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  1. As someone who is also visited by Bad Feelings, I'm sorry you're going through this! I would only suggest to try to think about if it was your mom having these symptoms - I reckon you would probably tell her to see the doctor, even if it turned out to be nothing. If it is nothing, that's great and peace of mind is restored, but if it's something then you can get it fixed, and peace of mind is restored. Either way, it's good to get it checked out.
  2. That's ok, the day is young (depending on where you live haha), and tomorrow is a fresh cycling start!
  3. That's ok, I think that's why they call it a practice. also, ditto on the shapeshifting...
  4. Thanks Wolf! I walked for 30 minutes, and listened to Tunnel in the Sky by Heinlein, thus combining exercising and reading, resulting in a win-win!
  5. Off topic book chatter: I love reading so much! I've just started the Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind. I know, from hearing parts of the audiobook while being driven around by my brother several years ago, that it's gonna depress me and make me mad, but that it's also a great story. I think the last fantasy series I was reading was the Way of Shadows by....I forgot who, Brent Weeks? and I think I'm on the last one, but now it's been so long, I'd have to reread them to know what was going on. That's the only downside with series books, especially fantasy beause it seems fantasy authors are way meaner to their characters; if you read them all in a row, burnout may occur, but if you take a break, you have to reread to know what the heck is going on! I'm also deciding if I'm gonna go for a walk this morning, or just read or play skyrim...I feel like Sloth (and Obsession, a creature that is capricious to say the least...) are tempting me...guess I better put my shoes on and go for that walk.
  6. Emergency Roster?? That sounds like a really long/short night, I hope you made it through your day okay! Every little bit you throw in counts, way to stay in the fight!
  7. I am terribly sad. My brother and his wonderful wife had dinner with me and my parents for the last time for a while, as they move to the Midwest tomorrow morning. So, I'm here crying, because everything is changing. It's not bad change, it's just...nothing will ever be like it used to be, and I think I'm grieving for that a little bit. It's a lot easier when I'm the one doing the leaving. I left for a year and a half for school, and I left for 3 months to be with my boyfriend, and I'm probably gonna leave again, so it's not fair of me to want him to stay. I guess I just kind of assumed they would always be here when I came home. I didn't realize it would hurt so much to know they weren't 45 minutes away anymore. I used to like change, but I'm liking it less and less.
  8. Hehe I suspected as much!! The book is honestly so much better than the film. They just made stuff up in the movie, and left out a lot of great parts. There is so much magic in reading that book, especially as a kid, I would urge you to read The Hobbit with your kiddos!
  9. I ran 2 miles today doing week 2 run 1 of the couch to 5k program! I decided to start on week 2 because I've been kinda sorta running for a couple months, and week 1 seemed too easy. The C25K program is great for me when I stick to it (and im going to stick to it this time!) because her cheerful voice lets me know when I can stop, and forces me to get going again when it's time. It's great for overcoming my total lack of mental discipline when it comes to exercise, and I like stuff I can track.
  10. I think I'm going to refer to that as "The Hobbit Hustle" from here on out.
  11. We're still on zero week awaiting our first instructions for next week! I'm no expert, but I reckon just a daily log is fine? As far as I can tell, it's just about helping keep each other accountable and encouraged to stay on track with the challenge. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  12. Elizev, what a fun idea! I was home schooled and I remember reading The Hobbit with my mom and brother and being absolutely fascinated, I would have loved to do that! (Note to self for future children) Bker....I never knew mordor was so far! If anything shouts "consistency" it's walking all the way to Mordor!
  13. That is brilliant Rurik!! There is a place in Valhalla for heroes such as you!
  14. Hey guys! I have a daily battle log, and now I also have a challenge log here in the Rangers...is that redundant? Or am I supposed to log different things in each? I'm just a bit confused as to the purpose of two logs...
  15. Oh that's good to know, I didn't realize that! No "2 birds with 1 stone" schemes, then!
  16. Followng, mini-mate!! And, uh, I wanna walk to Mordor toooo!!!
  17. Ditto! We will crush the Horde! Hehe thanks, my instant gratification monkey likes coloring in the chart every day! I like that too!
  18. I'm looking forward to following! I like the way you set up your challenges as boss battles, especially the draw vs win requirements. Also, I'm the Gnome on your mini-quest team, so hi teammate!
  19. I'm in love with your concept! How super fun!! Looking forward to following! Also, I'm the Gnome of your team for the mini-challenge, yay for teammates!!
  20. I haven't figured out my race in NF, so I can't match to a character that way...but I'm drawn to the gnome because she seems fiesty!
  21. Ahh I love skyrim so much...I may have to somehow incorporate the Thieves Guild into my next challenge! I love how you have three categories for your goals. I'll be following!
  22. This is my first official 4 week challenge! I started my goals back on the 3rd, when I first joined NF, so I've had a bit of a warm up for this challenge. Now I'm ready to embark on this path, and arrive someplace new! I've always been a pretty healthy weight, though I fluctuate between healthy and slightly overweight, and right now I'm on the slightly overweight spectrum. My goal isn't to be skinnier. Maybe it's kind of sad, but I don't think I could ever be "skinny" enough to feel skinny enough, if that makes sense. I have my Grandma's Italian figure; a flat stomach is probably not in the cards because that's just not my body shape. I'm trying to learn to be okay with that. So my goal is to feel STRONG, to be ABLE to do stuff, and to have lots of ENERGY! I figure if I clean up my diet and increase my exercise, I can't help but look and feel better. My Objectives: 1. Bike Tune- Up (Ok...this one is going to be done like the day the challenge starts, because I took my bike in today...but I'm counting it anyway!) 2. Drink 100 oz (5x20oz cup) H2O daily 3. Exercise 5x >20 mins weekly 4. Bullet Journal daily 5. Calorie intake: 1250-1450 daily (I count calories a bit loosely, the main thing is to track my food to make me aware of my choices, and to try to make smart choices to keep me within a reasonable caloric range) My Enemies: Sloth: Laziness is my #1 foe. I am a naturally lazy person, especially when it comes to tidiness and fitness. Complacency: I pride myself on being someone who decides they want something to change, and then does something about it - except when it comes to my fitness level. Somehow, it's always been ok to just stay the same. No more. Doubt: I give up when I could keep going because I give in to the voice in my head that says I can't do it. I don't try team sports or new activities in public because of social anxiety. Negative self talk and lack of mental toughness when it comes to exercise are challenges for me. My Weapons: Bullet Journal Quest Log: - Here I will track my exercise, water intake, and bullet journaling. When I made it, I hadn't added the calorie counting goal, so I think I will just add a symbol to put on top of one of the categories to symbolize if I met my goal or not each day. - I've incorporated a 3 Life system, so that if I mess up, if I slack off, if life happens, I'm not immediately out my XP. Cause it's all about that XP! Meal Planner: - First of all, my mom made this for me. Because she's a genius, and I have no patience for drawing lines with a ruler, but I wanted it to be cute. - This is a REUSABLE weekly planner (thank you, Pinterest!), you just throw in a sticky note and there you go! It gives me a place to know, at a glance, what I need to get out for dinner, what I should make ahead of time, and helps me remember what groceries/left overs I have in the fridge, so less food goes wasted and less take out pizza gets ordered. No excuses for take out when a meal has been shopped for and scheduled! Strava and Google Fitness: - I will track my calories with the Google fitness widget to help keep me honest about my caloric intake. - Strava is my favorite for tracking running and cycling, both of which are going to be incorporated into my fitness regimen. I'm ready for whatever this path throws at me!
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