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  1. Update: Yesterday i got all of my water in. I'm starting to feel the good effects of being properly hydrated, just hopefully the constant trips to the bathroom start to ease up a little. XD For Veggies today I've had a salad with black olives, green olives, a few slices of cucumber, and tomatoes, no cheese. Going without cheese is a hard one for me, but I definitely plan on slowly going paleo, so I figured now is a good time to start slowly weening my way off of cheese. I did my last round of Beginner Bodyweight Workout this morning and I even threw in a few sit ups to start it off. All because of a picture challenge on facebook. (Silly facebook.) Yesterday I mowed the lawn with my dad, with us taking turns due to the heat. Today I vacuumed the floors in the front room and my bedroom. So even through I fell of for a day or two, I'm right back on target. And hopefully this will be the start of daily updates. Here's to hoping.
  2. We all fall off the wagon at one point or the other, but the main thing is, that you got right back on and ran with it. I'm glad that you didn't let your little bit of failure put you off from getting right back on track. Congo Rats on running for 10 minutes straight. I know I can't do that, I ran for 3 or 4 minutes straight and I sounded like I was dying. I was wheezing so bad. But afterwards it felt good. Thanks to you, I've downloaded Zombies, RUN! That's the run that just about killed me...stupid zombies. But it's been a blast!
  3. Thanks for stopping by, Hun. I appreciate it a lot. Agreed. It makes the walking part much more enjoyable and gives you a designated path to go on to hit all of the pokestops. Anyhoo, it's time for the long overdue update. First off, I joined the ACADEMY! WOOT! I finally saved up enough to join and so far it looks amazing. I'm still going through all the material but it makes me even more excited to succeed. 1. I've been doing really well with my water intake, but I fell off the wagon with it for two days, unfortunately. Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th I missed my water intake due to my occupation. I work at Walmart and my specific job is Mod Team. Which means when a product moves from one place on a shelf to another shelf, I'm the one who does that. Well on those two days, I was doing the Air Care Mod which consists of air fresheners, Glade plug-ins, carpet powder, etc. Safe to say, I wasn't about to bring my bottle of water around such chemicals. So on those two days, it flopped, but Wednesday, I got right back on track. And I've been doing good ever since. 2. Veggies: On the 21st and 22nd I had stir fry veggies both days. Saturday I had Lettuce wraps and a veggie concoction that my sister had come up with. We put it in a tortilla for a wrap and it was delicious. Sunday I had steamed carrots. Unfortunately, Monday the 25th, I missed my veggie. Tuesday I had green beans, Wednesday was carrots ( the left overs from Sunday), Thursday was green beans, Friday was green beans, stir fry veggies, and broccoli. For Saturday, I had green beans, onions, and broccoli. For my lunch today I'm going to be having some steamed broccoli and then whatever I find to go with it. 3. So on to exercise: On Saturday I went to see my sister who had just gotten back from her honeymoon. (In the process of the visit I introduced her to Nerd Fitness so I hope to see her on here soon. ) I went over there early so we could have the whole day together. We went for a walk and then when we got back we changed into swimming suits and went for a swim in the pool for about a half hour. Well, due to the sun and the water I ended up becoming half lobster. DX On Sunday, which was going to be my next workout day, I hurt so bad that I skipped it. There was no way I was moving my arms and shoulders that much with the burn that I had gotten. So my first week of exercise fizzled out, unfortunately. However this week, I did the Beginner Bodyweight Workout on Monday and Wednesday, I even upped how much I did. I went from only doing 1 circuit, to doing 2. Tomorrow, I'll be doing the last needed workout for the week. I would have done it today, but my shoulders, back, and leg muscles are a little tight from moving a friend to her new apartment yesterday. I'm determined to stay on track with the exercises for the rest of the challenge. 4. So dishes have become my chore of choice. I've also done laundry one day (I decided to wash up everyone's work clothes for the week), I've worked on cleaning up my bedroom (I only have one shelf left to organize), I moved my friend into her new apartment, cleaned my computer desk, and today I'm going to help my dad mow the lawn. Definitely progressing with this as well. I'm hoping that I'll get enough time in the upcoming days to update daily. Trying to keep track of things for so many days is tiring on the brain. XD Well, off I go to mow. See you all on the next update!
  4. Thanks, everyone for the votes of confidence. I really appreciate it. Now it's time for an update: 1. I've been using an 18 oz bottle to measure my intake, and since Monday I've been on point with getting the aforementioned oz of water. Which both feels good and also sends me to the bathroom a lot more frequently. But I suppose it comes with the territory. I'm on my third bottle today, so I have 36 oz so far. 2. For the Vegetable: On Monday I had green beans with my supper before I headed off for work. Tuesday, I had baby carrots for a snack. Wednesday, I had green beans for my lunch and I also had a salad for supper. Today, Thursday, I've had a salad. So I've been making progress along those lines. I'm planning on bringing some baby carrots for my lunch for work tonight. (I work overnights at Walmart. So my new day actually does start at Midnight.) 3. So far for exercise: I have continued to walk for at least 10 minutes everyday (it typically is much more than that, especially since the release of Pokemon Go). Tuesday I did some Yoga, which was nice and I could feel my abs stretching out. Wednesday I used one of my X Factor DVD's and went for as long as I could before I burnt out. I probably got about 15 to 20 minutes into the workout. Which I think it goes on for 40 to 45 minutes or so. Today I'm taking a day of rest, other than my walking. And tomorrow I plan on doing the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. 4. For Chores: On Monday I washed, dried, and folded the laundry. Tuesday I did the dishes and cleaned out the microwave. (The Microwave had some pretty nasty stuff in it. Ick...) Wednesday, I also did the dishes. Today, my mom beat me to the dishes, so in thus I'm going to clean off my computer desk. Tomorrow my aim is to tackle the computer room itself. That will prove to be the real trial. So far I believe I'm doing really good. With this type of momentum and the sense of accomplishment that I get from completing everything, I'm sure that I'll definitely keep going. The challenges are a really nice and strong way to help focus on small things that are important. I'm really loving it right now. ^w^ Well I best be off. I have my desk to clean before I head to bed. G'night everyone and thanks again.
  5. You're very welcome. I also like that you gave credit where the credit is due. Congrats on getting out there even though you're not feeling 100%. And that's awesome for a running time. I don't think I could run straight for that long. Nice positive outlook and keep on being a badass it's good for you.
  6. I love everything about this thread! It's great that you started off with creative writing, it really pulled me in. And I like how you tied it into your goals. Simply wonderful! I also really love your point system and rewards. Such a great way to keep yourself going! Go get that Massage, I'm sure you need/ deserve it!
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    Awesome goals, Hun. I also like how you planned out your saving. That's wonderful that you're thinking that far ahead. I'm rooting for you, Hun. You can definitely achieve it all and possibly in less time that what you've estimated.
  8. So I have been a Rebel since June 25th, 2016 so this is going to be my first in a long line of Challenge Threads. Wish me luck! Diet Challenges 1) Drink 64 + Ounces of water a day. I currently drink only water, tea, coffee, and the occasional glass of almond milk, however, I don't drink enough of any one of those things to keep me from getting dehydrated. So my first goal of the challenge is to work on getting my body properly hydrated so it does better after work outs and just as a whole. 2) Eat a vegetable with one meal everyday. I know this is a simple thing that I can add to my diet. I'm hoping that as I progress through the challenge that increases to one veggie with every meal, but for the goal itself, I'm just going to say one so I don't get too overwhelmed. Fitness Challenge 1) Do the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3X per week or Do a X Factor Workout 3X per week. I want to have the two different options so I don't get bored doing the same workout over and over again. Such things have happened to me in the past with my walking exercise videos. So I definitely don't want a repeat of that for this challenge. No one likes to be bored. I'm doing this on top of walking for at least 10 min a day. Life Challenge 1) Clean for 5 minutes every day. I have my parents living with me, so I've gotten slack on doing my end of the chores. It's definitely time for that to change. I'm hoping that this challenge will make this a good/ lasting habit. I'm hoping to be able to update on this thread everyday, however, life and work can get in the way. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads and/or responds to this. May your days be long, and your hardships few. Happy questing!
  9. No need to be sorry, Hun. BJD stands for Ball Jointed Dolls. They originated in Japan. They are loved for how customizable they are as well as how photogenic they are. I have two at the moment, a 5 Star Dark doll and a Dollzone Chen. Thanks. I know I'm quite a ways away from doing parkour myself, but it's something I definitely want to train for. One of my DnD characters is excellent at parkour so it's something that I want to achieve for myself. Good to hear, and thanks. I was hoping that I'd be able to connect with some local people to make a training/accountability group. Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to anything in life. So keep going with it, I know with time you'll figure it out and not suck at it. Just watch where the needle is as compared to your fingers. (I've been poked lots of times.) And thanks for the great example, Hun, but I've already cut soda completely out of my diet. I accomplished that last year. The bane of my existence is baked goods. I love sweets of all kinds but particularly muffins, donuts, pastries, and the like. I can rationalize them as breakfast food which makes them okay. So I think I'll take the approach that you outlined for me and apply it to that. So thanks again.
  10. Hello everyone, my username is Prozehn but my real name is Kirsten. Don't be fooled by the picture, I'm actually a woman. XD Over the years I've taken up a male persona online as a sort of hindrance for predictors and what not, but I'm planning on being quite open and honest with this community. However my online name shall always be Prozehn (pronounced PROH-zen). I happened across Nerd Fitness by happenstance. One day I was looking up 'fun activities to do for exercise' and one of the first links was Nerd Fitness. The list had 25 different things on it that could be used as exercise but that could also be fun. I was quite surprised and ecstatic to see that Steve had included LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) on the list. After that, I began to play the game of follow the links and ended up finding out much more about this wonderful site and what it has to offer. Shortly after I signed up and made my own character profile and got the first starting emails. Ever since then I've been hooked, so looks like I'm a part of the Rebellion now. I suppose I'll talk a little bit more about me before I go into a few of my goals. I graduated from Greenville College (Located in Greenville, IL) in 2012. I graduated with a Major in Art and a Minor in English. Art has always been a passion of mine and I'm pretty good at a lot of different types of art. But during college I found that Textile and Sculptural art are the ones that call to me the most. So this discovery lead me into the wonderful world of Cosplay. I've always enjoyed dressing up on Halloween in different costumes. So Cosplay was a natural sort of niche for me. Along with Cosplay, I enjoy Anime, Manga, Reading Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels, Drawing, Sewing, BJD's, Going to Conventions, Going to Renaissance Fairs, and LARPing. Cosplay is one of the things that is inspiring me to take hold of my health and become a better, stronger, healthier me. This year at Anime St. Louis I went to a panel about fitness for Cosplay. I was thoroughly impressed with their presentation, and it started to get the ball rolling in my mind. A lot of poses in Cosplay photography take a lot of strength and endurance to pull off. This was the first stepping stone to kick my butt into gear. The second was finding Nerd Fitness. Now onward with the Rebellion! Goal wise I know I want to lose weight. I believe for my height and build I should weigh about 160-ish. So I want to lose 50 lbs. Along with that, I want to train my body to do Parkour. I have many goals in mind that I'm still working through to put on my Quest of Awesomeness. Hopefully I'll be able to flesh out my goals better after I get the book I just ordered "Level Up Your Life." Anyway, I'm done talking about myself, I hope I didn't bore anyone. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know people who are a part of the Rebellion. Until later, Cheers!
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