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  1. Till now i have been focusing on too many things. But From hereon I have decided to concentrate on fewer things. The Primary aim is to have visible abs by new year. (Currently about 20% body fat) Body weight workout : I will be following 'get ripped in 7 weeks' program. This will be three workout days a week. Making use of rest days: On rest days do 10 mins of handstand practice or rope jumping . I can currently do about 5 consecutive slow jumps and about 60 sec wall handstand. The ideas is not to workout but to avoid lazy mornings. Learn Spanish : H
  2. hi welcome to the rebellion Gather some ideas and put them together at the upcoming 4 week challange Have fun
  3. Hi welcome to the rebellion. Plan something and join the up coming 4 week challenge have fun
  4. Thats cool. I am sorry on the quick read i took you to be idle. Dont keep track of just your weight. Keep tack of your measurements. Or better your body fat percentage. Also keep a log of your food( take a photo every time you eat) this will create an awareness of how much you are eating. (Idea credits: 4hour body) Also keep a workout log. Or use daily battle logs here Also make a plan on sugar control and workout and join the next 4 week challange
  5. Hi welcome to the rebellion Well you have three kids and now a bigger house. Why dont you play with them once in a while. Light cardio games lite running around, playing catch ... can help you ass well as the kids. Plus introduce the kids to some easy workouts. Thay will grow into the habit of staying fit Have fun
  6. Hi welcome to the rebellion Good luck with the ironman
  7. Hi It counts if you did it on purpose. Early(and posiibly every) challange teach you something about yourself. Learn from where you screwed up. Why donnt you give that very last bit for the last week (keep in mind to listen to your body as you did) Stay strong
  8. Hi welcome to the rebellion. Congrats on that half marathon. You seem to belong somewhere between a scout and a warrior. I dont know may be even a ranger. Good luck with the upcoming 10k. Stay strong
  9. Hi Welcome to the rebellion Rock Solid goal. You know exactly where you want to be. Great I would suggest dividing this even further, like say you 2 pound first week. So even if you could only lose 1 pound in the second week, you will know how hard to push on the third. One more thing, dont rely solely on weight. Track measurements of your waist,hip,arms and thighs too.Or even better if you can afford, test your body fat percentage. Check out the NF article about body fat percentage As you are doing strength training, you will gain some lean muscle mass, which
  10. Week 2 1. Two body weight circuits- check 2. One session of stretching - check 3. Punch the bag - check 4. Tricking training- check 5. Two 10 min Spanish 6. A word a day. Check 7. I set of interval training-Check
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