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  1. Hey there. Starting this out as my first 4-week challenge! (Just noticed that today was the first day, so I figured I'd get started quickly!) So a bit of background. I joined the program back at the beginning of July, and I've had amazing success with it. I've gone from 209 pounds to 185, and my self-esteem has gone up immeasurably. I've made a lot of ground with my nutrition, I've already been an avid Crossfitter for a while but have stepped it up a notch (went to my first competition this summer and didn't come last!). Mindset has been pretty good, though like many, there are dep
  2. So far so good with the academy. I'm fairly into Crossfit classes so the workout segments are more review than anything, but the diet and the mindset segments have definitely been worth it so far! I'm a little stoked cause I kind of inadvertently started some 4-week challenges when I was starting this yesterday! So we'll see how it goes; maybe an unofficial "five week challenge" to start off with. Thanks for the guidance and the warm welcome! I'm really looking forward to it!
  3. I've been navigating, mostly on the Academy site, but I'm still explorinbg thr forums, too. Definitely looking to the 4 week challenge next!
  4. I'd like knowing about this too. I signed up for the Academy for the diet advice (I'm nowhere near that with Paleo!) but I go to Crossfit 2-4 times per week. I'm assuming it's okay to continue doing that and not worry so much about the routines in the course; am I correct on that?
  5. Hi, Tanktimus! Thanks! I've been working through the modules so far and have come up with a couple for now; mostly nutrition and diet based. So far I've gotten to keeping an accurate food diary every day for a month, avoiding food binges for a month (that can be a real problem for me), getting at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day (I don't have a problem with this on days I go to Crossfit, but my rest days usually involve sitting on my butt), limiting myself to two alcoholic beverages a week (I love craft beer so this will be hard) and going to bed every night
  6. Hi there! My name is Dylan, I'm a lifelong nerd, and I'm interested in health and nutrition, so I'm hoping this site and this program help combine all of these things in one awesome mix! I'm a 35 year old guy who was not very active in my younger years (though I'd do running and biking at varying levels), and have always struggled a bit with eating, to the point that weight and body composition have been struggles for a while. In university I started going to the gym regularly, and in medical school and residency it started becoming more serious; since I started my own practice as
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