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  1. I did almost the same thing yesterday when someone offered me a soda Congratulations on sticking to it!
  2. Congratulations! And best of luck in the competition!
  3. After two years of nothing I've gotten back on the horse and managed to last through the first week on both my diet and my workout program! No noticeable physical changes yet but I'm feeling better in my head for sure. Look out week 2....here I come!
  4. Also from Vancouver and totally down for hikes or workouts! Downside is I work weekends so any hiking would need to be early mornings or Monday/Tuesdays.
  5. Hey all! My name's Wulf and (you guessed it) I'm new here. I'm no stranger to the fitness world having been a competitive martial artist and combat fighter most of my life. I'm an unabashed nerd, a drag queen perfomance artist and a birdwatching fiend who loves the outdoors and is constantly on the go. Or at least I was. Two years ago the wheels fell off when my husband of ten years committed suicide. I stopped exercising, stopped training, I even stopped eating right (which for an anorexic like me is a real killer and an absolute no-no). Basically I just st
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