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  1. Update on the job front: Interviewed, got a job offer, went back Wednesday for paperwork, etc., then due to infuriating circumstances that aren't my fault and absolutely aren't their fault, had to go back Thursday. And then, finally, I got to come home. I start on Monday, for a six or seven week assignment (the first two of which won't be full time). There may or may not be an opportunity to extend that. Job Goals Work as many hours as I can, to maximize income. Do awesome at it. Get (current) job references. Extend assignment, if possible. Network for future employment opportunities. Concurrent Non-Job Goals See friends and family. Work out. Eat at least as well as I have been, but preferably better. Be welcome where I am staying (not a burden). Search for work back home. It's going to be a busy end to 2016!
  2. So, today, I have to rush around a bit, pack, go to the job interview, and ??? I have no idea, because it all depends on the interview. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that they will start me tomorrow... but it would be the best outcome for me. I'm excited, and anxious. Oh, and I don't have a smartphone, so I may be afk for a couple days, depending on computer access... or I might be home by tonight...
  3. Saturday & Sunday: visiting accomplished Today (Monday): did a load of laundry, dishes, tried to go to the dump, but Mr.Georges had already done that. Applied for a job, got a call, scheduled an interview. I'm almost done worrying about money for the winter - yay!
  4. And now it's Saturday. I haven't been my usual post-every-day self. Quick recap: Tuesday - another secret nap. And counseling, where we reviewed the necessity of getting out of the house daily, and the possibility of a seasonal component to my depression, and talked about employment options. Also, junk food and less getting stuff done than I would like. Wednesday - ??? Thursday - ??? Friday (yesterday) - laundry: yay clean bedding! and some dishes, interrupted by plumbing issues. Part of posting every day is so I don't have to try to remember stuff. Today: try to find a ride from Mr.Georges's family's house to my family's house so I can visit. I have a ride home on Sunday, but I need to get there... Visit Mr.Georges's family, and friends. Reconnect a bit.
  5. How is it Monday already? Today I had a hard time getting out of bed again... in fact, I took a secret nap after Mr.Georges left. But, I did dishes and some laundry, packed away summer clothes (and clothes that don't fit anymore) and unpacked winter layers, and started sorting through some stuff. My clutter shame is that I have stuff to sort through from over 10 years ago. Probably over 15 years ago. But every once in a while, I'm motivated enough to do a little. Today was one of those days. I'm feeling a bit sore from walking yesterday, but not as bad as two weeks ago. Oh, and I helped with dinner (made cornbread to go with the chili). Tomorrow: more stuff sorting, vacuum up some of the cat hair, apply to some jobs online. Maybe some bodyweight stuff? (Part of Mr.Georges's day today was clearing out space in the room we plan to use as an exercise room. Yay!)
  6. Saturday went well, until bedtime, at which point, things were dark. So, I didn't sleep well. Sunday started too early, and I'm tired now at 8:20 pm. But, I got some housework done and walked. One week to figure out if I'm up for an official challenge, or (more likely) going to hang out here in the battlelogs for a bit longer. This week's change: less time on computer. It means prioritizing, dropping some sites, and that I'll only be on NF once a day or so.
  7. Thursday: didn't want to get out of bed, but eventually I did. did some laundry... I think I did some dishes? I don't remember if I did anything else productive. I did not work out or walk. Friday (today): got up early because I said I would. made bread, did some laundry, cooked chicken, stacked some wood, made some more bread, called my folks. V. tired, because I haven't been sleeping well this week at all. But, stacked some wood, so at least I got some movement in. Tomorrow, I see some friends who I haven't seen in a long time. I'm glad, but anxious.
  8. Monday: Got the firewood inside, and stacked a fair amount. Tuesday: ... still felt down, didn't get much done, but did clean the floors on the 1st floor and tidied up a bit as I went, and did some laundry. Wednesday (today): helped with dinner prep (but not much), did dishes. That's about it. So, that's 2 days in a row without exercise... will have to work out or walk tomorrow. Food is still a problem. Less so, now that money is scarce. I'm hoping that I will feel a bit more motivated to make changes as I increase activity. Sort of in a "just keep swimming" state of mind, but that's an improvement, so I'll take it.
  9. Sunday: I don't have anything good to say about yesterday. Some days, being medicated and in therapy isn't enough. I'm going to just pretend yesterday didn't even happen, at least until my next counseling appointment. Monday: I'm feeling uncomfortably numb, but at least I'm getting through the motions. Finished up 3 job applications, dropped 2 off & mailed the 3rd. It took all day, and I haven't gotten anything else done yet, but whatever. Now to throw firewood down into the basement before it gets dark... (2 hours til sunset, if you don't count the bluff blocking out the sun).
  10. Application drop offs tomorrow, still need to finish filling them out. We sawed up the rest of the wood, then switched to some end-of-the-season garden work. Sore back.
  11. Friday: "Mandatory" - made it to the post office, check wasn't there, so bank trip was moot. Did not call HR, but did get COBRA info in the mail. "Almost Mandatory" - didn't. Mr.Georges came home early and we worked on firewood, instead. No sweets, no books (until bedtime), some kitty snuggles. Firewood was a lot less physical work than the other day. Today: made it to the post, check was there, but the bank branch that isn't 20 miles away isn't open on Saturdays. Still need to complete applications for Monday. Firewood - try to learn how to effectively split wood today? and a little throwing/stacking. Still want sweets and kitty snuggles and more sweets and maybe a movie... Also, finally faced the scale today, and the highest number I have ever weighed. 189.5 - which I almost didn't log here out of shame/embarrassment/sads.
  12. Thursday was a rest day. It looks like the next firewood day will be tomorrow. So, I need to be well rested, but I don't want 2 rest days in a row. Mandatory today: post office, bank, phone call to HR. Almost mandatory: 40 mile round trip to town to drop off job applications. What I really want to do instead: curl up with kitties and books and sweets. Wish me luck.
  13. Wednesday's firewood workout: Now that I'm fully aware of how much muscle loss there has been, it went about how I expected. Except that I was able to work for longer than I thought I would be able to. I definitely overdid it, but other than that, no real injuries. Today will either be a rest day or more firewood, but I don't know which yet because I don't know if they (Mr.Georges and a friend) will be sawing up the rest today or tomorrow. As discouraging as it is to face up to my current level of (non)fitness, it feels good to finally be doing something to change it for the better.
  14. Yesterday (Tuesday), I was still sore, so I took a rest day... 2 days after starting minimal activity again. Today, I expect to be throwing/stacking firewood as my workout.
  15. So, I'm a bit sore today, from doing less than 1/3 of a full workout yesterday. That didn't upset me, because it wasn't really a surprise. It did, however, mean that I wasn't going to do it again today, so instead, I walked about 1.5 miles. How difficult that was did surprise me. Apparently, I haven't been walking around enough to maintain any muscles at all. A year ago, I finished a marathon (eventually) even after skipping a huge amount of the end of the training. Today, I had a rough time walking 1.5 miles.
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