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  1. I just made the chart like 30 minutes ago, but I can consider it, I can do a video of each move later. I just made the chart so you can see, and, of course, you can find videos of every movemente in youtube, just write the skill name and put parkour. Example: Cat leap parkour, or 360º precision parkour, and so
  2. I have a kind of chart where you can see what movements getdown first, in that chart, I've order de skills by difficult, and there is a bit of chain, so if you get down a level 1 move, it help you a lot developing a level 2 move.
  3. I'm glad because you're interested of join us at parkour. Tapp Brother videos, help me a lot when I was starting, they teach the basics, workouts, and drills https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCtWKts-e2hhF-_ojm7zUQ there's their channel.
  4. Well, I can tell that I'm feeling the burn today, and I'm excited to repeat this and see if I achieved any improvement. I think that I could gain, at least a few centimeters in my precisions with that
  5. Oh, dude, I just finish that now, and I add three or four more exercises that I know, I'm waiting for see the improvements, but, overall, thanks, man, I'm really feeling worked
  6. Why I can't put a progress bar in my signature? Can anyone help me?
  7. All the stuff that you tell it's right, but one. There are many differences between safety and lazy. In te safety you put one hand and the opposite foot on the obstacle, and pass the last foot through the gap between the hand and foot placed on the obstacle, you do all of that from the front of the obstacle. In a lazy, you wanna take the obstacle by a side, put the hand that is on the obstacle's side, and pass your body over the obstacle, without touch it with other bodypart that just your hand.
  8. Hi, buddies, I want to ask you something. Can anyone help me to build a workout? I need something harder than just push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. I need to develop explosiveness, to improve my parkour skills, we can even aport something each of us, and build something great.
  9. Wow, I really like that, I hope I'd found some like that in my real life
  10. Hey, buddies, my name is Gabriel, and I'm joining to you for this challenge, I'm and assassin, I have parkour and calisthenics fundamenta, and I'd like to get more of gymnastics stuff, and, of course, improve my parkour and calisthenics. I only do bodyweight since it's the only weight I use to lift in my parkour and movements stuff, and I'm glad to found all of this.
  11. The sum of the miles walked/runned for each member have to be 100, or I each have to walk/run 100 miles by their own?
  12. What can I do here to prove myself that I'm an assassin?
  13. Hi, guys, I'm joining to the assassins. I officially play waterpolo, but I have skills in parkour, and, since I don't have a gym membership, I only do calisthenics, and I'm right with that, because I just need to lift my own weight. I hope that everyone receive me friendly, I'm here to level up my life, and help you to level up yours.
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