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  1. Love you always, Miau!! ❤️ It was so wonderful, EG, thank you! ❤️ Truly a much needed time of rest and fellowship! I've struggled to listen to the regular Bible while I work on things because I tend to not give full concentration to either one, but there's a dramatized KJV playlist on Spotify that I really like and is easier to listen to more like music (even though it's KJV!). There are some nice Psalms and Proverbs playlists set to music on YouTube too! It's been SO much fun and the products are seriously amazing!! This time I got a
  2. Guys!! Hello!! I did not mean to disappear for a week!! This week was insane, between catching up at work (including working late), getting lost in wedding planning (we actually are making progress!), not feeling well the first half of the week (travel is stressful!), and falling asleep on the couch or under my laptop at weird hours out of sheer exhaustion (Wednesday night I slept for 10 hours!). But I am not dead, and all is mostly well. Last weekend was an absolute treasure and I'm still a little amazed by how happy I was. ❤️ It is so, so rare and difficult for me to let go
  3. I am absolutely exhausted and suffering from more introverted overstimulation than I've felt in years, but I can't begin to describe or explain the deep peace I am filled and surrounded with right now. ❤️ Eamon and I are home with my family in the Midwest; and the last three days have filled me with a calm and quiet of spirit that I haven't felt since before the pandemic started. On Wednesday, Eamon came up to my place so I could be with him while we called a family member about a difficult interpersonal situation that will likely arise at our wedding. It was a hard conversation,
  4. Thank you, my friend! Thank you so much, Willes! I definitely feel a lot different than I did before engagement - the anxiety is still very much there, but it feels so different because I've answered some of the "what if's" and moved on to a different, much more concrete set of them. You're the best, Ghost! Haven't seen you around these parts for a while! So is The Knot better than Wedding Wire? We have an account there but I honestly picked it kind of randomly - they seem to have similar feature
  5. Hey guys!!! Guess what!!! Your girl has agreed to take up the mantle of one of the most exciting adventures in her life and become A WIFE!!! My boyfriend Eamon proposed to me two days ago, and I said yes; and here I sit, with a beautiful diamond ring on my finger, screaming YER A BRIDE, HARRY every time it catches the light. What makes my story slightly different than your standard "and he's going to sweep me off my feet and we'll live happily ever after" story, is that I have severe relationship anxiety, as a result of my crippling fear of
  6. I'm here to follow along, Miau!! ❤️ And so very proud of you, as always!!
  7. Made it on the first page! I love the "10% of something vs. 100% of nothing" guideline and love to see you following it. I may swipe that for my own challenge.
  8. (This song is, as they say, a bop; but I especially like Paramore's hair in this because it looks like mine when I cut it short, just thicker. ) Hi guys! Super quick update because I need to get to bed, but things are fine and I'm sorry I haven't posted this week. I had my first meeting with my new therapist this week, and she is an older lady, about my parents' age, and I felt a strong connection with her right away. The relief of that, combined with the first hot summer temperatures of the year, have lifted my mood considerably and I've had little to no anxiety so far this w
  9. Hey frens! I really shouldn't be awake, but I am, so I might as well provide a quick update. ❤️ I'm awake because I was on the phone until late with Amethyst, who is having a rough time lately and needed some support. And before it sounds like I'm violating my bedtime boundaries, I had to clean out Soji's water fountain before bed anyway, so we started talking while I did that and then I finished the conversation in bed and yawned loudly when I was ready to be done. Anywho! Today was good. I have, as I've mentioned, been devouring my way through the Harry Potter books this yea
  10. Today I decided to play around with this thought by deleting some of my social media apps from my phone, specifically Instagram, which tends to be a numbing, unfailingly novel echo chamber of anxiety-inducing messages and quick-fix therapists; and I instead tried to help myself stay more grounded and present. I played more with Soji, texted some friends, shopped or played games instead of looking at Instagram, and read an Oscar Wilde play while I rested this evening. I also resumed reading my favorite marriage book so far, What Did You Expect?, and that was the first time in many weeks I felt
  11. One last I-should-be-sleeping thought: It occurs to me that I spend a lotttttt of time looking backwards. Staring into my past to try to find Answers. I wonder what it would mean or look like to also look forwards? To think about what kind of future I want to have, instead of staring into the past? Not a well-formed thought, just a thought. ❤️
  12. Hello friends! I honestly don't know when I started sharing ambience videos at the beginning of my posts, but I've just been loving these kinds of things as I wait eagerly for the weather to warm up and for it to be safe-ish to get out and do things again. ❤️ This one features a lot of the types of birds that sang in my yard when I was a little kid, so it brought back a lot of nostalgia. Today was a pretty good day; I'm still struggling to be as productive at work as I need to be, and I know it's because so much of my mental energy goes to focusing on my anxious thoughts, and
  13. Thank you so much, my friend, that means so much to me! ❤️ Yes, my anxiety spirals only last for a couple of days now compared to almost two weeks at their worst; and I'm so much more mindful about knowing what triggered them, understanding what core wounds or beliefs they're related to, and realizing I'm not controlled by my anxiety and I can still choose my own actions even if my feelings don't match up. Thank you for the reminder of how much I've learned over the last few months - I needed that!! ❤️
  14. Thank you, EG, I really needed these. I'm actually not sure I remember ever reading that 1 Chronicles verse before. ❤️ I really have been trying hard to turn to prayer instead of worrying or immediately numbing out with Internet browsing - I'm still not doing great, but I've made a conscious effort the last couple of days. Yesterday one of my best friends got a huge and clearly divine answer to a prayer that we had thought was essentially hopeless for the last few months; and that gave me a little boost of encouragement - God is still the God of hope and He can still work in situations we do
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