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  1. Right? The nurse even said she asked to just get me a 15 day short prescription to hold me over and no go. Ugh!! Yeah i am doing my best to take care of myself which getting organized is a part of that. You can do it. I will be sending good vibes for you! 14 hours later and here i am!! I make all sorts of different foods. I am working on going paleo but its a slow transition and i don;t know if i will ever be fully paleo. What about you?
  2. Hello! I meant to write this right after work but that did not happen!! We went and picked out a new washer, since ours broke yesterday and then installed it. Then i made dinner (frozen pizza) ate way to much of it and played games with a friend like i do every monday. Goals for week 3: 8 cups of water daily. work out 3x a week (MOn., Wed., Fri.) Finish cleaning master bedroom No Fast Food Restart morning and evening routines Bullet journal everyday Doctor's Call (Wednesday)
  3. It's hard to go through that. We are here for you. *hugs*
  4. Last week was... Tough... I got into the cycle of i didn't write here i felt bad about it feeling bad made me keep not writing and the circle continued all week until today when i decided no i am going to do this. I didn't have my week 3 goals up but overall i did pretty well. I had gone shopping so a lot of homemade meals this week. Tracking was almost non existent though. Steps were good and that was about it. I think it may be my depression and anxiety hitting me hard and im out of my persciption and my doctor is in another town and wouldn't just refill it and i am a busy person.
  5. Ooh i will do so! I am not a mom but i am motivated most of the time so maybe it will help! Thank you. This was nice to hear. So this weekend with being and tired i did take it easy. Friday was game night but i decided to skip to take a nap and clean my craft room. It felt great to do something for myself when I wanted to because I wanted to. I got over half the room tidied that night and only have a little bit left to go. That makes me so happy! Saturday a friend came over and we played Hyrule Warriors then went to another friends house to play Settlers of Catan which
  6. Your buying no soda streak is super impressive to me. I like to drink flavored things so soda is usually my go to. Trying to swap to flavored water now. Way to achieve basically all of your goals this week! That is super awesome!! Way to know when to rearrange and manage you as well as tasks you need to get done. Also have tons of fun with your friend! As for things to do during downtime! I think coloring is a great idea! I know if helps me distress a lot and it’s something good to do if you need to think but want your hands busy. Maybe doing a puzzle as long as yo
  7. Apparently Weekends are hard for me... Will update later during work lunch
  8. You are amazing!!! More serious post coming later!
  9. Alright. I copied your post into word so I could break it down piece by piece. On my own time during the day here Response to @Severine's post: Response to Dagger's Response to Severine: Response to Daily Update: Sorry for the long post. I broke it into spoilers so it will be easier on others. Also sorry about the lack of quoting like i mentioned i did it in word and then when i copied it over i lost which places I wanted to quote.
  10. Feelings are rarely logical which can be frustrating. Thank you so much for your kind words. I managed to go to the store yesterday late, but i got there so i can do better over the weekend. Then going to hit up Aldi for more produce next Tuesday. You guys seriously made me tear up. Thank you. Your right I need to care for myself in the day and not worry about yesterday. This pep talk helped a lot I may even print it and put it in my journal to look at from time to time. I need to remember that I am not super woman and that I don't have all the energy in the world. To borrow from your
  11. I read what you wrote and and am processing it. Will post again later but for now all the hugs!
  12. With the Date change i might be able to go if that's okay!
  13. I agree you nee to focus on getting better and not stress your body to hard! I have been sick to so i am here with you! Way to rock the steps when you could!
  14. Sorry guys. This cold had me in a fog yesterday. Also I am just feeling very disheartened. I feel my rpg story sucks and what I am trying to do sucks. I love the challenge @WritingWeaver but I just feel I haven’t had any major wins except those first too days. I mean this could be SAD talking or my anxiety or the cold but it is just how I feel. Let down in myself and all I have been doing. I feel like my challenge this time around is a joke and uninteresting. I also am in the mind set currently of just not seeing the point. Also I haven’t been able to go get groceries between sick and snow so
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