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  1. Looks like you had a great 1st week. 98%? that's awesome.
  2. Finally getting around to reading other threads. This one is fucking hilarious! Thanks for the laughs.
  3. Boy, I haven't found as much time as I'd anticipated for logging my progress. I still need to get around and see everyone else's goals too. Here are the updates for the first week. Passed on the water goal every day. Passed on the protein goal every day. Total of 158 minutes of exercise means I passed on it too for this week. Goals Drink at least 64 oz of water daily. At least 25% of calories from protein daily Minimum 150 minutes of exercise weekly 8/21 88 oz, 29%, 57 minutes 8/22 64 oz, 26%, 30 minutes 8/23 80 oz, 26%, 43 minutes 8/24 64 oz, 30%, 0 minutes 8/25 64 oz, 26%, 0 minutes 8/26 64 oz, 26%, 0 minutes 8/27 80 oz, 33%, 28 minutes
  4. I'm mixing it up. I'm only counting sessions that are at least 15 minutes in length. I'm helping a friend get back on the exercise wagon so those days are much milder. The old me would've felt they weren't enough. That's why I'm trying the time goal instead. I'll mix it up between weights, walk/jog intervals, Pilates, and bodyweight days at home. Kind of whatever mood strikes. As long as I'm moving! Started out with a hectic week but I'll be back later today to update my progress so far. Hope everyone is kicking butt so far!
  5. Looks like good goals @Casbin Is the Zombie 5K everyday throughout the 4 week challenge?
  6. Thanks @Casbin, Plans are that my friend is here till the first of the year. She has another surgery coming up in October and a few weeks recovery after it. I can't believe we can tag people now. This place has grown sooo much! What are the red flags at the top of each post? I'd first assumed it was for reporting it but I seem to accidentally click them as I'm scrolling on my phone.
  7. I was active here on NF years ago. I've missed this place and all the positive encouragement. I'm still very active on MFP. I'm Bmblebee4 over there. Feel free to add me and stalk my diary. Ok, been a little bit since I've done a challenge and I'm prone to perfectionism so I'm going to make myself keep this one simple. I tried convincing myself to wait till next one so I could "do it right." Nope, starting Today, damn it. Diet goal #1: Drink 8-10 cups of water every day. One day of less than 64 ounces equals a fail on this one. Diet goal #2: Keep protein at least 25% of my diet everyday. Allowing 2 days within the 4 week challenge for occasional cheats that could knock it below 25%. More than 2 days equals fail. Fitness goal: Spend 150 minutes per week exercising. Personal goal: Due to an unexpected roommate situation while a friend recovers from emergency surgery and gets back on her feet, my entire office/junk room has moved into my living room and master bedroom. Goal is to have gone through all boxes by the end of 4 weeks. Very doable. The challenges have changed some since last time I was here. I'm still figuring out the character thing and finding my way around. I'm looking forward to getting reacquainted with old friends and making new ones. ETA: Even though weight loss is not a goal during this challenge I want to log that I started at 166.4 lbs.
  8. I just came back to NF today. I'm so happy to see there are other Floridians now. I think I was one of two back when I was active on here. I walk/jog the Courtney Campbell fairly often. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up.
  9. I went to my first Parkour class at our local Parkour gym a few weeks ago and it was awesome. They also do a lot of cheerleading and gymnastics there. But in class the instructor had us doing drills of different moves and then made them harder for some people if they got them easily and kept the rest of us doing the same thing. Practiced front flips into a big foam pad and jumping from about 10-12 feet up onto a foam pad trying to stay upright (hands not touching when you land.) I'm sure you're going to have fun and bring extra rebels if possible. I was 1 of only 2 people in my class that was of legal age. Lots of teens. I would have done it anyway but I was glad when I got there and I wasn't the only person over 15.
  10. A weak moment and lack of motivation is just part of being human (or whatever race you are besides human lol) We all have those days/weeks. Hope the backfire wasn't too bad. I know how that goes. This week will be better.
  11. That will be great to have a spotter, great way to build your confidence upside down. Bring on the new Rebels!
  12. By Sunday or by midnight at the end of Sunday? I'm not meaning to nit pick I just know this question comes up with most challenges. Thanks. Looking forward to something new next week even though I'm addicted to getting better at headstands now so I'll still be upside down a lot
  13. Nice job! Working out, playing in the dirt, and avoiding homemade cookies. I'm impressed.
  14. I really prefer evening workouts but they don't always work with my schedule these days. I never felt like I could move through the movements in the mornings. Sorry the foot is still acting up. Hope it all works out well. And I love that you're looking at the bright side! Awesome friends and fiance are great things to have!
  15. Made my day! Heehee. I just did a DVD called Quick Fix Power Yoga and did all 3 10 minute sections and I'm sweating and feeling good in some ways and very out of shape in others.
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