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  1. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    Guys, I took a very long walk this evening and it was overwhelming! Nicolas invited me to accompany him on his 3-mile walk down to one of the nearby research centers and back, and on a whim I decided to go; and between the long walk to new places, normal conversation, lots of people with and without masks, cats to pet, birds to hear, a folk band recording a music video along the trail, huge dogs, lightning bugs to catch, and mosquitoes and gnats biting, I got home completely overstimulated and rather freaked out. But it was also awesome. I had never walked down that way before, and the scenery was just beautiful. Nicolas is extremely talkative, so I spent most of the time listening, but that was okay too. The trail was hilly and I got a good stretch, worked up a sweat and am actually tired tonight. The rest of the past couple of days has been really boring, hence my music selection for the evening ... I don't remember what I did yesterday, beyond work and watching TV with a friend in the evening. I don't even remember if I went for a walk or not. Still struggling with motivation at work - I really, really wish I could have a vacation, just a week of resting, reading, doing home projects, turning the computer off, taking walks, writing letters, all those lovely sensory things I talked about a couple of weeks ago. But I just don't feel like I can, mostly because none of my coworkers are taking any vacations and I've already taken partial days off almost once a week for the past three weeks. So I guess instead I need to focus on recharging better in the evenings and on weekends for now, and trying to disconnect from electronics more and do those restorative things. And on that note, it's already late again, so I'd better get some sleep! ❤️ I'll check in with peeps tomorrow or this weekend!
  2. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    Heyyo frens! Today was a good day but it - went really fast?? Like, it felt like it was about lunchtime and then suddenly the day was over?? EXCEPT I ALREADY WAS HOME HA HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT FERRIS ... anyway. Work was meetings all morning, then what should have been the simple task of prepping a story for supervisory review this afternoon, except I somehow found myself having deep conversations about the state of life and the universe with coworkers and friends instead; and suddenly it was 5:30PM and I only had half the story prepped. 😮 I left notes on what to finish in the morning (which is still well within deadline, but still) and signed off for the day with immense guilt and vague self-loathing. I had planned to take a walk this evening because the weather was completely and utterly perfect, but I've been thinking that it's not the safest thing in the world for a very small woman to be seen walking the same route along the same road every single day at the same time, so I stayed home and did some yoga instead: I did "Yoga for Transitions" and "Moon Practice," both of which were great stretches and also had some awesome meditations embedded within them, so I finished feeling really good. Just eating odds and ends for dinner because I want to grab a quick shower and get on with my evening, since it's already 8PM in my part of the world. Mood has been overall really good today and I plan to have a small bowl of ice cream or some Wheat Thins after my shower to keep that going.
  3. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    Thanks for listening, QQ! The way this app works is, you can "open a call" and "join a call". Opening a call means you get to pick whatever song you want and sing half of it, whichever half you prefer, and then post it up for other people to join in. Only paying customers are allowed to open calls, so since I'm not a paying customer, I can only join them - I think of a song I want to sing, search for all the open calls, and then listen to them until I find someone whose voice sounds good with mine. It's a lot of fun and I've been singing with this app for - probably close to 6 or 7 years now, I think? 😮
  4. Good work Miau, and I hope the weird feels dissipate quickly. ❤️ Kisses to Norrell for me, please!!
  5. I loved seeing your photos on Instagram and knowing you were getting out a bit - but I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I pray that you guys would be supported with the peace and love you need as you can't go be with him. ❤️ (I didn't have bacon burgers because the bacon wasn't thawed and I didn't feel like thawing it! But I did make my mom's famous pasta salad recipe and have that along with hot dogs, which was pretty amazing too!)
  6. Jules is precious, that pizza looks glorious and I hope you're sleeping soundly!! ❤️
  7. SkyGirl

    Challenge #2

    You can! Life happens but we work around it and then get back to business. Good luck getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!
  9. SkyGirl

    Iyashi: Dawn

    The clouds are finally clearing away this afternoon and I'm so happy - I still haven't done anything particularly holiday-ish for the weekend, but some sun and warm breeze gives me a little motivation to at least make some hamburgers. @Elastigirl's post gave me the idea to make bacon burgers, so I shall attempt to summon the energy to do that, because that would be a delight. I was going to place a grocery order to get some potato salad and chips, but I'm not sure I'll do that because I also need some household goods and the bills come due this week, so I might just enjoy what I've got for today. I'm guessing the trail will be busy this afternoon but I'm going to give it a shot anyway, now that the sun is out - the movement and fresh air will be good. Mood-wise, I felt really happy and upbeat this morning, and I put on We Banjo 3 and did all the cleaning chores I neglected the rest of the weekend, which felt great to get done. Feeling a little more on the thoughtful side this afternoon - not sad, just thinking about how much I've been through mentally, emotionally and spiritually these last few months, and wondering when I will start to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that so much could happen in just 10 weeks. Some things will never be the way they were before, for good and for bad. Some things will return back to normal. And some things might even be better. A lot of things I thought I knew about myself have been completely deconstructed and I don't really know what I'll believe about them when they're rebuilt - the way I think of my own courage, independence and ability to stay in control, for example. The way I think about myself in relationships and who I want to be as a girlfriend, wife and mother. The way I took pride in my ability to always show up for my friends and be the "strong one" in our relationships. The way I took pride in my ability to accept and smilingly go along with God's plan for my life. I've learned that I am far more human in all of these areas than I thought I was. I am not always brave and I am not always in control - sometimes I am helplessly sobbing on the couch at 3AM with no idea what to do next, just like everyone else. I'm not a perfectly logical saint when it comes to making dating decisions; I want to be held and kissed and romanced, just like everyone else does. I can't always be the "strong one" in my friendships; sometimes I have to be the one miserably accepting comfort and reassurance rather than giving it - just like everyone else. And just like everyone else, I have raged and stormed against what I knew to be God's will for my life, and have accepted it as a cross, not as a gift. 2019 showed me how strong I can be, and 2020 has shown me how weak I can be too. And a proper understanding of both those things is vital to living a healthy life. Time and again I have reassured my friends that their humanity is not only acceptable, but beautiful - now it's time for me to apply those words to myself. Anyway, on a brighter note (pun totally intended), I'm also continuing to work my way through the Greatest Showman soundtrack on my karaoke app - shared here in case you are interested (though be forewarned, I don't have the most precise voice in the world): Singing is one of my few artsy interests that survived college, and it is not only a huge stress reliever for me, but I've really enjoyed practicing hard over the last few years and improving my range and expression. I am just teaching myself and I have no doubt I make tons of mistakes, but I'm certainly better than I used to be! Time to maximize enjoyment of the rest of my day off!! It's been so so so wonderful to have a few days to rest!!
  10. Ooooo, shiny chart!!! How was last week for you? Looked like you got off to a great start!
  11. Min! I thought I was following you and didn't realize I wasn't! I love your format for your progress reports and it sounds like you're doing a great job figuring out what's working for you and what isn't. That process in itself can take a significant amount of time and tweaking, so good job not getting discouraged! Here's to a fabulous upcoming week!
  12. SkyGirl

    Challenge #2

    I like this plan!! Congratulations on your new baby - how are you feeling about your goals this week?
  13. This made me laugh, I confess. Every time I do a vlog I think of you, Jon, so I thought it was high time I popped over to see how you were. ❤️ I'm sorry you're still not feeling great. I think, if you're losing weight really quickly, my gut feeling (I swear no pun intended) is that it's best to just feed your body whatever it will tolerate to try to slow that loss. A lot of my friends are currently or recently pregnant and they are doing the same thing, just eating when they feel like eating, what they feel like eating, and waiting until their nausea subsides to worry about nutrition. After all, pizza has vegetables on it, right? I'll try to come over and check in more often!!