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  1. OK! Another weekend away and another weekend of off trackedness (yep, that's a word because I said it ) Friday: It was raining/hailing. I chose to protect my body and not run. Did do some laps around the mall and managed to hit 8000 steps even with 5 hours of travelling. Food was lots of crap. Saturday: Lots of family time which in my family is sitting time. I don't think I even hit 5000 steps But I did all right with food until the post baptism party. Cake and chips. Sunday: 12km run. It was hilly. And hard. Really hard. I felt so proud of myself for finishing it. First time in a long time I felt proud just for finishing a run. And then 5 hours in a car, arriving home at midnight. Monday: 1. STRENGTH: 4x4 assisted pulls 2. CARDIO: rest day, 7300 steps. Mostly due to the fact that after dropping J off at work and my youngest at daycare, I went back to bed for 3 hours. 3. FOOD: I didn't track today. Struggled to get back on track. But I'm ready to hit it hard again tomorrow. 4. LIFE: checked in with my peeps!
  2. Hope the race rocked and the vacation is rocking even more!!
  3. Vacay is October for me as well Where are you going? We are heading to San Fran Sounds like a pretty awesome week happening up in Cline's life!! So many squats, so many BPs, awesome run! Love the Rocky pic too
  4. MMMMM bacon wrapped pork tenderloin sounds sooooo good Hope your vacation is going swimmingly (get it? swimmingly HAHAHA)
  5. I'm sorry you've been having a crappy go of it Jenn. But I think it's really great that you've been able to identify your seasons of depression. Hopefully you will be able to find ways to get through them. Your frustration with the kids losing thing was so familiar to me. I have a day every few weeks where I just want to bag up all of their belongings and give them away because they don't take care of things. One of these times, it just might happen. Maybe if they didn't have anything extra they would appreciate the things that they do have!
  6. UPDATE 2.4 1. STRENGTH: Deadlifts 5x5 @ 70# Squats 3x5 Plank 65sec x 3 Assisted pulls 4x5 spread throughout the day 2. CARDIO: rest day, 10K steps 3. FOOD: it was burger night and I always find it hard to keep the calories on track burger night (even though I go bunless) but I still hit a 400 calorie defecit. 4. Checked in with y'all
  7. Right now I'm more concerned with calorie defecit but I think it's good to start watching and being aware of my macros. Someday soon it's going to be my focus (probably after bbq/ice cream season is over lol) GAH! There is only so much meat I can eat without getting sick I think we're more on the fringe of the cool kids
  8. Woot for hitting targets! I'm on MFP as well. It's good stuff. Glad that SUs finger is looking better and he listened to his wise wife and stayed home today!
  9. bill paying absolutely counts as housework!! LOVE the runner nod
  10. The husband and I have been taking evening walks while the kids are away. It's nice and results in actual conversations instead of one sided conversations while the other is on the computer. I was thinking tonight that we should try and include the kids when they return. We also were street players (and used to slide down a mountain of snow in the grocery store parking lot ) Not so much anymore. People aren't expecting kids to be playing in or near the street these days and so aren't looking for them. Maybe if we lived on a cul de sac. And Stan, today is a new day!
  11. UPDATE 2.3 1. STRENGTH: nothing today 2. CARDIO: Hill day. I had to work tonight so I went out myself this morning. 4 hill repeats, total of 5 miles including warmup and cooldown. I was wishing I had brought my camera. I did a different hill than we normally do and the view going down was right over the water. Pretty nice. Need 220 more steps to hit 15K but I'll wander around the house a bit before bed 3. FOOD: Defecit of around 800. Protein is so hard to get I had meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eggs at breakfast and still only 78 g 4. LIFE: checked in with my regular peeps!
  12. NF is full of some amazing kick ass company I KNOW! I though about that when I opened my thread LOL. I'm not at all a KISS fan but it was still a pretty cool encounter
  13. For a long time I chose 6min/km pace as average and felt like less of a runner because I was so far from that. It took some time to reevaluate and start looking at how far I've come. Just keep talking to us and we'll remind you of all the awesome that is Alienjenn
  14. Well that's convenient, since I call you Stan in my head Yay for minimal knee pain! And a KB fix So unbelievably true for all things 6 year olds are learning!
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