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  1. Meditation is very simple - it is about experience a feeling of nothingness. Your mind needs to be completely empty. However, in reality it is very hard... I'm a advanced freediver and I have had that feeling in some of my dives... Time seems to stop, your are just in the moment and I could see a light in front of my eyes (I had closed eyes). When I'm in that mode I can easily have dive times of over 4 minutes.
  2. It happens to some. When you meditate while seated, you should be relaxed in your entire body expect the spine. It is not easy to get to that point because your spine needs to be almost straight, hence it need to be flexible. To do that you need to lift your chest and stretch your spine through the top of your head. When you do that, you will experience what you experience. For some people it is a natural reflex, others need to learn it.
  3. Check Dominique Lonchant - he is an awesome teacher. I'm a freediver, and he is one of the most inspiring people I have met. http://www.vivre-libre.fr/182708806 http://www.vivre-libre.fr/182708813
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