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  1. It's been crazy - so pretty normal. Glad to be back!
  2. 27APR2020: 191.2Lbs - Fasting; 1.98mi run/walk (2min/3min intervals) 28APR2020: - Not fasting; 1.68mi walk w/ doggos 29APR2020: - Intermittent Fasting (16:8); 1.68mi run/walk (2min/3min intervals) --- Break in all attempts at everything, for no real reason --- 09MAY2020: 2.12 mi run, with warm up walk and cool down stretching afterwards 10MAY2020: 2.19 mi run, with warm up walk and cool down stretching afterwards (husband came out too!) 11MAY2020: Unsurprisingly, my legs are very sore; taking the hint and taking a break.
  3. Well, I managed to cross off the "move out of old house" from my list. And that's despite my husband's 101* fever and incessant coughing throughout both day and night, resulting in about 3 days of little-to-no sleep on my end. Moving into the new house is the next priority... yeah. That's gonna take a hot minute. I need Marie Kondo to come over with a whip and dumpster. But I AM wearing some new work appropriate clothes. Yesterday, I even had on heels. I couldn't be bothered to do my makeup, due to a late contraction of my husband's plague (I ended up going home after just 3 hours at the office, because I couldn't stop puking) - but dammit, I looked like a plague-ridden ADULT.
  4. Well, it finally happened - at the tender age of 35, I have finally decided to become a real adult. It was inevitable. I could see it coming years ago, but damn, I put it off as long as I was able. I'm proud of how long I held out... but now I'm excited to finally be wearing my big-girl panties, and exploring the wild expanses of genuine adulthood. To inaugurate my level-up, I am setting a 30-day challenge for myself. My goals are as follows: - Complete the move-in process to our new house (including unboxing and organizing all our shit) - Complete the move-out process from our old house (sign-off all the paperwork & turn in the keys) - Revamp my wardrobe, from the current mish-mash of accumulated crap, to a *purposeful* *functional* *events appropriate* one - ACTUALLY WEAR THE NEW WARDROBE - Update my financial budget - Resume healthy living (cooking at home, prioritizing my workouts, and maintaining self-care routines) I'm setting the challenge dates for 01 APR - 30 APR, simply because I want to do a "30 Days, Before & After" kind of photo collage [and a 1 month timeframe is easiest]. I'll get back in sync with the actual 4WC timeline after that.
  5. I almost rolled back over after my alarm went off this morning, and then I thought of you. So instead, I got up: put on my running clothes; got a cup of coffee; took 30 minutes to get both eyes all the way open, and went for a run. You got me up and doing what I needed to do today. For that, I thank you.
  6. You are hanging in there, and I'm super-impressed with how you keep pushing through all the stress! What's your secret?
  7. LOL Ok, so last week was a fail in everything! I did NOT exercise; I ate like crap; and I'm pretty sure I had beer every day of the week. Then the weekend we went to a friend's BBQ, and then went winery/brewery hopping with a bar tender friend! And that all sounds like I should feel terrible, but... I actually worked my ass off at the stables all week. Since all the other horses were at the NCC (Nat'l Cavalry Competition), the few that were left behind got to enjoy an extended weekend turnout... which means a LOT of extra work for the B Trooper assigned to look after them. I hauled hay; mucked multiple pens; and spent hours on the weekly (weekend-ly?) barn cleaning. Oh, and as it turns out, a leaf blower is NOT the most effective tool for removing old hay from a gravel aisle... but it is perfect if you'd like to surround yourself in cloud of hay-particle dust for 3 hours. It was exhausting - but it also made me realize how much I enjoy that kind of "physical labor for a purpose". That's how I know I'm a hopeless horsey person. Which brings me to my biggest update....
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