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  1. I started Nerd Fitness in June and was doing well up until the beginning of August, at which point I got derailed. I went to Minnesota for a week and got Lyme Disease from a tick bite I didn't even know I had. I grew up going to my family's cabin in north-central Minnesota and I've had plenty of mosquito and tick bites but never got sick. Lyme disease is A-W-F-U-L. To make a long story short, after I got diagnosed properly (that took 2 weeks) it then took me another six weeks to get through the antibiotics and get to a point that I feel like I have enough energy to do a strength training.
  2. Eight days since my last post and things were going well until a couple days ago. Good stuff I've continued the workouts and increased reps because they felt really, really easy. I'm still on level 3 body weight and am looking forward to confronting Berserxes the Squat King on Saturday. He will fall! Not-so Good Stuff The struggle has been the nutrition piece. For some reason this week I have just been...weak. My goal is to keep the carbohydrates down and that has not been going well. I've been told by my doctor to reduce the meat consumption due to a m
  3. July 4th Celebrations I survived July 4th! Not without getting a bit singed around the edges, though. However, I seem to be doing alright. I had to much bread. I had a July 4th picnic on Sunday with friends and had a hamburger but I got a bun with it. I had told myself that I was going to eat the patty only but it's so natural to pick up a bun with it I didn't resist and went for it. I know it's not my goal to eliminate bread yet, but I see it as an opportunity for me to recognize that I will have chances to eat bread and I need to go in with some options already in my head so that
  4. Hey howdy! OK, so yesterday was absolutely full of stuff I had to get done, and I basically didn't get it all done and still ended up going to bed the latest I have in a while. So, I am posting today what I had wanted to post yesterday. June 10 official BEFORE measurements: (Measurements were done at least three times from here on out) Height: 6'2" Weight: 248 lbs. Body Fat (with calipers): 28.4% Neck: 18" Chest: 48" Biceps: 14" Waist: 47" Hips: 46" Thighs: 21.5" Calf: 16.5" Since it is July, and I like to
  5. Hey howdy! Thanks, everyone, for the encouraging words! I am so happy to find a group of nerds who have similar goals and nerdiness as me! I will definitely be checking in more, and I've set up a "Battle Log", which I am going to post at now. Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know you guys!
  6. Hi Fellow Nerds, I'm a Level 6 Warrior, and I'm not like I used to be. But I'm also not like I want to be. I'm in the middle on this journey, and this is about my journey from Madness to Sanity. Looking back I see how crazy my views of myself and health really were, and I am slowly replacing that insane thinking with sane thinking. I'm going to be the kind of guy who logs what he eats and how he exercises for 90 days so that I have accountability and encouragement in what I am doing. The BROAD goals for me in these next 90 days (starting July 1st): Leve
  7. Hello Fellow Nerds, I'm Mawnstroe and I started with the NF Academy last month but didn't realize there were boards here as well! I've been posting on the Academy FB page (that got me to rejoin FB and start interacting with friends there, too) and started a blog of my journey but I want to be as much a part of this community as I can be so I will be on the board here to get plenty of motivation, inspiration, and accountability. I'm a single dad of four kids (one's in the Army so he's better at taking care of himself than I am!) and live in Chicago, USA. I'm overweight
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