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  1. Yesterday's Events 4/24/2017Words, if I had them, would go here. WarmupBanded pull apartsControlled shoulder articular rotationsall sorts of rotator cuffs band things Row, Benchpress (same weight and reps for each) 125x8 145x6 160x4 160x4 160x4 150x5 145x6 135x7 125x10 Overhead press, one arm 'rolling thunder' lat pulldownOHP 70x6, pulldown 50x5 OHP 80X5, pulldown 60x5 OHP 95x3, pulldown 65x5 OHP 95x5, pulldown 70x5 OHP 95x8 Damn, didnt think id make that 8th rep of OHP, but I made it happen! Notes: I don't have any projects to work on. Busied myself with yoga core stuff, some good handstand practice, then finally a bit of random 3d. Just waiting for the wedding. Sigh. Great job!
  2. Damn, missed out on silly opportunity. Maybe hip thrusts, hah.
  3. Yesterday's Events 4/212017Weighed out a proper serving size for the preworkout. Am I gonna die? Nah, but deadlifts will be fun.WarmupMYTRLBelt squat marches and good mornings Monster walks Banded speed pulls (great way to activate glutes, make things feel stong)Sumo Deadlifts235x5 270x3 300x3 285x3 270x3 250x3 235x3 220x3 205x8 Felt super strong and great. Switched to conventional at the 250 set I think, and stood on the some plates for the last set. Felt EZ and strong. Yay Powermetal!Ended with some weighted chinups, and reverse hypers. It was pretty great. Notes: Had some handstand breakthroughs, holding myself for more than 5 seconds with proper muscles correcting and stuff. it was amazing. Did a bit of music, and played videogames for most of the evening. Hardly ate, and my cognitive skills went into the toilet, for a while I just watched bill nye on the couch. Watched a bit of MST3K with my giant barnyard clusterfuark of a dinner (chicken, beef, bacon, cheese, eggs) and went to bed. Great job!
  4. Yesterdays's Events 4/20/2017420 blaze it! Nah, not really, gotta be an adult today. But lets start the morning off with some benching. WarmupBanded pull apartsControlled shoulder articular rotationstons of rotator cuff workYates Barbell Row (underhand, same weight as bench), BenchpressBench 140x5Bench 155x3Bench 175x2Bench 165x3Bench 155x5Bench 150x5Bench 140x5Bench 130x5 Bench 120x15Alot of grinds today, but things are progressing!Close grip bench pressClose bench 75x6Close bench 95x5Close bench 110x3Close bench 110x5Close bench 110x7Close bench 110x15Ended with some ring pushups and rear delt work Notes: Worked over pretty hard by my PT, got more stretching to do: biceps and triceps are affecting my shoulder. Its almost like everything connected! Got a new 7 cup food processor as a wedding gift, and I am super stoked. Used it to make my dinner of 4 servings of kodiak cakes and 2 tablespoons of PB&J. Folden over and eaten in the bath, 1k+ calories downed in a few minutes. I'm so good at putting food in my face. Great job!
  5. Yesterday's Events 4/18/2017Back to squats. Been too long, squats. Preworkout and power metal for power lifting.WarmupBelt squat machine, marching steps and good morningsMYTRLMonster walksFront squats180x5205x3235x3 215x3205x3 195x3 180x5 170x5 155x8 Top set was not really full depth. Squats are hard, but the metal helped. I alternated some ab wheel rollouts, sets of 8, because take that, belly. Conventional Deadlifts (double overhand)160x5 190x5 220x3, 220x8 Felt strong, really got the whole leg press feeling this time. Today was a good day. Great job!
  6. 4 1k rows this morning. Started at 4:16, ended at 3:51. All about dat sprint at the end. Bet I could have beaten it if I had the time for a 5th.
  7. Feel like I should mention: I found a great youtube channel called yoga with adriene, I did a gentle yoga on sunday after being lazy, then some runners yoga when I got home from work. Today I did a core strength routine: and my belly is ow. Highly recommend!
  8. The ThenMorbidly obese, full-time nerd, soft creative artist type with a penchant for food and videogames. Little to no relationship with exercise until I had a health scare senior year of college, weighed in at 333 pounds and told me to consider surgery. Joined a gym, but didn't get around learning to eat properly until maybe two years later, when I started keto. Keto taught me to log and track, lost much weight, began some barbell 5x5 work and fuckarounditis at a local gym.The NowFormerly obese, part-time (ok still more or less full time) nerd, slightly hardened creative artist type with a penchant for food and not enough time for videogames. As I lost the weight, I became enthralled by what my body could do, learned to love exercise in various forms. Did some starting strength, did a bulk on ice cream fitness, did some calisthenics. Currently at a happy medium with calisthenics twice a week and barbell training twice a week with at least one active rest day in between somewhere.GoalsStay lean, see if I can reach a normal BMI without crash dieting and still kicking butt in the gym. Picking up the running I put down when winter started, by years end I want to run the 16.5 miles from my house down to Pike Place Market. Working on muscle ups and levers, maybe get a floor L sit this year? Basically stay active, enjoy life, don't settle, blah blah. Anyway, What follows next, will likely be a play by play of the last days training or nonsense, as often as I can provide it. Maybe the occasional food porn. Start!