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  1. The ThenMorbidly obese, full-time nerd, soft creative artist type with a penchant for food and videogames. Little to no relationship with exercise until I had a health scare senior year of college, weighed in at 333 pounds and told me to consider surgery. Joined a gym, but didn't get around learning to eat properly until maybe two years later, when I started keto. Keto taught me to log and track, lost much weight, began some barbell 5x5 work and fuckarounditis at a local gym.The NowFormerly obese, part-time (ok still more or less full time) nerd, slightly hardened creative artist type with a penchant for food and not enough time for videogames. As I lost the weight, I became enthralled by what my body could do, learned to love exercise in various forms. Did some starting strength, did a bulk on ice cream fitness, did some calisthenics. Currently at a happy medium with calisthenics twice a week and barbell training twice a week with at least one active rest day in between somewhere.GoalsStay lean, see if I can reach a normal BMI without crash dieting and still kicking butt in the gym. Picking up the running I put down when winter started, by years end I want to run the 16.5 miles from my house down to Pike Place Market. Working on muscle ups and levers, maybe get a floor L sit this year? Basically stay active, enjoy life, don't settle, blah blah. Anyway, What follows next, will likely be a play by play of the last days training or nonsense, as often as I can provide it. Maybe the occasional food porn. Start!
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    The week continues! Tuesday started with a trail run at The Makiki Valley loop trail. It was mostly fast hiking, maybe 20% running, because iit was all uphill, and 70% TREE ROOTS AND ROCKS. Going back down was a slow process, 2 miles in an hour, got a great sweat on and ran back downhill into town. Spent the rest of the day at the beach, where I went out onto a standup paddle board with my glasses, and then immediately lost them to the waves. Things have been blurry since then... Sunset was beautiful, didn't need glasses to see that. This morning I ran over to a fitness park for a little workout, then did an impromptu hike up to manoa falls,! The scenery was INCREDIBLE. So green, much jungle. Meanwhile, I'm grateful for grocery store pork products, and food court steak. We've done everything we planned to do, and tomorrow we fly home to the seattle snow. Its been beautiful, and im burnt real good!