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  1. Lurv it! I will follow and swipe some of your goals for my own. I love the story, set up, and theme. :o)
  2. Love your profile picture. :o) 

  3. So you mean the first season, right? No idea... And for certain! Do not watch the movie. It's terrible. Gah! Let us not speak of this again. Legend of Korra was so promising. The first season was really good, until the end because they thought they were getting cancelled and rushed the ending.
  4. Oh my gosh, thank you! And YES! Check out this anime. It's so good. The first three seasons are out so there's a lot of binging to be made. Haha!
  5. I've only started Nerd Fitness 4 days ago. So, the first day I did one circuit of everything. Then today I was able to do the circuit twice. Oh boy am I feeling it. XD Soon enough I'll be able to do it three times! Haha. And then I'll change the challenge to progressing into a handstand. My arms are so weak So, how do you add gifs? I see long and amazing gifs/pics all over the place yet when I try to add my own it keeps saying the file is too big. *sigh*
  6. There would be pics and gifs.... but I can't seem to figure out how to add them. *embarrassed* BUT once I do, this post will look amazing.
  7. I loved the challenge set up by Annyshay so I'm going to piggy back off of that and include some of my heroes! Team RWBY. If you haven't seen this show. It's amazing. Please check it out. The art style if very different but the story, characters, and weapons are creative and amazing. It's on Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Rooster Teeth. Ruby Rose - Fun Continue to enjoy gaming... when everything else is done Weiss Schnee - Agility Stretch and practice the splits (front ways, each leg) Blake Belladona - Escape Read for at least 30 minutes a day, everyday Yang Xiao Long - Strength Continue the Beginner's Bodyweight Circuit until I can complete it Well that's it! This is my first challenge but I look forward to training with you all! :o) -Lilmissbri (Assassin in training)
  8. Hello! I am but a lowly newbie. An assassin in training. My long time goals are: to have 18% body fat (and sustain it), be able to hold a handstand for more than a minute, be able to do the splits (both legs and middle), upgrade my endurance, read more (30 per year), and continually eat clean 80% of the time. I am already loving this guild and look forward to training with you all! :o)
  9. I would totally be game for that.
  10. I was going to post this gif, but it said the file was too big? Pardon my newbie-ness.
  11. Just wanted to say I love your profile pic. So cute!

  12. Oh my gosh, yes! Love Avatar. I know I picked the correct guild now.
  13. Oh my gosh, yes! Love Avatar. I know I picked the correct guild now.
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