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  1. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    Thanks EG. I've lost some of the progress I was so excited to have made before Christmas (gained weight back, lost strength and energy), and that's gotten me pretty down on myself, when I think about it. I do feel guilty that my friend has been out there working hard and losing weight and paying attention to her diet, while I've been skipping workouts and struggling unsuccessfully against my poor diet and sleep habits. BUT. The mindset foundation is there, and I know what I need to do and how to do it. It's just a matter of getting my schedule back under control so I make time for fitness and meal prep. I'll get back to where I want to be!
  2. Might as well try this

    It is okay to wait one more day if you're really not feeling up to it. Maybe a recovery yoga sequence would be appropriate for today? It will give you some bodyweight elements without the intensity of the BBW. I do videos on the Yoga with Adriene channel; I think there are other, more masculine options that I'm not entirely aware of.
  3. No Frills: The Tanktimus Spring Challenge

    TANKTIMUS INTENSIFIES Congratulations!! That's so exciting!
  4. Annyshay Rebuilds the Shire

    Oh my gosh, I forgot all about this website AND I NEED IT DESPERATELY ...
  5. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    Ooh, so much humble today ... one of my friends posted an awesome before-and-after picture on Facebook today (the woman has lost 9 inches in less than three months!!), and when I commented to tell her how amazing she looked, she replied that she has been so inspired by my fitness journey and my determination to "reach my full potential" that she started working out and eating right so she could be like me. Meanwhile, I sit here with a belly full of sesame sticks and having not given myself a truly good workout in more than a week, feeling like: I'd better get myself back in gear ... I always assumed my IRL friends didn't pay very close attention to my NF conversations or my health and fitness journey, but it seems I was wrong! -------- Today's Summary: < 2 servings dairy = +1 Neelix < 200 liquid calories = +1 Neelix Journaling session = +2 Chakotay All prayer dailies on Habitica = +1 Chakotay Half of next required set of NASA papers = +2.5 Janeway Totals: +2 Neelix, +3 Chakotay, +2.5 Janeway
  6. Just began NF

    Each month (well, technically 5 weeks; there's a "week zero" for recuperation in between), many NF members create challenges for themselves, where they set some short-term goals that will move them a little closer to their long-term goals over the course of four weeks. This month, I structured my challenge as if I were an ensign on Voyager. Here's some more information about the guilds and the challenges - can't believe I didn't send you this in the first place: And here's the link to my current challenge: We're still early enough in the challenge cycle that you could still create a thread if you wanted!
  7. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    I do too - that's one reason I think I'm going to be a good journalist, since they're always writing under pressure! So far I have a premise that is wowing even me with its beauty ... but it's going to be a challenge to write it up well in the allotted time. Just going to give it my best! Thank you Vonayen!! I'm super pumped too!
  8. Just began NF

    Well, my whole challenge this month is ST:VOY themed, so I was hoping you meant Star Trek! I'm working my way sequentially through Voyager and then will move on to DS9. I'd heard a lot of bad things about both VOY and DS9, but so far VOY is actually my favorite of all the series, so I have high hopes for DS9 too. Plus, Sisko rocks!
  9. Might as well try this

    Yep, that's exactly how the BBW works! However many sets you do, by the end of the last one you have definitely reached exhausted-wet-noodle status. Sounds like you did it just right!!
  10. The Sky Voyager: Away Mission

    Summary for today: All foods tracked = +1 Neelix < 200 liquid calories = +1 Neelix TOTAL: +2 Neelix Bedtimes wonky again ... lots of sugar ... accessed the official NASA student portal and found yet another set of paperwork awaiting me, so I'll be earning more points soon. Planning to get up early tomorrow and go get bagels and coffee for breakfast with my sister. And then write frantically the whole day.
  11. There you are!! I'm so excited you have a thread! You have a LOT of things you're working on this month, but it sounds like you have some good plans to tackle them all! Eagerly following along!
  12. A Fire Dragon steps out of the shadows

    I love your spirit!! You're well on your way already with a mindset like that! I see you have designated yourself a Ranger - I'm so glad you'll be training in my guild!
  13. Might as well try this

    Welcome to the Rebellion, Mike!! I'm so glad you found your way here - most of us have the same tendency to try to make huge changes in our lives overnight (I am so guilty of this!!), but just like you, most of us have found that the small changes are the ones that stick best. You're on your way to greatness!! One place that many of us start with is the Beginner Bodyweight Workout: It's a good overall workout that's manageable for when we're not in the shape we'd like to be in, and as you get stronger, you can add more repetitions of each exercise or set. I started with this and then branched out to trying things at the gym, once I felt stronger and more confident. Or, if you're already beyond this, you might be ready to check out some of the guilds and start hobnobbing with people who share your interests and goals! Here's a good thread to help you find your way around the guilds and the forums: I'm excited to see you begin your journey! You've landed among friends!!
  14. Hi Rebels! :)

    Hi Scarlet!! Welcome to the Rebellion!!
  15. Hi, I'm new member

    Welcome friend! I'm so glad you're here! Here's another good resource to get you started as you figure out what the Rebellion is all about: Depending on your fitness level, you could begin with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout - that's how I got started!: Do you currently work out much (including walking, dancing, hiking, etc.)? Are you looking to make any diet changes too, or just activity for now?