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  1. I'm Back! Apologies for skipping the 3rd weekly update I promised myself I'd do (Future me was supposed to take care of it but he dropped the ball and became the past me as a result XD) Anyway, I'm going to be combining the last 2 weeks into a summary (Might do it this way next time, like a status update/grade halfway though so the Grades aren't as harsh since less total data=higher point value per thing. Difference between a 10 question test and a 100 question test essentially).<----Man I'm long-winded when I explain junk...--->As well as noted problems and solutions before going i
  2. Week Two Summary Grade (10 point scale) Diet Diet Overall Score 6/10 (66%) F+ Cut out unnatural sugars (Perma-Ban) Days Achieved 4/7 (57%) F Eat at least 1 vegetable every day (Snack or Me
  3. Being that I'm using the C25k app to build up to what you've achieved, i understand the gasping wheezing running vs comfortably running and boy does it sound impressive for you to have run that 5k in less than half an hour, much less without resting or slowing down...Huzzah! Congratulations on your achievement friend! Good luck on running the real deal out in the big bad world!
  4. Week One Summary Grade (10 point scale) Diet Diet Overall Score 7/10 (76.2%) C Cut out unnatural sugars (Perma-Ban) Days Achieved 5/7 (71.4%) C Eat at least 1 vegetable every day (Snack or Meal)
  5. I'm 2 workouts in for both of them and man do my legs and thighs ache! Its good though cause I am seeing improvement in my running on c25k even with the bodyweight workouts between run days (Lunges and Squats are no joke!). As an added bonus, when I get to my 8th run on c25k, I find it very rewarding to push myself in an all out sprint for the full time if I can manage it. Its really helped me push myself and reminds me that even after 7 of the runs in a session, I can still push harder in the 8th than I did in 1-7. Then I become spaghetti legs and welcome my stretches with open arms XD.
  6. For anyone Interested, here is my current 4 week challenge here
  7. I know right? I Literally spent days scouring the web for hours at a time rolling through TED Talks, filtering out all the ad sludge, perfectionism junk, and starvation/vitamin deficient crap the internet had to offer my searches. The Perfect health diet is the only one I've found that incorporated all of the good tidbits and REAL Knowledge on body mechanics, and advised staying away from the absolute trash thats meant to make us fail and become reliant on X, Y, or Z Product. It was a labor of love, and I Humbly offer it to you for use in as many places as you can spread this knowledge. Can't
  8. Hey, I'm back in the REBELS Section with my first full 4 week challenge! I've learned some things from my last attempt that I shall not soon forget (Like biting off more than I can chew!) Another issue I seem to have come against is my terrabad schedule from work conflicting with my attempted workout schedule (3 days in a row per week 7p-7a). I also could use some help with meal planning/grocery planning as storing vegetables and dishes involving veggies for grab and go meals (Been crushing Kahiki frozen boxed meals, Fried rice is my favorite so far!) but would love an actual fresh version tha
  9. @Guzzi Thanks for the idea for the point system, as you can see, its useful. I also feel honored you'd send a newbie my way for anything being a newbie myself and all. For the next challenge the Diet and Fitness goals will remain the same, the LVL up life is going to be slightly changed. Will tag ya when I Throw up my challenge later on and see what you think. I'd like these habits to become permanent changes and I think after doing them for 4 weeks rather than a week +/- a few days will go a long way to establishing these routines.
  10. Here Here! I Wish you the best of the best of luck and strength in completing your goals this 4 week challenge! The goals here look quite reasonable and I'm sure you can do it without much issue. A man with a plan is one step ahead of the rest of the game (Despite the Doctor running around half cocked at times and making plans on the fly, he still needed a plan in the end). Eating paleo for 28 days seems difficult but once you sit down, make up some meals on paper, convert that into a shopping list, and go get the stuff, its as easy as making normal meals every week. Setting up the meals and s
  11. Hey all, sorry for the MIA (My computer died XP) Well its fixed and I'm back to report in. Scale:Bronze=1-3 Silver=4-6 Gold=7-10 Score based on number of days achieved. Full completion bonus points awarded for total of 10 points. Example. Goal is 7 days total of Eating paleo. Reality completed 7 days for 7 points+3 points for achieving the goal. Diet Diet Overall Score 7/10 (GOLD Star) *PORTION COTROL* Cut out unnatu
  12. Hey all, So far I'm still on track in the fitness section of my goals, and diet goals are still strong for the moment. Today I got my hands on the ever dreaded in my household spinach. Albeit it was in a salad of dried cranberries, walnuts, sprinkle of feta cheese, grilled chicken, and some sauce I found to be too strong for my taste. Other than the sauce, everything else was great and well portioned for the package I grabbed on the way to work (premade salad but organic and locally sourced). My feelings on spinach are not as dark as they once were (I Can see why Popeye could down can after ca
  13. I'm so happy to see you all so interested and encouraging. I didn't realize how much it would mean till I saw it. That being said, it is with a heavy heart that I reminisce on my failures thus-far as well as my successes. DIET Make at least 1 meal a day completely paleo- Failed (I See this requires more planning than I had anticipated, and may have been setting the bar a bit high at the moment) 1 day a week of Intermittent Fasting- Success (thus-far as well as being able to do it on more than one occasion so far. I'm happy doing this twice a week in the future.)
  14. Just finished my first day running with c25k. Boy was I surprised by how winded I was by the end of it. Ate a banana 15 minutes prior to diving in. Warmed up beforehand with some jumprope, jumping jacks, squats, and pushups. Cool down involved stretching in various ways and light yoga. All in all, I feel like it's a great start to an even greater life.
  15. @matty.lou Quoting this so I don't have to keep scrolling back up and reread it while I respond =p I completely get your "All or nothing" attitude and I feel you on being fed up. I was curious about the Whole30 and did a little digging, and honestly it seems nothing more than a modified paleo diet. Based on the same principals but they have cut out some things and reduced others which may leave you being nutritionally deficient. While eating junk, crap, and processed food we are similarly deficient in the nutrients we need, and feel like crap as a result. If you want to tr
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