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  1. Last week went okay for the most part - it had a fair bit of work stress popping up which lead to some overeating, followed by a few days away on vacation, which took its toll too. According to the scale I’m up to 205 today, though I’m sure a lot of that is water weight. But I’m hopeful the work stress will be done by end of day today and the rest of the week will be a bit easier. And I’m still making BETTER choices - instead of saying Hell with it today, for example, and getting a cookie or chips with my sandwich for lunch, I did just get a sandwich. So it’s little things like that that will help out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. What a great theme and lovely pictures! Sounds like you're having a lovely time!
  3. Love Hygge! I have a book on it I've been meaning to read forever, thanks for the reminder!
  4. Monday didn't go so well, and neither did the rest of Sunday! Lost control a bit and ate too much both days. Up a bit today but confident it'll drop back down again. But I'm feeling better overall, and feel like I'm learning a lot about what the non negotiables are for me in terms of food and habits, and what I can more easily drop off. Like I used to always want a second drink, and after the restrictions last week I'm pretty comfortable with just one, I've realized. I always thought I needed a certain portion of dinner, but I've been comfortable with about 3/4 of my normal portions. So overall I'm feeling pretty good, even if I am up a bit today!
  5. Thanks! Good to be back! Great to have you again Terra! Thanks! It’s so easy to get caught up on the new fun interesting goals, and lose sight of the big ones! I certainly think so! So far this is going well! I haven’t stuck 100% perfectly to my goals, but generally been pretty on task. Nothing huge - a small snack here, an extra glass of wine there. But the results have been great! I’m down 3lbs from the start of the week, from 203.26 to 199.73! Well, technically back ups to 201.94 today, but yesterday we had some folks over so I used a free pass for that day overall. I’m kinda considering this week 0 so not counting it, but it made sense. I do feel refreshed too - back on track too. It was definitely a kickstart, and parts of it were tough, but it felt great. Also, shout out to Halo Top - it definitely allowed me to stay under calories while not feeling deprived! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. As the light of the portal faded in the night, Mizbrek the Brewmaster found himself on the Wandering Isle. He had heard briefly that his order had relocated since the Legion attack on the Peak of Serenity, but he hadn’t had a chance to get back yet. The portal had deposited him near the entrance to the main temple, but with a perfect view out towards the side of the island. As he watched, a massive flipper lifted ponderously up, and came crashing back to the ocean with a distant thunder. The monks had never really had a name for themselves. They had always just been “the monks of Pandaria.” But now, as he stepped into the temple complex, he saw the banners, a simple pictograph of a temple, with a jagged, diagonal edge severed through it. He had spent too long adventuring, too long away. Time to get back to it. I had a whole other challenge planned for myself initially, and it was largely more of the same. Reading goals and calorie goals and the like. It was fine, but nothing exciting. I had set myself a mini-challenge for this week - just a personal little goal to try and cut down my calories and get back on track. And I’ve been excited about it for the last few days and thought, well, you know what, why don’t I spin it out into a proper challenge and see how it goes? I feel like generally if you’re excited about something, it’s good to chase after it. I had been calling this a Kickstart week, as the idea here was to kinda kickstart my weight loss again with a more restrictive diet than I would normally go for, but I’m excited enough about it that I’m going to try and keep it going. I’ll be checking in ideally on a daily basis, but won’t be necessarily doing a run down of each goal, just kind of a general quick “hey going well” or “hey I screwed up.” I’ll also be allowing myself 10 Free Passes (FPs). I can use these throughout the challenge to lift one of the restrictions for the day. But just one - it doesn’t clear out the whole day. So I’ll track my usage of those. So, without further adieu, the restrictions! Oh and unless otherwise specified these are only weekday goals. Weekends are gonna be a bit looser. Eat only meal-prepped breakfast and lunches. My breakfasts are pretty solid generally as are my lunches, but the idea here is to take some time, really think about, and pre-portion these things out. This scratches my cooking itch in regards to the lunches (as I’ll make these myself) and helps me control my lunches a bit better, as I’ve been often just taking unmeasured portions of whatever we had for dinner the night before, and as much as that’s generally healthy, I take too large portions usually. Have one glass of wine or scotch per night. Pretty basic, I’ve been drinking too much. Putting a restriction on this and sticking to lower calorie drinks as opposed to beer. If I have an afternoon snack, only have a protein shake. I’ve gotten into the habit of having a protein bar after work, and as much as these aren’t too bad, they add up fast. The protein shakes are filling, tasty, and I need to think about them ahead of time (so if I forget it, oh well). They take a while to consume too which is good - the bars always feel like they’re gone too fast to me. Take a smaller portion of dinner and only allow Halo Top for dessert (if wanted). Again, I’m often taking more dinner than I need, having my wife’s leftovers, it’s just not good. So I’ll be aiming to have about ¾ the amount I normally do, and not eating any of my wife’s leftovers. Stay under 2500 calories on weekends. So all of the above restrictions are for weekdays only. On weekends I do tend to lose track of things a bit, and I also...these restrictions above aren’t really necessarily how I want to live my life. I want to be able to adjust as needed, and have fun. So on weekends my only real restriction is under 2500 calories. My plans for now should keep me under 2000, perhaps even down to 1700, on weekdays, so 2500 is around maintenance with my activity level. And I’m hopeful some momentum from the week will carry through anyway - for example yesterday I was excited about this and was at around 2300 yesterday, which is pretty low for me most weekends. Now there are a couple exceptions to all this coming up that I’m going to allow. My wife and I go out once a week for happy hour - for that I’m allowing myself an extra drink and to share a snack from the bar. For D&D nights (alternate Thursdays) I’m mostly going to allow myself some extra drinks and some leniency on dinner (we may need to get take out those nights). I’m going to have to see how it develops but trying to stick to those restrictions on those nights will just be tough, so I’m allowing some leniency there without using a Free Pass. I’m also quietly forgoing a lot of my other habits, like my news and reading habits. Not saying I won’t do those at all but they aren’t where my mental energy will be focused. I really want to get back to consistently losing, and I think that needs to be my focus right now. And it's working so far! This week I'm down a pound and a bit so far this week! I also will be keeping up my daily gym habit, but I feel like I don’t even really need to put that as a goal now - I’ve been at the gym before 5:30am pretty much every weekday since October and most weekend days too. That habit is pretty solid now, and it helps! But not one I need to list! My life has gotten a bit busy but I will do my best to keep up with the other challenges! Hope everyone is having a great time and hope to see you all around!
  7. Hello Rangers! Just poking my head in to say hi and that I'm not dead! Life got a bit busy and I didn't get around to posting a challenge this time around (and I see it's almost over now!). I have one I'm kind of casually working on that I'm going to kick off next time around, but wanted to say hello and that I hope everyone's having a great time so far!
  8. I did watch most of S1 but fell off a bit! No particular reason, we just got watching other things! Must get back to it though! Good? I hear good things! Also just noticed your Oathbringer quote! I'm reading that now! So good! Might pick up Mistborn after I finish with that. What I've kinda been doing is averaging around 2200. This is still restraining myself, but making choices that make sense, and not feeling like I'm holding myself back too much or depriving myself. Most place calculate my sedentary TDEE at around that, but I am working out pretty much every day, which I *think* puts my TDEE in the 2600 range. My Apple Watch says it's closer to the 3000 range, but those things do tend to overestimate. Mostly I'm taking the tactic of do my best and see where it leads. My weight has ticked steadily downward this week - from a high of 205.9 on Monday to 200.84 this morning. I suspect a lot of that was water weight, of course, as I had a big drop on Tuesday. But long story short, this seems to be working. So going to do my best to stick around that. Otherwise things continue to be pretty good! Reading, writing, blogging! Drinking a bit but not much! Hoping I can stay strong over the weekend.
  9. Thank you! Back on track for the most part! Calories under 1750 and no booze - these two I’ve largely written off as not working for me. 1750 means absolutely zero indulgences - no extra bites, no snacks, nothing, and that’s no way to live. Similarly for no booze. But I had a bit of an awakening last weekend and am really sticking to only one or two, and looking at some alternatives, like light beer. And I’m generally working to keep my calories under 2000, which is a good number for me. News - Been reading the paper every morning! Maybe not a full 10 minutes but getting some time in with it which is good. Book - Been reading lots, as I have a couple good books on the go now! Nice and easy when that happens. Workouts - Been steady on this since Monday, getting up and going early and getting around 45 minutes in on average. So pretty pleased with that. My weight has been dropping steadily too - technically this week I’ve lost 5 pounds, though I know the bump up was mostly salt and water weight. But I will TAKE IT. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks! Thanks! Cold is moooostly gone now (little tiny bit hanging on) but I'm back to the gym and back on track today with tracking. I fell off the wagon a fair bit this past weekend, and I've paid for it on the scale, but my hope is that now I'm back on track. About the only thing I've kept up with is the reading for 30 minutes, and some of the news! My hope is with my and my wife's birthdays behind us and getting more back to normal I can get back to my good old routines!
  11. Hello again all! Fell a bit off track the last few days. A days off combined with some birthday celebrations, and now a cold have left me unfortunately off my plan. Trying to get back on track today though. With the exception of reading most of my goals haven’t been met the last few days, and the next few days I’m going to be focused on getting over this cold I seem to have picked up, so there won’t be any exercise, and I’ll be eating at maintenance to try and fuel my body to get over this. Will still check in as best I can though! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Great to have you! And sure, it's tomhk.me. Only one post up so far. I've split it into 4 mini-blogs - Personal (where the only post is so far), fitness, gaming and spirits (aka wine, whiskey and beer). I couldn't decide on doing a blog on any one thing, so did all 4! Still kind of a work in progress but I missed having a space to write those sorts of things.
  13. So sorry for the call about your Hubby Terra. Those “it might be this” calls are horrible - I hate the anxiety of is it this or that. Had one recently where a doc called on Friday to say she wanted to talk to Ms. Miz about some test results on Monday. No hint as to good or bad. That was one of the worst weekends of my LIFE. She was fine in the end, but that uncertainty was so tough. Hang in there. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Glad I’m not alone in that thought! Yesterday was alright. We were celebrating Ms. Miz’s birthday a few days early, so wasn’t super strict on food or booze, but got some exercise in and got my reading done. No booze - Nope on this one! But still didn’t go too crazy. Calories under 1750 - Yeah, nope on this one too! Lifting/Running - Run day yesterday! Read 30 mins - Read a bit of Grit - one of my other challenges is doing it as a kind of unofficial book club. Neat so far! Read news for 10 mins - read the whole paper so definitely knocked this off again!
  15. I definitely hear about getting sick! I got sick right before vacation, which knocked me right off unfortunately. Scale says I'm up 12lbs from my low in mid-Dec (which seems unlikely, but still). Way to get back on track! Following!
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