, and in bed by 12:15am Not bad.
  10. Day 6: Today was a day of rest. Watched a sermon online (counted this as a podcast), browsed YouTube and got caught up on my Watch List, and hubs and I played music and sang a bunch of songs. Haven't done that since early dating days. I enjoyed it and definitely counted it under Creative Recreation. Good day. In bed at 12:15am
  11. Day 5: Helped my brother and his fiancé move today. So workout? I'm going to give that a check. Their apt was on the 2nd floor. Other than that I got nothing done today. Besides eat some ice cream. It was delicious. sleep now..... (10:00pm)
  12. Day 4: Read, streamed for oh so long, did an extra mission this week (mission 3), drank and ate cookies so nutrition wasn't on my highest of priorities.... ha! Felt accomplished regardless. :o)
  13. Cannot wait for Infinity War. Very excited about it.
  14. ABSOLUTELY! So especially in the beginning, chat is pretty dead if you don't have a community backing you up. Therefore, you gotta get used to being silly and talking to yourself. My biggest advice would be to just say exactly what you're thinking. "Okay, let's see what's over here. OH COOL! There's a hidden treasure over here. Yass! I love when a game rewards you for exploring things. Oh sweet! It's a sword thats.... oh okay. This sword sucks. Well then. Moving on! Let's go back to the quest." etc. And as you make jokes/talk about whatever (ie. "Oh man that totally reminded me of Kill Bill right there. ha! Odd.") someone will probably relate or ask you about it and then you can have the conversation with them. I loved streaming directly from my PS4. I miss those days. Ha!! Enjoy it, have fun, and play the way YOU want to play the game. Don't let an audience or maybe lack there of dictate what you like doing. People will live you/follow you because they like how you play the game/your personality. If you play it.... they will come.
  15. Day 2 and 3: Have been doing errands, keeping the apt cleaner than I have in AGES! thanks to thinking of just cleaning little things here and there, kinda dropped my Get in Gear because the community is still on hiatus (bummer), read chapters, did a Zombie mission on Wednesday (loving this app so far. Although it ended with "See you the day after tomorrow!" So now I feel obligated to do another mission tomorrow. Ha!), been playing The Witness which is my Brain Buster as well as Sudoku... :o) So far so good! Also, in bed at 12:32!!
  16. Thank you!! HYPE... It's been a good start to the challenge. Why, thank ya my lady. Cutest gif EVA!!!!! O_O And no... this was off stream. I play PUBG almost every night just for funs with friends. Personal gaming time. As for the book, I'm reading Glass Sword. It's the sequel to The Red Queen.
  17. Annnnnd as I type this I realized I made that 12:30am goal for myself.... hmmmm about that.
  18. Officially Starting! Day 1: Twitch streamed, got my first SOLO chicken dinner on PUBG on my first ever solo match!!!! completed my workout, gearing up for tomorrows run, drank a lot of water, ate a spinach filled breakfast and chicken and rice for dinner, read... Need to work on having a space and time for meditation/prayer and scheduling in all the other bits I want to accomplish like my project time.
  19. I am in California in the States so.... It's a bit of a time difference. (Pacific Time Zone) Haha!! Thank you so much for stopping in tho! It was great to see you. If you have any questions about streaming (especially straight from the PS4) lemme know! I'd love to help out!! That's how I started. :o)
  20. Thank you for all the support guys! Today is a bit of a day zero. I accidentally went long after the last challenge. So today is like my break. Haha.
  21. Hooooooold on. You've seen my stream? YOU'RE GOING TO STREAM?! Gah! I think I'm going to miss it!! I shall watch the VOD! :D
  22. Also, sorry for the sickness. Bleh.... that's not fun.
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