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  1. eh school started up last year and forum time vanished! I still see you on fitbit though!! I'm contemplating coming back. I see there's a challenge soon. I really might just lurk and post a little and not try a challenge.
  2. I recommend setting a timer for 10 or 15 minutes and giving yourself permission to stop after the timer rings! Something is better than nothing.
  3. Hey strangers. Uh... prodigal daughter returns?
  4. W1D2 Recap diet: yes! crossfit: no, but I'm going today so yes later. steps: yes! screens before bed no clothes and lunches: yes! It's like freakin' christmas in here I straight up forgot how tiring my job can be and how much I come home just wanting to be... sedentary. So I'm not sure working out after work will "be okay" for me. I didn't work out yesterday morning because I was worried I'd be late for the first day of school. So... just in case. And I feel extra tired this morning. Preworkout, please start working soon.
  5. Thank you! It was pretty good! <3
  6. W1D1 diet: bad meal plan and grocery list: DONE. and meal prepped to high heaven. This is part of why food today was so bad. Too busy cooking to eat right. Or something. today wasn't a crossfit day, but I have stuff to say about it. First, Friday was the crossfit-iest thing I've ever seen and I hated it. I'll post the wod below. It's everything I've ever thought was wrong with crossfit. And it kinda makes me want to quit. steps not done today. lunches and clothes set out tho. Tomorrow is the first day of school. crossfit rant Anyway. I'm not quitting. But I lost some of the magic for sure.
  7. Thanks!! honestly, I can't do real pushups either. I just do the best I can with what I've got! yayyyy <3
  8. programs/calculations look solid! Have fun!
  9. Kinda sounds like a ranger accountabilibuddies group! But I think this is a totally appropriate place. Good luck to all the scholars! <3
  10. I forced myself to go to the 100% running WOD yesterday for exactly this reason. Good video! Thanks for sharing Nah, like theoretical work capacity, where 100% is hitting your max heart rate and you're falling over gasping for air. Like a 7-8 on RPE scale vs 10.
  11. Sounds promising! Hope it went well. Be the crab! All my noms.
  12. No big deal! This is why form checks are soooooo important. I record every single lift and check myself out. (oh baby)
  13. Welcome! My week zero philosophy is to simply observe what I'm doing after setting the goals while not consciously trying to achieve the goals and not beating myself up if I don't achieve them. That way I can adjust if I have to!
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