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  1. Hello there, maybe some of you can give me insights on how to gain the ability to control your body and become more flexible? In a sense of pole dancing, yoga, gymnastics, possibly parkour - it all seems so undoable to me and I'd love to have this controlled strength of gymnasts who can slowly lift their legs off the ground to a handstand or jump up from lying flat on their back. I think it might be a fallacy of mine: It all looks like you do not need a huge amount of sheer strength to do it. But maybe you do. Because usually gymnasts do not look that
  2. I usually go to the gym in track pants but they somehow get in the way during some exercises. Same with shorts which I used to wear for exercising at home. They all seem to get annoying when they are a bit loose and do not stretch properly when I try to open my legs during some exercises. So I started to actually like leggings for exercising but still could not make myself wear them in the gym, only when bouldering. Thanks for the recommendation to check out parkour clothes. So much nice stuff. Don't go to the gym anymore but might just wear some of this stuff in summer. A very common thing am
  3. I kinda failed with my diet, but it did help me realize a few things. The second bet did not have as many rules as the first, it was mainly opting for protein, everything else was allowed, there was no clear defined deficit. I knew I could not go over 1600 calories without ruining the deficit but I underestimated the small bites of crap I took. Because nothing was restricted, I would eat bites of cookies here and ice cream there and so on. There I finally understood what Glenn Livingston means when he says sometimes "never" is easier than "sometimes" and that we need cl
  4. LOL! At least in his case it seems to be muscle. Maintaining a big deficit has become harder from one day to the other. One reason is that I have less rules than in the first bet which seems to be a problem. In the first bet one rule was no chocolate, no cake, sugar, white flour, the case was clear. Now the rule is "eat enough protein", so when I manage to get all my protein and ate 1100 calories, I think: Oh well I can just have a cookie or ice cream or whatever, I'm still in a huge deficit.. then one cookie becomes two, two become three, and so on, and my deficit suddenly is not
  5. Day 3 of PSMF... I eat around 1100 calories a day and so far it's going great. I'm hardly hungry and my mood is okay as well. Just got up at 6 am to lift, but didn't sleep well. It's either from having more energy or a side effect of the diet. I've never eaten that much protein before. Red is, of course, protein, about 170g yesterday, yellow fat. What is weird is that eating, despite the low calorie number, feels like indulging. Yesterday I had 400g chicken breast, a whole brakaly and some salad for dinner, and then still enough room for berries
  6. Welcome back from me too! I don't enjoy lifting (or exercising in general) in the morning as well but it's for sure nice to have it out of the way and carry that relaxed mindset through the entire day.. okay, admittedly sometimes I'm grumpy all day afterwards but only sometimes..
  7. Hey fellow warriors! Now that I've successfully battled the Blerch™ in my head (everything really is so much easier now) and got back to dieting, it's time to start battling the Blerch on my body. From my 2 weeks diet bet to get back to counting calories and stop with the sweets I lost weight and best is that I can see a difference after those 2 weeks and that they were not so hard to do. So, I lost the bet: Eating right makes a difference. It seems 2 weeks is a good chunk of time for me, not too long, not too short.
  8. I'm usually not so much for the gifs and pictures but you connected your goals/content so nicely with characters and a story and adding pictures, it's great, love it! Best of luck to you! May I ask how the panik attack looked? I think if I saw someone having one I might not recognize it and not know what to do. But I guess it's individual?
  9. This might be super obvious and maybe you have already tried, but for me everything changed when I started to shave with growth direction. No rash and nothing anymore. Before I would get soooo much irritation and pimples, now nothing. To properly shave, a very sharp blade is important + don't go over the skin more than necessary. Every stroke irritates it, especially with a dull blade. You wanna aim for going over it once, with growth direction. If you don't get everything, rather repeat the next day. Then do it often enough to keep it short, but not often enough to irritate the skin.
  10. The pictures...they're on my mind *screams silently into the void* Okay, thanks for your ideas/tips, Manarelle and peelout, I'll check that out! Think what sent me into that downward spiral was the project deadline (this, and a lack of cowboys. Also I saw a picture of Telluride. Now my life feels wasted). Still working on it, and still going. In general, I mean. Even if not as strictly as before. For some reason the idea of developing only 1 habit bugs me, maybe because I have no idea how a cleaning habit is even supposed to look like. It's just cleaning. I
  11. Too pressured. I know it's silly but last days felt better because I didn't do many things and I did not have to list them, think about them, cross them off or not I didn't do some things and nobody will ever know and it doesn't matter either. Sometimes these goals feel not so important and focusing so much on them feels like getting distracted with details. Like you start the day and already have this list of shit and then it's an ongoing race against time to finish everything and no matter how much you cross off, you never feel good about it because one item is always missing or didn't go w
  12. Congrats for being done! Hope you already feel better, isn't it lovely how sometimes everything comes together? But you made it anyway!
  13. [ ] Write affirmations [ ] Make 2 reverse engineering sketches for 2 websites [ ] Make 2 drafts, decide for final design [ ] Check out picking up objects tutorial [ ] Make list for what's needed to start coding laptop [ ] Towel texture and normal map [ ] Start coloring avatar [ ] Research for wallpaper, check own work [X] Find 3 good things about today [X] Track on MFP [ ] Save up to 445 calories [ ] Don't touch that [X] Draw for at least 30 minutes - Istebrak [X] Dishes [X] Grocery shopping [ ] Write some more to that
  14. No workout today, slept veeeery long and still sore as heck. Considered foam rolling but I'll just leave it alone, eat protein and vitamins and drink lots of water. I feel restless and bored today, and I hate that it's so late already that when I wanna go grocery shopping I'll run into all the people going home from work. I want to hiss at them all for daring to look at me. Wish I could look into some wide space but I'm trapped by houses and trees on a flat land. Maybe I just want to be on top of things, hehe. [ ] Write affirmations [ ] Make 2 reverse eng
  15. This...this...now this made me cry. JK Thanks though. We all are. Now let's all make out. No? Ok.
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