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  1. Thanks! I'm going to stay a rebel for now, though I'm kind of moving toward Druid.
  2. So, here we are at the end of week four. I wish that I had done a better job of checking in, because I know it would have been nice to get some kind words from afar. As to my challenge: Challenge 1. Continue the bodyweight workouts 3 times a week and do the first Boss Battle I totally did this, and won the first Boss Battle Woot! Challenge 2. Plan healthy dinners for the week ahead, and have ingredients on hand. I had a week of dinners planned for three weeks, which was great, but could have been better 75% Challenge 3. Phone off or in another room when I should be sleeping! Nope, uh unh, sorry yeah no. Looks like 50%. I deleted some apps from the phone and focussed on meditating, but seriously I need to work on this. Challenge 4: Complete 2 paintings by August 13 Well, I figured that if I painted 3 days a week I could probably get two done. And I did paint three days a week, but my second painting is a lot more complicated. so, it's not done. I did a sketch, transferred it to the canvass and did the underpainting. so I got a good start. And I definitely made painting a priority. So ??? I'm very pleased with the changes I have made. I'm gonna take a few days to think about the next challenge. And thank you all for your kind words, great stories, and inspiration.
  3. I also think you did a really nice job of assessing what happened! Instead of burying yourself in junk wrappers, you found the good and adapted your plans for the future. I hope I can do as well. Thanks for the great example.
  4. Congrats on doing the food part! Great that you can recharge and have a better outlook. Being kind to yourself is one of the best habits of all. And glad to hear about your dad.
  5. Yay for you! Those are great habits to have to make a lasting difference. Congrats!
  6. Same for me, Amaya. I got sucked into a family quarrel and lost my wanting to check in. Ironic because checking in probably would have improved my mood. However, I did ALL my workouts, which was kind of the biggest thing. Did you have some things that went well? Some things you learned for next time? The world needs excellent dancers like YOU!
  7. Yikes, I haven't checked in for a week! I had a very stressful week when my son came for a visit and was highly critical of just about everything. HOWEVER... I kept up with the challenge pretty much. I have kept up with weekly menu planning/shopping and have not had to worry about dinner at all. Check I have kept up with my thrice weekly workouts. I even tried the boss battle, but my plank needs work. Check I'm working on my next painting. I'm starting with a charcoal sketch and transferring it to the canvass to paint. Sort of complex, but useful. So, Check My downfall is the phone checking at night. My mom wakes me up several times a night and it can be tricky to get back to sleep. So I am doing some meditation in bed to stop my chattering mind and it has cut down on the phone checking some but not all. Improvement, but not checked. Today is a new day, and tomorrow is a new week. I'm gonna build on my successes! Thanks for all your encouragement.
  8. Thanks, I'm glad I posted it.
  9. Seriously. It's like you do this for a living!
  10. A skirmish in the battle of the war. Each day you get to start anew. You can make a plan for what you CAN do at the conference.
  11. Scary. Be kind to yourself
  12. This is terrific Timelord! It is amazing t see such a difference!
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