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  1. Week 1 Update Post: Skill Accumulated: 10 Mind Accumulated: 8 Spirit Accumulated: 5 So throughout this week I found myself doing more sets of the challenges that were listed, but I'm only awarding points up to the value listed. I found regaining the balance that I had before a bit challenging, but as of today I was able consistently find my center of gravity again and am back to darting on railings again. I had a hard time remembering the water every morning, so I think I'm going to set a second alarm and I only added in training in public once, since I f
  2. Of course! First off, let me apologize for not replying sooner. Questing + Work ended up not leaving much time for posting! The following is going to be structured toward someone who already has the basics and fundamentals of parkour ( I can make an entirely different post on first steps into parkour). Alright, well as you probably know already, there are a lot of key attributes that Traceurs work on to improve different aspects of their movements. Now, typically when I help other Traceurs out I normally like them to have a focus or idea of what they are wanting to improve upon; in
  3. Hey there! I can give you hand with this. I've developed a few programs for Traceurs I've worked with who are seeking to improve the physical capabilities. Alot of the exercises include some aspect of the fundamentals that are used in nearly every movement a Traceur makes. The exercises tend to include compound movements, so they can be a bit challenging Definitely more challenging and effective that pushups and chin ups.
  4. Hey there thanks for the support! This challenge goes along with my normal training, so it integrates well, its based a little more on introducing myself to base movements, slowly. The preparation for it was conditioning which I may make a post in the parkour forums regarding starting out safely.
  5. Hello fellow assassins! I'm a bit new here as well, discovered this site from reading the Level Up Your Life book. My background is heavily rooted in training via Parkour, for the mind and the body, and conditioning exercises (body weight and light free weights), so I thought I would fit in nicely here. Im currently on my journey to surpass where i was last year mentally and physcially and establish a parkour community in my area where I can help others learn who are interested in this fun, healthy, and safe activity. Anyway, if you have any questions for me
  6. Thanks for the welcome! I think I'm going to fit in nicely here It's actually going quite well. I'm on track for this week so far (Have been having some nice weather here). I plan on making an update at the end of this week with somewhat of a mini Stat sheet of what I've accrued so far. It's been a nice mix of challenging bit still manageable. I will say that cutting down the coffee intake has been a bit of a challenge. Maybe substituting green tea with honey might be decent strategy.
  7. Hey there! And welcome! I'm new here as well, it's always cool to hear when some makes the decision to start an awesome journey!
  8. (This is my first challenge since joining) My first main quest is to develop my mental and physical parkour skills assisted me to develop this challenge. There aren't any actually workouts listed because thats something I already am habitually doing so it wouldn't really be a an honest challenge. My first challenge is as follows: "After residing too long in the darkness, an Assassin steps back into the light..." The journey back to the light will cover three primary aspects: Physical Mental Spiritual Each one of these primary attributes c
  9. I'm happy to answer any questions! I'll address them one at a time for simplicity sake, sometimes I get a bit wordy. This is a truth in my philosophy of training parkour movements. The statement, "the environment is your gym", means that you will be doing any training outside and in a variety of places, not inside a gymnasium(!). Use your eyes and your imagination for different possibilities of where to train and what techniques and workouts you can do in those locations. That previous statement is a bit vague, I know, so I'll go into more depth. For instance, I us
  10. I totally understand your feelings on boring workouts! I felt the same way about working out for a really long time. That is, until I discovered Parkour. And when I say parkour I'm not talking about the YouTube glorified double back flip stuff. I'm talking about using your environment as your gym, where the world is your playground, or in this case your gym, and you get to use your imagination and body to effeciently, effectively, and safely conquer any obstacles in your path. Not many workouts do you get to train the mind and the body at the same time. It can be a really good work
  11. Hi there! Here is a little about myself. I am 26 years old and a "traditional" traceur that fell out of practice. Last year, about this time, I took a job quite a few states away (Formerly a resident of Pennsylvania, now working and residing in North Carolina) that consumed me and took over my life to the point where I lost who I was and I fell out of shape and stopped doing the things i loved. Recently, as of a few months ago, I decided to change up my diet and began a strict exercise regiment that has me at a good level of fitness, where i can safely begin training via parkour techniques, et
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