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  1. SkyGirl

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    Nooo, definitely didn't paint it!! In fact, in terms of materials it's just about as low-quality as you can get - my dad pretty much chucked the NASA meatball sticker at me and told me he really wanted me to use it, but I had no craft paper, no fabric, no paint, no paint pens, no nothing to do anything with - so I printed a Hubble Space Telescope photo with text on it, and used nail polish instead of paint! I do like it much better this morning and I love how shimmery it turned out! Just getting ready to head out!
  2. SkyGirl

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    Not bad: "Taking giant leaps" is part of our university's 150th anniversary slogans. I thought by incorporating it I might get included on the TV broadcast. I have a strong feeling I'm not going to like it when I get up in the morning, but what's done is done and it's time for me to sleep. Plus it does use my dad's NASA sticker quite prominently. Tomorrow's the big day!!
  3. SkyGirl

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    Today was a really good day. My mom spent a couple of hours taking graduation photos for me, and they turned out amazing, for the most part. There were a couple in which I was startled to see how old I'm starting to look; which is to be expected at 30 years old, but it did take me by surprise a little. I could see the potential for turning into a fat little old lady one day soon and that was a little horrifying. But most of the photos turned out beautifully and I already ordered a bunch of prints to pick up tomorrow. Tomorrow is GRADUATION!!!!! and I have been sick to my stomach since yesterday - unclear whether it's anxiety or a bug, but anxiety is a safe guess. Tonight I'm puttering with making a topper design for my cap, because my dad (who dreamed of being a pilot or astronaut when he was a kid and is - ahem - over the moon about my new job) dearly wants me to put a NASA logo on my cap, so I'm trying to design something clever to incorporate the design. It's not my best piece of work, but it will have a bit of my dad in it, and that's what matters. Not much going on tomorrow besides celebrating and trying not to get nervous or trip and fall on stage. Dearly hoping someone sends me flowers despite my telling them I don't need them. If not, I'm going to buy myself some. This is probably the last graduation I will ever walk in, and I've worked hard to get here. I've also been carried by the love and wisdom of many, many people; and this is for them just as much as for me. This is the celebration of everything the last several generations have done to make this opportunity possible for me, and it's a celebration of my not giving up and my choosing to get up and push through every day. Update: I just discovered that you can use nail polish as paint. This might be somewhat slightly glam after all.
  4. SkyGirl

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    I was just reading the adulthood chapters in Changes that Heal last night and it was good food for thought. I've made a lot of progress at growing up in the past year, but there were a lot of things that I still need to work on. Making decisions without needing approval was one of them. I did talk to my friend but it wasn't terribly assertive ... maybe not assertive at all ... I did reiterate that the products were making me sick, and she read it but didn't respond. Next I am going to let her know that I don't want to renew my subscription (that's the assumption with these sorts of purchases), and I'm definitely standing up to whatever sales tactics she employs this time. I don't need or want these things. But yeah, products aside, standing up for myself and voicing my thoughts honestly is still hard. One of the book passages talked about independence from others' opinions as not only an important step in growing up, but also an important step in becoming the most efficacious believers possible. It talked about how Jesus and Paul both did what they had to do without worrying what other people thought about them, and how these are examples we should definitely emulate. It gave me a lot to think about and your comment was right in line with that. I know, why is it so hard??? But it is so necessary - and so liberating!! I really don't think she's that interested in being my friend, TBH. The only time she's ever contacted me was when she wanted to sell me something. I think she kind of cares a little because we used to go to church together when we were younger?? But we don't have much of anything in common these days. I think I'm more of a customer than a friend. *cue Tank voice* "That should make you feel even more confident in your choice to stand up for yourself in your future conversations." Still shocked!! But pleasantly so! Thanks Ghost!! It was honestly a trend born of necessity because I was scrambling to finish my final projects and needed to update quickly ... but it's such a fun trend and so exciting to see everyone having fun with it! AAAA THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! I need to see if she and Princess want to do a Hangout sometime so we can all chat in real time!
  5. SkyGirl

    Rhovaniel: Healing

    There was a period of time where we were dealing with really similar mental blocks and goals and had similar things popping up in our lives that we had to deal with ... it lasted almost a full year, I think. Rho has far, far outstripped me on the strength front, but I don't mind at all. I just enjoy watching her run. And climb. And spin. And especially be a super kind, determined and brave badass.
  6. Poor Finn-baby, poor Shaar-baby ... seeing K is unlikely to make it all better, but hopefully it will make it seem ... less daunting. Wonder what's up with your shoulder?? I hope that figures itself out soon!!
  7. SkyGirl

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    It definitely sounds like you guys are doing some really tough and amazing work, both individually and together, even though some things continue to be tough; and that is awesome. Pregnancy brain is a real deal and it's totally understandable that it's been affecting your mood - I'm sure that is hard for MFH to see as well as for you to carry and live with. I'm glad you guys are talking about things and doing your best to move forward together. I don't know, I liked it. Won't be long before he's on the back of your bike and doing that for real!
  8. SkyGirl

    WhiteGhost Get His Kips (On Route 66)

    I came to view your vlog and didn't realize things have been rough for your family lately, Ghost ... I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I'm glad you're feeling peaceful about it at the moment and I'm glad you got to go home for a bit, but I'm sorry you have to process this while you're so far away. I pray that you all would be comforted and supported as you go through the next few months. I'm also sorry you couldn't sleep last night - initially I was going to blame it on all the sugar in the apple pie, but maybe the stress of the last couple of weeks had something to do with it too. Either way, I hope you sleep much better tonight.
  9. SkyGirl

    DaemonCorax chugs along

    Sounds like a tough night, Daemon - it is hard to keep having the same conversations repeatedly, even when the other person does get what you're saying and is honestly trying. As always, I think you're doing awesome. Hopefully this is a great weekend for you both (or you three?) and the weather holds so you can have some fun.
  10. SkyGirl

    The Silver Archer: Chrysalis

    Yes very soon!! I'm not sure if I can do it, but I guess anything I don't get packed can just get crammed into suitcases with my work clothes and PJ's and the things I can't live without for 3 weeks ... YES IT IS!!! I AM GOING TO WEAR IT FOREVER Really?? I didn't notice you saying 'um', I just noticed that you were very cold!! Really?? I thought I was chattering fast like a squirrel! I'm so glad you think so!! Yeeeeah, I still haven't replied to my friend yet; maybe I'll mention it to her. I've seen lots of people talk about how, when they start using these products, they feel wretchedly ill for about 3 weeks or so until their gut supposedly comes into "balance," after which point they feel fine; so I have a suspicion if I say anything she'll say my body is still not in balance or something. ... no, wait, that might apply to the cleansing pills. (*feels sick just thinking of a cleansing pill*) Either way, though, I'm sure there's an in-group explanation that will conveniently prevent a refund. Are you going to do a vlog, Miau?
  11. SkyGirl

    Cheetah vlogs because it's VLOGGING FRIDAY

    IT'S A VIDEO!!!!! Sounds like it was an instructive day food-wise! Way to go stopping yourself on the pizza - that is hard to do! You're doing amazing and I'm really excited to hear about your progress and your getting the hang of IE! I'm eager to read the book after my move and see how I can incorporate it into my life too, so your thoughts are super helpful to me. YES YES ISN'T THIS COMMUNITY JUST THE BEST??
  12. SkyGirl

    Rhovaniel: Healing

    I Agree With Jon®!! You have inspired me from the day we "met", Rho, and that admiration has only gotten stronger over the past year as you have grown and transformed and blossomed. We talked once about you working to make the Ranger toughness inside you reflect on your outside as well; and you have far, far surpassed that goal. Not only is your body as strong as your spirit, but that spirit itself has grown braver and brighter every day this year. You epitomize what it means to be a Ranger and you are, frankly, my hero. You can do anything you want to do. Anything. Your body, mind, and heart are up to the task. Whatever it is you want to try and tackle, you will overcome it. I believe in you with no reservations!!
  13. SkyGirl

    Bker prepares for winter.

    Yeah, wow, 28 miles a day would be ... really really tough. I think reaching the mountain early next year is a safer goal. Also I screamed at you for an update and then missed your reply - shame on me and way to go for you!! This is so tough and you are so awesome!!
  14. SkyGirl


    That makes sense! I think our apartment is kind of that way?? It has a big window but otherwise it's teeny and bare ... having it clean definitely helps though. That sounds most intriguing - and what a face on that guy!! Are you watching it on Netflix or on a channel?