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  1. I used to live in Bossier City, but now I live in Choudrant, which is east of Ruston.
  2. 1.5x bodyweight OHP I think that puts one up to Asgardian level.
  3. You could do a 5x3 and keep the progression like in the 5x5. I did that and was able to keep making gains and kill some plateaus. I went to a simplified 5/3/1 on my deadlifts (I pulled off T-Nation) and kicked my deads up like 40lbs. I then tried this program w/ my other lifts and it did good on my squats, bench, and deads. Did nothing for overhead press. I now use a Powerbuilding program (also off T-Nation) and I'm pretty happy with this program. If you want links to these programs, just let me know and I'll get them for you.
  4. If you don't hog it, somebody else will. That somebody will probably be doing curls and taking selfies more than lifting. If your lifting, it's your spot.
  5. You can always go to doing 5x3 on your bench. Still using a progressive weights, just less reps.
  6. Yeah...I've noticed more definition all over. So have a few friends. My legs are really showing some def. I've lost a few pounds recently (due to not eating much because of depression because of recent events w/ family) and it really showed my definition. Not sure if my lifts are going to improve or what, but I do like the program I'm doing (which is the first one on the article of heavy/med/light on the same day). That being said...If I did eat better, I'm sure I would have more gains. That's something I'm working on for my future as well as my kids.
  7. Check out T-Nation. This is the program I'm currently using (actually the first one listed). https://www.t-nation.com/training/powerbuilding-4-ways-to-get-big-iand-i-strong
  8. I always take mine off and put it on my key biner and leave it in the locker. I'm also 47 and since I workout at the University I police at (for free even), most girls there are 18-22 so I don't have problems w/ being hit on. Also after being married for 12 years, I have an indention on my ring finger so I couldn't hide it if I wanted too. I've thought about getting those Qalo rings, but not sure how well they wold hold up in real world. I would still take it off when I work out though. I hear really good things and really bad things about them...no in between.
  9. I'm a cop that pulls 12 hour shifts. Right now I'm working days, I'll swap to nights at quarter change (I'm at a University and it's on the quarter system). The way I combat the swap is I have a set routine I do from the time I wake up till I leave for work. So my wake-up/prepare/breakfast routine takes place at 4am for days and 4pm at nights. When I tried sticking w/ a "normal day" routine and it messed me up at night. my schedule is: on, on, off, off, on, on, on, off, off, on, on, off, off, off my workout schedule is Mon, Wed, Fri (now that both my kids are in school) lifting weights. If I'm working I work out after work. If I'm off, I workout after I drop my boys off at school. My sleep suffers when I'm on, usually 4-5 hrs. When I'm off I usually get 6-7 hrs. I'm not a big sleeper anyway, I don't think I've ever slept more than 7 hrs EVER (except during my party/drinking/hair slinging days and that was because of hang overs). That's what works for me.
  10. One of the ways I busted throug a plateau was by doing some accesory on off days and such. I use some resistance bands a several times a day. I keep them in the living room and when I need I'll do 20 reps several times a day. Try to use the same position you OHP. Also as a finish excercise of a day (not every day but some) I'll do Arnold press. I also have a 20lb dumbell at home and will do some Arnolds w/ it every now and then. Usually on off days. Just to keep those muscles active but not enough to kill them. Usually 10 - 15 reps when I do them. Not to mention pull ups can't hurt if you can do them.
  11. Correction...it's hard to beat EVERY Pantera for squats and deads (along w/ everything else)!!! ok...an argument could be made against "Planet Caravan" but that's about it!!!
  12. Wow...I view Hendrix as easy listening.
  13. I found a couple that might work for you. 1) this one is pretty good, just remember the dude in the pix is NOT a fitness model. http://www.bowhunting.net/artman/publish/HuntDoctorsShoulders.shtml 2) this one might not work if you have shoulder issues but at least take a look. You might get something you can modify. http://www.bowhunter.com/bow-fitness/workout-routines-for-bowhunters/
  14. This is a cool row that is not just a bent over row. It also works biceps too. https://www.t-nation.com/training/best-way-to-row-period
  15. Pain is weakness leaving the body!!!
  16. I was doing the stronglifts 5x5 then 3x5. I kinda got bored with it as well...I found this workout routine on T-Nation. It's simple and got good gains on deadlifts on first go around. So I'm using it for all my lifts (deads, bench, squats, overheads). It's a long program, but it really worked for my deads (like a 40lb increase). https://www.t-nation.com/training/simple-deadlift-program
  17. Does it have a set time to do another max??? If it does, I would stay the course. The program I do is like 17 weeks between max. If there is no time frame...then pick a regularly schedule max day on the program and max it out.
  18. flat side out...it's like toilet paper goes over the top...if you don't, the terrorists win!!!
  19. wear low cut shirts...then guys will help you out willingly. Oh wait, you're a dude...never mind. I've used the plate method several times. However, luckily my gym has a couple of deadlift jacks so if they are being used close, I'll ask if I can borrow.
  20. Instead of warm up pants, you can use the 80s tube socks that go nearly up to your knee. I push them down for Overheads and pull them up for Deads.
  21. Sometimes if you have a small mouth, it'll keep the lips from touching. If that is the case, you might want to get a smaller mouthpiece
  22. Just saw this today on T-Nation. Maybe it'll help. https://www.t-nation.com/training/best-squat-youre-not-doing
  23. I wear compression shorts under my gym shorts. No probs here.
  24. If you wave it more than twice doesn't that constittute self gratification???
  25. I know this is a couple months old thread, but if you're still having problems w/ Pendlays you might want to try this from T Nation. https://www.t-nation.com/training/best-way-to-row-period I was doing Pendlays and somehow I re-pinched a nerve in my right arm. So I have stopped doing rows. I'm tempted to start these in the near future. BTW...I'm not neglecting my back, I have just been doing lat pulls instead of the Pendlays, along with pullups/chinups. Which kinda sucks, because I was seeing progress w/ the Pendlays till the pinched nerve happened.
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