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  1. I'm taking transfiguration, but when's a good time to work on mobility? morning? night? what do you all prefer?
  2. Ah hi! Just jumping in on this! I was thinking of throwing one of the classes that I struggle to go to regularly (Sparring class at Tae Kwon Do) to count specifically for this challenge. I go to those classes regularly on other days, but this extra session is bonus (which I end up skipping sometimes without proper motivation). Maybe bonus practice to something you do regularly, whether that's getting there a bit early or staying late may count toward training? I'd say go with whatever system gives you the most momentum/satisfaction! I think I can only do two classes - Charms an
  3. WEEK 2 UPDATE: Well, life keeps chugging along. I have such a love-hate relationship with routine. It's great because I'm the most productive when my schedule is fairly regular. It sucks though, because when every day looks pretty much like the last, it starts to feel mundane and I get too into my head about the meaning of life and things get weird. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I went to the dentist all proud and stuff because I've been flossing consistently for the better part of half a year. But apparently my "home care" still needs work because my hygienist recommended a w
  4. Oh I hadn't! Your comment actually reminded me to post haha. It was more a general comment on the challenge so far. i HAD to look this guy up. That is AMAZING. I'm trying to bite his food but I looked at an interview of his and he was like, "I eat when I'm hungry....I don't think about it much" which is awesome, but not very helpful for someone trying to emulate! I gotta go do some poking around the food forums here. 1. no such thing ;D 2. actually....I'm not. Terrible, I know. For a long time, any barrier to entry was enough to stop me from running at al
  5. WEEK 1 UPDATE: I think my challenge metrics speak for themselves! Overall, progress is steady. This week was going really well at the beginning. My housemates weren't home and so I set my own schedule/meals. That was when I was eating low-carb, studying dutifully, etc. They came home and 1. I ran out of groceries and 2. We eat out a lot SO the low-carb dinner train came to a halt. It's a bit disappointing, but that just means I have to focus on keeping my lunches (the only meal I have 100% control over) healthy. This is my #1 struggle as far as my diet goe
  6. pause... WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. cONGRATs?!!? EDIT: just went through your last challenge and found the announcement. ahh curse my inactivity, but congrats nonetheless!!
  7. yeah! i'm hoping to take advantage of this nice weather we're having lately, even if it is slightly disconcerting haha
  8. it does, unfortunately. ;( not until around august though, so i've got a fair bit of time to hit all the tourist-y must-sees!
  9. hahah yes! That's the image I chase in my dreams. I hope there'll still be a place in government research labs for our cohort once we graduate! *fingers crossed*
  10. Thank you!! ^^ I don't know exactly what my research topic/question will be, but it'll focus on applied urban/suburban landscape ecology. I'm particularly interested in issues such as sustainable design/policy and environmental justice and stewardship.
  11. Main Goals: Floss (X/7) - Be on time for work (X/5) - Do 10 push-ups every day (X/7) - Study Tarot (X/7) - Keep a public food log (X/7) - Bonus Goals: Run (X total) - Low-carb meal (X total) -
  12. Hello friends! First off: GOOD NEWS! I've been accepted to my top choice graduate program! The best part is that my research is fully funded, so won't be taking on any extra debt to get my Master's degree (I guess barring any catastrophic events). I found this out while I was visiting the school over this weekend and I just got back yesterday, which is why the challenge thread posting is so late. I'm really happy, but I'm still digesting and processing all the news and what that means for me tangibly over the next few months. Life changes, yet again! My challenge this go-aroun
  13. WEEK 4 UPDATE: OVERALL SCORE: Main Goals Fitness: 16/28 = 57% ---> womp womppp Lvl up 1: 25/28 = 89% Lvl up 2: 20/24 = 83% Main goal (+) total: 76% Diet: -12 percentage points Bonus goals: +26 percentage points TOTAL: 90% Wow let me just say, I did NOT expect to score so high. Hooray for bonus points! Especially those low carb meals. It started with me trying to eat low-carb at lunch, but some dinners (coincidentally, the ones I got to plan/cook) were low carb, so I got to rack up extra points at dinner time and sub
  14. WEEK 3 UPDATE: Not quite as good as last week, but minor improvements in different places. I ate a BUNCH of low-carb meals because my brother made a pork roast and a kale salad, which lasted at least through the week. He also made mashed potatoes, but I was able to resist, haha. Turning on the light is not as effective for me actually getting out of bed as the last time I tried that... I don't know what's changed! I'm chronically late to work at least 15 minutes each day. Luckily my boss has been out of the office most days lately so I've been able to get away with i
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