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  1. Thanks friends! If it werent for being subscribed to the intuitive eating thread, I'd likely have forgotten about this place. Someone posted for the first time since september! What a world. PS: the useless skill the pandemic has given me is juggling.
  2. 2019 was a great year for disordered eating. How did it end you ask? In treatment. I went back to Hawaii in september for....the ultimate Hawaiian trail run! A bunch of folks from the our gym got a big house and we all hung out and did the thing. I unfortunately, broke, between everyones food and body talk, and did a lot of binging. When I came back I just exerted more control with fasting, low energy meals, and activity. October came around. I went back down south for another beautiful MKP weekend, my 1 year anniversary, back on staff. Same story as Hawaii. I was triggered, a
  3. 78 days. And I'm still alive. Where to start? I took some time off. I ate intuitively. I ate more fat. Paleolithic keto, or keto animal foods....I tried some of that. Think I finally dropped into ketosis for the first time, because when I would eat fat, I would get high. Literally. It wore off after a week, but for a magical friggin week I was able to touch that MDMA experience again through animal fat. I ended up chasing that for a while, food stopped giving me that energy, I would binge trying to get energy, it sucked. So I eventually did another thyroid test, dropping it down a
  4. Finally getting ahold of this intuitive eating thing. Upped the fat to ketogenic ratios by adding suet to meals, and suddenly im going 5+ hours not thinking about food. Eating for energy when I'm cold and tired, who woulda thought! Feels good not to force fasting or anything drastic.
  5. The saturday after that vascular surgery, I ran 10 miles. Then 5 more the next day. I was proud of my body. Not so proud of my fatigue. My body composition. My sore toe. I was fortunate enough to get into contact with a man in my sunday circle who just happened to be a former super strong powerlifter. Plenty of experience manipulating hormones naturally. He has been a wealth of information. On his advice, I started changing a few things. Begrudgingly, I turned into recovery mode. On friday, april 12, I changed my life. MDMA, man. Highly recommend. I plopped down on the couch, and whi
  6. Bloodwork came in. Not the traditional cholesterol triglycerides kind of work. Minerals, vitamins, aminos. Inflammation markers are all good. Omega 3's are weirdly high despite no supplementation. Thyroid is strugglin, testosterone is low, could use some b vitamins. Going to eat more, particularly more fat. More vascular surgery tomorrow!
  7. Hey friends! Looks like its been about a month. How bout I put down some words? My new website is up! Lumbertron.com! I've got a podcast, a blog, and even an etsy store! I got surgery this week! I got vericose veins stripped out of my left left (they were gnarly, grandma level gnarly) and preemptively taken out of the right leg (they form symmetrically, but hadnt bulged yet). It was painful! They actually ran out of painkiller because there was so much to do. I have to go back in two weeks to do the back of my calves, but they are gonna just put me out all sleepy time for that. Wo
  8. Aho NF board! I get updates from the intuitive eating group so I usually have this site open. I worked out yesterday, so lets log it, yeah? Yesterday marked the '6 months until your birthday race, its time to start training' date on my calendar. So I did an AM 3.5 mile run, and saved squats for the evening. I was very restless to hit the gym after so much screentime, and ended up going with my wife, and good feels were had. A duffalo bar was in the squat rack, so I loaded as if it were 45 pounds to 265, but i think it weighs 15 pounds more than a normal bar, so the sets of 5 were once a
  9. Agreed on eating the whole animal! In the absence of carbohydrates, the body can generate more than enough glucose to fuel the brain and muscle is very much preserved. Personally, my energy is ridiculous, and im definitely 'thriving.' The human body is amazing at adaptation!
  10. carnivore here, can confirm. Intuition is by nature, individual. I myself have been absolutely thriving and adjusting to listening to body, and my diet isn't necessarily unvaried: a variety of meats, eggs, marrow, liver, raw dairy. Ensi, I resonate with your desire to think on a biological level, and while I would argue against your 'need' for carbs in a diet, the whole animal products only thing has really gotten me more in touch with more.....primal intuitions. Eating for fuel, and whatnot. Its a mindset shift that has served me well, and is worth thinking about in my judgement.
  11. I laughed, I cried, I ran around alot. We returned to washington to find it mostly intact despite the snowpocalypse. I ate 9 burger king patties (which they charged me for 9 burgers at the airport, the heathens) and worked on fancy slow airplane wifi. A most romantic valentines day. Things returned to normal, I even did a 7.5 mile run on saturday. Monday, I returned to squats. 265 for white knuckling sets of 4. Very difficult, and I was a scotch above parallel. This week has me returning to a running routine, and taking care of 2 weeks of trash buildup from the snow. Huzzah!
  12. The week continues! Tuesday started with a trail run at The Makiki Valley loop trail. It was mostly fast hiking, maybe 20% running, because iit was all uphill, and 70% TREE ROOTS AND ROCKS. Going back down was a slow process, 2 miles in an hour, got a great sweat on and ran back downhill into town. Spent the rest of the day at the beach, where I went out onto a standup paddle board with my glasses, and then immediately lost them to the waves. Things have been blurry since then... Sunset was beautiful, didn't need glasses to see that. This morning I ran over to a fitness park for a little wo
  13. Aho! Monday started well, with a hike up to diamond head! It was beautiful and I got to do a headstand on top of a bunker where I wasn't supposed to. Had fantastic energy despite fasting, and ran down the trail behind a fit couple. It was a blast. My wife got us a certificate of completing the hike, and then we took a trolley back to Waikiki. Grabbed a bunch of bacon and eggs over beef at McDs, then headed off to pearl harbor! It was pretty intense, saw the Arizona memorial, and climbed around inside a submarine. Headed back to the hotel in super traffic, and I immediately picked up and went n
  14. Hello from windy waikiki! Well, we did it. Took an uber suv through the snow to the train station, an amtrak into seattle, and then the light rail to the airport! We stayed at the airport from 11 pm until our flight the next day at 8:15 am. It was less than ideal, but we made it through. Big props to qdoba for giving me a big bowl of meat, and mcdonalds for covering that with bacon and eggs. That was plane food. I dislike the in between that is flying. Tight, uncomfortably warm, full of crying children....but eventually we landed on Oahu. Checked into the hotel in the midst of a wind warnin
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