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  1. Hi! Bonus challenge is just a bit of fun. We'll see what happens, I guess. Re: neckchin. I think mine might be unavoidable, too. I've never ever ever seen my father (or a photograph of him) without a beard so I don't know if he even has a chin, let alone a neckchin. Possibly. My mother, on the other hand, has had one all her life. She had it... fixed... by a plastic surgeon, after years of being thin and fit but still not killing the neckchin. I honestly don't recall if I've always had one, but looking at photographs of me from ten years ago it's certainly much worse now than it was then. That
  2. Hey, I love you too... but I'm not a homewrecker! <3 I think attitude is critical. I've evolved from a serious person to someone who doesn't take life too seriously. It's definitely an evolution. Sticking the chin out works sometimes but it only hides it. Plus I get a sore face/neck/jaw from doing that constantly. I want to kill it completely. Mos def. That's the best part! House and kids for sure. House soon, kids waaaaaay later. I want a house of my own again, though I want to own it and not rent it. In Australia every twentysomething buys a house. It's a weird culture of investment in
  3. I am in like Flynn. Check it! http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4482-To-make-a-better-Finch!-over-the-next-six-weeks
  4. I never want my old life again. Ever. My new life is amazing and I couldn't be happier, though I have sacrificed a lot to get it. My income is less than half what it was, I broke up with the girl I thought I was going to marry because she couldn't handle the way I wanted life to be (she's very career driven and wanted kids NOW and I wanted them... in ten years time, maybe), I've moved out of the place we shared and back with my parents. But it's not all bad - they travel a lot, too, so in reality we're only around each other six months a year and it makes my much reduced income go further. We
  5. I've dived with bull sharks before. They're nasty creatures in cold water (like where I live) but kinda nice in warm water (like tropical paradise). They're big and fast and I chewed through my air when they were around so I guess I was pretty nervous Night diving is awesome. It's... unique. Underwater animals behave completely differently, and the experience is completely different to diving during the day. It helps if you're diving at a site you're familiar with, so you know the bottom depth and roughly how to navigate. I almost prefer night diving to diving during the day! Haha, thanks fo
  6. Diving is amazing. I don't like the beach and I hate the ocean. I'm terrified of sharks and I never really thought about diving until I went on an adventure after getting jack of boring life... in 2008, I think. I was in Thailand, going to some island to meet up with some guys I'd been rafting with in northern Thailand a couple of weeks previously (three days white water rafting! DO IT!). The boat was packed and I was tired... and I fell asleep. When I awoke the boat was nearly empty, and I'd missed the island I was going to. I spoke with some guys and asked what was going on. The boat was go
  7. Nitrox! And yeah... I dive nitrox over air. Oxygen enriched air is delicious. Also good for hangovers The weirdest gas blend I dive is trimix, but it's stupidly expensive and I rarely go deep enough to make it worthwhile. I don't think I've ever dived it outside the qualification course! The eventual goal is to be qualified for trimix rebreathers so I can dive in gnarly wrecks and not blow bubbles. But that's a long way off yet. Rebreathers are expensive and scary, and I'm cheap and don't like scary things.
  8. Ha! Hey, the door is always open. Have couch, can provide. Couch surfer duties include being awesome and not smelling like cabbage (don't ask). Seriously, too. When I travel I invite random people to visit and sometimes they even do it. No murders yet, just sore heads. I'm the first to admit... life is pretty awesome now. In fact, it's fantastic. I'm very, very lucky. Life sucked a few years ago, but I woke up one day and decided to do more... fun stuff. Travel, road trips, activities - now I'm allowed to shoot things, fly things, I can play golf and lawn bowls without people laughing at me,
  9. During December 2010 and January 2011 I was in Thailand on a scuba diving adventure. The photograph above of me in the tech setup (two tanks! Double the win!) was taken in January 2011, in Thailand. My days consisted of sleeping in, diving in the afternoon, drinking enormous amounts of beer at night, and eating lots of Thai food. Aside from the beer intake, I had eliminated most grains, legumes, potato, and other starch from my diet. It was high protein, moderate fat, low carb (if the beer is ignored). In that time I lost about 8kg, and felt fantastic. I had a ton of energy, slept well, and wa
  10. Hi, I'm Finch! I found this place after reading random Paleo life websites. I'm here because I'm a nerd and I'm not as fit as I'd like to be. I'm not huge, I'm not thin, but I'm definitely not happy with how I look or how I perform. Anyway. I'm a 27 year old single Australian guy. I spend a lot of time sitting down. My parents and I run a geological software business and I guess I work full time as a computer nerd (FreeBSD and Linux systems administration, software design, etc) and also study full time (Bachelor of Communications with a journalism major). On the side, I trade gold to fund adv
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