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  1. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    SUDDENLY THE PAIN IN MY KNEES IS SECONDARY TO THE PAIN IN MY PRIDE *hastily throws towel on the floor to resume frantic kicking into space*
  2. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    My floor is padded, but maybe I didn't use enough padding - I'll try some on my yoga mat or a towel later. I'm not giving up!! Way to go on getting so many in today, though! Sorry about your glutes!!
  3. Rangers Gonna Grind: The End-of-the-Year No-Hype Ranger Mini

    My knees are incredibly sore from doing so many donkey kicks yesterday - they feel almost bruised, like they are painful to the touch, and they hurt when I fold my legs and my jeans compress them. I got down on the floor to do more kicks tonight and couldn't make it past 45 because it was too painful. Am I doing something wrong? (Please tell me quickly so I can pass @Elastigirl again!! )
  4. Because Miau's a Lady, That's Why

    WHY IS THIS SO CUTE I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN Yay!!! I'm so glad!!! Yummy!! What kind of restaurant did you guys go to? Good for you!!
  5. No, actually, that's really interesting ... I feel like that could work for me. You really made my mouth water with your exemplar muffin, though. Had the same thing happen to me the other day! We've got this! We've done it before; we can do it again! We are Badass Healthy Rangers!!
  6. Jedi-Ranger Remembers her Training

    I like this. Food is just fueling your greatness and strength - which you already have; you're just adding even more.
  7. The Silver Archer: Banish the Shadow

    WEEK THREE watchword: iron My word for this week is "iron". I chose it for several reasons - firstly, because the groggy, sluggish winter malaise that seems to be infecting the corps has settled itself squarely in my chest like a bad cough, and I have lost all desire to do anything. School, exercise, self-improvement - anything. All I want to do is curl up in the warmth and hibernate. So it is the iron in my soul that is going to have to carry me - the will that says that focus, resilience, determination, accomplishment, and strength are more important than comfort, softness, and apathy. I also chose "iron" because, in this last month of 2017, I want to remember and refresh some of my fitness and weight goals. I got a shock the other day when I stepped on the scale and saw that I had suddenly gained three pounds ... I think some of it was shark weight, so I'm going to weigh again next week before I freak out, but either way, it was a wake-up call. I've been spending a lot of time sitting and brooding lately, and that's not what makes a strong Ranger. I'm going to sign up for the fitness class membership at my gym right after the first of the year; but while I wait, I want to keep doing strengthening yoga, bodyweight work, and dumbbells on the days that I don't feel like going to the gym because of the cold. On days I do venture out, I want to get back to the cable machines and stair climber machine. I rarely have the motivation to do cardio in the winter, but lifting weight - either my own weight or external weights - will keep me strong and warm. The last thing I want is to brood away my hard work. Iron will, iron body. Flesh fails. Faith and iron hold firm. ------------ So far the week has been a grind, but good. I did 30 minutes of yoga on Sunday, which was hard and good; and remembered to start doing donkey kick reps yesterday, which was also good. I was in second place at lunchtime, but I'm sure I've fallen in the standings since then, so I'll have to regain it this evening. My main grind is my last two papers ... I'm feeling just like this regarding both: Trying to keep pushing through, just a paragraph at a time - and not eat out of boredom. I basically have to write 20 pages in the next 31 hours, then 20 pages in the 48 hours after that. ("But Sky, why didn't you start sooner??" I DON'T KNOW IT'S A MYSTERY TO ME TOO) But then, it will be winter break! Ice skating! Sledding! Stomping around in slushy half-frozen yuck on my way to code 6 hours a day for my professor for three weeks! No, seriously, break will be awesome. IF I CAN GET THERE.
  8. Jedi-Ranger Remembers her Training

    You're not ranting. These are very important thoughts and questions. Suggestions may or may not be helpful, but does making your goals about the types of food you eat (i.e. more whole grains, more lean meat, less sugar, etc.) instead of about calories or weight help? Or not really? I don't have any expertise, just lots of support and remotely delivered hugs.
  9. Are there any Christian nerds in here.

    Dude, that is a huge amount of pressure - you are incredibly courageous!! I'm so glad your meditation and prayers are helping you master your symptoms and that your husband is helping you - I have to add the obligatory "please make sure you see a doctor if your symptoms worsen, because as you know far better than I do, schizophrenia is nothing to mess around with"; but I'm seriously glad that you are feeling better and that you're back in our ranks. The Rebellion needs your courage!!
  10. Rhovaniel gets going, with or without Motivation

    Let me at him. (Or her.)
  11. Because Miau's a Lady, That's Why

    Thank you - I thought so too!!
  12. Rhovaniel gets going, with or without Motivation

    I'm right there with you, Rho, and we're not the only ones ... there's something weird about this winter that's just really sucking a lot of us down. @Tanktimus the Encourager, I'm smelling a mini challenge ... evil cursed winter? Go on a Frozen challenge and bring back spring? But anyway ... I have had absolutely zero motivation for several weeks now, and that's motivation to do anything. I don't want to write my final papers even though I'm almost out of time to write them. I don't want to do yoga even though I know I love it and feel so good afterward. I definitely don't want to go to the gym, even though, again, I know I love it. My hype has been hijacked and replaced with blech. But I know the blech won't last forever, and if we can keep trying to hang onto our habits until it leaves, we'll be SO grateful to ourselves. You did great getting to the store to get your salad fixings, and way to go on your affirmations. This is the day that we made those resolutions and habits for. I'm rooting for you!!
  13. Kestrel Lights Up Winter

    That's just wrong ... Whoa, that's not the list of ingredients I expected!! What kind of yogurt do you usually use? I don't have any protein powder or carrot juice, but I'm intrigued! Seconded. I cast my vote for the latter, but I may not be the best one to ask ...