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  1. W1D1 movement 20 minute walk today+40 squats throughout the day water I should be at 100oz by the time I go to bed, I’m at about 85 right now. Bedtime: exempt on weekends (still in bed by 10 though!) Finished this beautiful baby today! I’m so pleased with myself The mirror glaze is a little tricky, but overall, the project was way easier than I was expecting. Sometimes you just gotta do the thing!
  2. W0D7 I should call this “The Great Utah Baking Challenge”, because that’s mostly what I’ve been doing! Can I call baking for 3 hours “20 minutes of activity”? I’ve made Stromboli with my mom, cinnamon rolls with toasted pecans and a lovely cream cheese frosting(not pictured), and made further progress on my Ispahan mousse cake (ispahan= rose+raspberry+lychee). I’ve just about hit my water goal. I was in bed by 9:30 last night, but my cat woke me up at 2:30 and I didn’t get back to sleep till 6. It’s been a long day, but productive and relaxing.
  3. Thanks! I feel like it’s teaching me something; I’m working on generalizing the lesson so I can apply it to tackle other seemingly scary or hard things in life. One step at a time!
  4. W0D6 100 Oz H2O 20 minutes movement squats, push ups and 2 hours of standing and baking Sleep last night 36 hours worked I also finally started my baking project! I realized I was intimidated by the number of steps, the number of techniques and flavors I’ve not done before, and it was stopping me from going for it. I’ve talked about this project for literally months. I finally realized I just have to start and follow each step as I get to them. The fact that it’s Friday and I don’t have to contemplate work for 48 hours probably contributed to finding the energy to get started! So, I’ve got the shortbread crust and the first layer of mousse in the freezer! I swear to God, it tastes like the most luscious rose you ever smelled. I can’t wait...I really hope it sets up right! I’m also going to make English muffins tomorrow morning for eggs Benedict and to have for the week. I make all the bread products for my family. When I realized we were spending $15 a week on sourdough bread rounds from Winco, I started making simple no-knead bread every week. I’ve moved on to things like breadsticks, pretzels and English muffins, and I’m going to try my hand at sourdough soon. Baking makes me really happy. I’ve surprisingly maintained my weight since I started baking 6 months ago, probably because I take it work rather than keep it in the house.
  5. Clean dishes+clean clothes= civilized life can continue tomorrow!
  6. I had a feeling that no one would be grocery shopping for a long time after they panic-bought enough shelf-stable food for 6 months. People are often pretty silly. I’ve done something similar, but with skill points based off of Horizon Zero Dawn. If I get enough skill points, I unlock the Quest Loot. I’m good, actually, though it’s been a long time getting there. Thanks for asking I’m finally in a place to keep up with an NF challenge, so here I am, back again! I see your wolf pack has grown again I bet they love having you home for a while!
  7. Loving the stats for each quest, super cool! I can only imagine how crazy Costco must have been in the past few weeks- I have avoided Sam’s Club for about 3 weeks to stay away from the crazies!
  8. W0D5 Sooo....it’s my challenge and I can change the rules as I see fit, so I’ve decided the rest of this week is a free pass for math and activity. sleep and water are truly the lowest hanging fruit and I shall get those, and work is busy so I’m still on track to achieve grown up hours this week. I would like to pretend this Pandemic thing isn’t effecting me, because my life hasn’t changed much day to day, but I am feeling the stress. I’m exhausted. I have low mood. And the more I’m pushing myself to do more math and more physical activity, the more I sink into the couch and want to cry. I had to cancel my time off to visit my brother and nephew in Minnesota in 2 weeks for obvious reasons and my husband is far away in Ireland for the next 10 months or so...I am sad, and that’s making me tired on top of everything else. So, taking the rest of the week off from those slightly harder things, with my own permission, in order to recharge over the weekend. Im on track today for my water goal and I parked extra far away from the grocery store to get some extra steps.
  9. I feel this so hard! “Should” is a momentum-killer for me. “Don’t tell me!” is my knee jerk reaction. The staff stuff sounds really fun, and movement for the joy of it is just the best.
  10. W0D4 It’s been a good day. I’m not used to working full time hours, if I’m honest, and I’ve done it every day this week so far- I’m grateful for the work, but I’m tired. I have a baking project I’d really like to start, I may get up and do that before I go do math homework. This is the project I want to make(not my photo, it’s from the recipe I’m following), it’s a rose, raspberry and lychee mousse cake with a mirror glaze. It’s a 3 day project, and a first for a lot of techniques- it’s just getting the oomph to get started! Brave: Today’s movement was split up over the day, but I did heel raises, squats, push ups throughout the day. It’s rainy and cold and I just can’t want to go outside at all! Forager: While people are losing their jobs or working from home, my work has ramped up. The nursing home I’m at is geared up to take overflow from the hospital, but it hasn’t happened yet. We have no covid-19 cases, just lonely people in quarantine. I’m spending most of my time using physical therapy as a vehicle for socializing- my patients are lonely since they can’t have visitors, and I know I’m making a difference by spending time with them. Prowler: Math is so hard- even easy math. I’m doing basic geometry, but it’s been 10 years and my brain just struggles. I will be doing another hour of work this evening, cause it ain’t going to learn itself.
  11. I’m collecting fruit, of the low-hanging variety- getting enough sleep and water, and limiting my exposure to the news and social media because “social distancing” definitely needs to include distancing from the media for my sanity.
  12. It’s been so long since I’ve been around, I didn’t know you and your wife had had a baby- congratulations! I also work in healthcare (nursing home rehab), and we have a hallway cleared out for hospital overflow but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m glad things are still quiet for you, too.
  13. Simple is usually best, especially when the rest of life can feel so complicated! I like your morning walk goal, get it done before your brain knows what your body is doing...
  14. I'm good, thank you Much better than I have been in a year or so, and ready to reclaim my badassery! Glad to see you are still trucking along The staff stuff sounds quite intriguing!
  15. I also like capes *shh* An unchallenge is a great idea, sounds very relaxing
  16. *waves* Hello! Your cat is adorable! Your plan looks great. Depression is so sneaky, and with no one around it's very easy to spend half the day in bed, the best defense is a good offense, for sure! (I also struggle with depression, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm around!) What do you like to read?
  17. Skill Point Scoring Guide: Weeks: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Points: 1 2 4 6 9 13 Brave: x/39 Skill Points 1. Move: 20 minutes 5x/week 2/13 2. Drink: 100 Oz H2O 7x/week 2/13 3. Sleep: be in bed by 9:30 pm 5x/week 2/13 Forager: 3/16 Skill Points 1. Complete Taxes 2/2 2. Review Budget 1/1 3. Work >36 hours a week 2/13 Prowler: x/19 Skill Points 1. Study >12 hours a week 1/13 2. Complete math course by April 1st x/6 Total Skill Points Earned: 10/74 Total Available Skill Points: 74 80% Quest Completion: 59 Skill Points Unlock at 80% (2) 2 Hour Bouldering Classes when quarantine ends [LOCKED]
  18. My mojo was gone long before the world went crazy this latest time. I’ve been mojo-less for about 2 years, which is probably the last time I actively participated in a NF challenge! I moved to Ireland, and then a year later I moved back to the States. I found 30 lbs while I lost my workout habit. No amount of wanting to be different, of wanting to get back in the groove, could get me going again. I’ve been so stuck. I’ve also been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy is a Seeker for her people, a climber, a hunter, a fighter and an all-around badass. While playing this game, it finally struck me! Badass. That’s what I want to feel like again! But Aloy didn’t start out slaying Thunderjaws, and neither will I. So, enter this month’s challenge: to seek and obtain the lowest hanging fruit from the Tree of Badassery, in 3 areas of my life including health, financial well being, and my college education. The Quests I didn’t make a goal to work out 3x a week because I knew I wouldn’t do it. Instead, I picked moving 20 minutes a day, and only 5 days a week, to build success for myself. I’m not counting calories or macros, I’m drinking 100oz of water. I’m not aiming for a calorie deficit, I’m aiming for 8 hours of sleep a night. Financially, I am doing my taxes and reviewing my budget to be sure I’m aligning my spending habits with my goals. I’m also committing to work my full hours at work whenever I can (often, my job is between 30-32 hrs a week, but I can usually choose to increase to proper full time and I haven’t been doing that), to help me achieve the income I need to make a dent on my credit card debt. I started a self-paced college course last month to become a teacher. School is easy for me and I passed my first class in 3 days. But I’m lazy, and this math class is going slower for me because I’m avoiding it (math is hard). If I spent the 12-20 hours a week on it I’m supposed to, I’d fly through it, despite the difficulty. So I’m committing to a minimum of 12 hours a week of study time, with the main goal to finish the math comprehensive exam by April 1st. The lowest hanging fruit gets me into the branches of the tree again, and from there I will climb to the canopies of Badassery, one hand hold at a time. Quest Loot Again, I am trying to breed success through success, so if I achieve just 80% of my quests, I will receive the Quest Loot, which is a 2 day bouldering course. Aloy is a rock climber extraordinaire and Badasses learn new things, so it seemed a really fitting quest reward.
  19. I am here, I am here!! We adopted Milo, a 4 month old border collie/Springer spaniel last Friday, and whoa boy, our lives have changed just about 100%. This first week has been intense and insane!! He’s so good, but such a puppy, he requires constant monitoring to be sure he isn’t eating wires, peeing in the kitchen, or otherwise wrecking himself or the house. We’ve utilized crate training which has been a LIFESAVER! And today, he finally chilled out a bit and slept in the middle of the day on his doggie bed instead of having to be put in his crate for a nap. Workouts have fallen by the wayside, as my MIL has been minding him while we’re working and I feel bad spending extra time away...but as we all settle in together I’ll get back to actually having a life outside of the house again and it’ll be grand. i can’t believe how much I love him already! And he’s so wicked smart. He knows “sit”, “down”, “roll over” and “go to bed” (which means his crate), and we’re working on self control games and lots of mental exercise to help keep him from spontaneously combusting with all of his energy. He is just the best!!
  20. Week 1, Saturday Seeker: 8.5 hour sleep window Warrior: BJJ instead...tomorrow is W2D5 of EH...I might take longer to finish this 8 week program than I thought...sure, I’ll just keep trucking. Scavenger: recorded all the things
  21. Week 1, Thursday/Friday Seeker: Thursday, no, Friday, yes. (I need to re-evaluate how I’m keeping track of this, I’m a wee bit confused) Warrior: Thursday i was too tired after work, more mental exhaustion than anything. Friday I worked 8-8, no gym time. Scavenger: on track
  22. Oh man, you’re telling me- I said something to my mom the other day and she was dead quiet for a second then said, “that is the most Irish thing you’ve ever said.” I can’t remember what I said, but I guess my inflection and phrasing was spot on. :p Good thinking. My last fat loss phase I got down to 99 g carbs and that was hard enough. I just feel like it’s worth the water weight to have copious amounts of carbs in my diet most of the time. I won’t do another cut until...I don’t even know...I have a lot of training goals, and this is when I like to train hard, in preparation for loads of hiking and outdoor adventures in the summer. I’m glad you are so in touch with what’s an appropriate deficit for you. You’ve always approached it really intelligently, something I definitely haven’t always done! I remember trying to lift 6 days a week on 1400 calories a day...never again!
  23. Week 1, Wednesday Seeker: 8 hour sleep window. 2/7 Warrior: BJJ instead Scavenger: Yep I was too bolloxed after BJJ this morning to go to the gym before work, and we’re going to the movies tonight, so I just left EH D5 for tomorrow after work. I got a bump in my macros, which is fantastic because I’ve been getting pretty hungry! Up to 299 g of carbs on my high carb days, and 199 g on my low days, so I’m starting to get back to a more normal level of eating. I’m excited to see how more food fuels better training sessions! We are off to see Bumblebee with our Unlimited movie tickets I got us for our first anniversary last week- best investment ever, I think! I’m proud of myself for leaving the house after dark. Winter really brings out the hermit in me, so this is big steps :p
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