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  1. Thanks Tank. I just want to feel better and stop making him feel worse.
  2. Rawr that's aggravating! Thanks for the tips !
  3. So far so good, today! I'm waiting for evening to do my first sand bag Spartan workout because it's 98 degrees out there in the wild at the moment. I've added a Personal Quest to my challenge, though this isn't for XP, merely for peace in my heart and my mind. My dad is a US Vet who was injured when i was a little kid, and he's been on a lot of medications which have effected his behavior and thinking processes a lot. I don't get along with him very well; I speak to him like I would never speak to any other person, and I do whatever I can to avoid spending time with him. This makes me feel like a huge jerk, and I'm pretty sure it makes him feel pretty bad too. So my quest is to change my tone when I talk to him, even (or especially) when he's bugging me, to be more patient with him and give him time to answer instead of just snapping at him, and to invite him to do things with me at least twice a week. So as part of that, I invited him to come run errands with me this morning, and he helped me put together my sandbag. It was actually pleasant, and maybe I wasnt chatty, but I wasn't snotty either, so that's progress.
  4. How do people attach images and stuff? The few times I have, I've really fought with the size restriction...is there a trick?
  5. I turn my back for 5 minutes and there's a thousand posts to catch up on! Who lives in Seattle? I lived there for a year until just this past December! *shakes fist at sky for missing out on Nerd meet ups*
  6. Thank you! I think of Enthusiasm as my super power- I'm not really good at much, but I sure get excited about it! Nice to meet you too, glad we found each other! I will figure out how to attach the Spartan thing, pronto!
  7. Arriving late to your awesome thread! You're BuJo is so cute!! I'm working on my handwriting in mine, I would like to have your neat writing skills when I grow up, thank you! Sorry to hear about that awkward conversation with your dad...I think the suggestion that you let him think about the mechanics of how he'd get what he wants will shut down any further inquiry!!
  8. Ahhhh all this bullet journal love makes me so excited! *runs to document excitement in bullet joural* Hey Miaulin, the way you keep going when the Bad Feels hit is inspiring. I think the realization that it's just a physiological response and not reflective of real danger is such an empowering thing, though it doesn't make it any more pleasant to put up with. Keep up the good work babe!
  9. Thanks! I'm really excited to get a ball and start practicing! Must...lunge...more... I've fallen quite behind! Thank you, that means a lot! <3
  10. Ive been visiting the Warriors challenge board...those people are crazy and also impressive...i want to lift heavy things, and run, and cycle and play soccer and ride horses...I want to do all the things! I love this place so much for being so full of amazing, inspiring nerds on every front.
  11. Visiting from the Rangers - y'all warriors are crazy, but I like it! I hope you dodge the plague.
  12. I found your challenge thread! Yay! (I'm not stalking you, I swear...maybe a little...)
  13. Holy cow...did you have someone calling this list out to you or did you have to run back and forth from list to exercise?? I'm impressed!!
  14. As I was looking on Pinterest for ideas about how to layout a Feels page on my bullet journal (where I'll do a "Before Exercise Feels and Post Exercise Feels" so that when I get lazy, I can look at it and say, "hey, look, there's proof that you feel less like a nutcase when you exercise!"), I found this link, which I think says it all in a nice nutshell, and I thought of you! http://mostofthemist.com/2016/03/10/5-things-wish-knew-starting-bullet-journal/
  15. Aw shnap it's official now! I better get my first 22 in before I go to bed... Later that same day: Day 1 of 22 complete. I'm pushing for my dad, who sacrificed his health for his country, and my family, who held the fort.
  16. ohh drooling. I love all the things listed in that recipe...
  17. Can I have the recipe for the watermelon margarita?? I have watermelon in my fridge that would like to become an alcoholic beverage... Damn girl, look at you lift! Someday I may try that...but for now I will just observe in awe and wonder at your skills.
  18. Aw thank you!! I'm glad you're here, the more the merrier! =D
  19. I had so much fun playing soccer! I feel like a champ, even though we lost! I faced my fear, had an amazing time, and there were zero knee injuries! =p It definitely counted as my run day; holy cow, I was sweating buckets and huffing and puffing. Thank God there were plenty of subs, I played probably about half the game and spent the other half gasping on the bench. I will definitely be playing Wednesday nights now for the rest of the summer, this was too much fun! I'm gonna see if I can do some lunges now for the Alliance, I feel pretty loose and not very sore after all that running!
  20. I just got home!!! I had SO MUCH FUN!!!! And the people were SO NICE TO ME! I hit the ball with my head! I kicked it numerous times and I even snagged it from enemy players a couple of times! My teammates told me I did a good job, and they made me feel so welcome, I'm definitely going back next Wednesday. I also worked up a huge sweat and ran a ton - what a great workout. I'm going to buy a soccer ball and start practicing in my backyard! We lost, but I don't even care, I feel like a winner! I also got 50 XP, because playing soccer was one of my "Courage Quests," so I'm almost a level 2!
  21. Oh dear, hard to disentangle that partnership when she's the GF's mother... Glad you're better today! What is this 22 for 22 you're doing?
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