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  1. Sorry for the long reply.

    I'm pretty new around her. A friend introduced me to the site back in Feb. How about you? What's your story?

  2. I have a question to ask other men. What's the deal?
  3. Hi !

    How long have you been on NF for ?

  4. Ordered my new bike today at the local shop! Can't wait to start putting miles on it. http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCProduct.jsp?spid=61563&scid=1102&scname=Multi+Use
  5. Wasn't weird at all. The idea was strange but it was a breeze. They definitely were shocked in the cart selection. haha. I did buy all paleo but thought of being able to include my hosts in the meals. (steak, bacon) lol
  6. I'm currently flying to Denver to visit friends. It just hit me.. sticking to this paleo diet is going to be tough. Would it be weird to ask them to take me to the grocery store when I land? haha. Any tips on the matter?
  7. I've been telling myself to go paleo when I return from my trip to Colorado this week. Then, last night I thought why wait? I know I'm ready for this. I ate a frickin girl scout cookie last night and spent rest of the night feeling like crap about it. Besides, it's so much cheaper shopping for paleo and skipping the over priced high marketed foods.
  8. I'm away from a computer most of the day. An android app would be great for the NF forums!
  9. I had the same problem today. A co-worker walks by and gives me a heath bar. I don't want it, but I thanked them and took it.. Now what to do with it?
  10. What do you know about bacon?
  11. Awesome! Thanks guys. Figured it wouldn't hurt to try it for a month.
  12. I'm going on a trip out west this week and plan to jump right into going Paleo when I get home. I've cut a lot of foods out in preparation. The only thing I still feel flaky about is knowledge. Knowing the good and bad. I'll continue to learn but for a good start what would the ideal paleo grocery cart look like?
  13. Hey everyone, I'm not much for long introductions but I've got something to say. Let's take a quick flash back to New Years... I awake to the new year just as many others typically do. Hungover or maybe still drunk even.. My body hurt inside and out. outside, due to the exciting idea to compete in "Backyard Marathon" which was drunkenly thought up only 2 blocks into our journey home. The idea, to be the first to make it home avoiding as many roads or sidewalks as possible. I hurt inside from way to much to drink, about a pack of cigarettes, and 2 New York style pizzas from the popular after ba
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