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  1. Miaulin Does it Anyway

    FIRST FOLLOWER!!! And your art is fabulous as always!! I wish you could work as an animator!
  2. The Silver Archer: Heart of Purpose

    Oh, it wasn't perfect - the young man did end up messaging me for a brief goodnight chat, and I was more effusive and submissive than I should have been. But I had a good chat with myself and I didn't message him first, and that is a huge victory. I'll take it for today.
  3. The Silver Archer: Heart of Purpose

    THANK YOU for this, Tank, it came at just the right time ... he and I took a short walk this afternoon and had a nice talk that ended on affectionate terms; but all the old voices came back in force, whispering things like You should text him something funny to make sure he isn't mad at you ... You should make sure he got home okay, since he's on crutches ... You should bring him a treat tomorrow to make him smile. But because I read your message, I was able to confront myself and say, "Sky, you and I both know that this is not your kindness or your care for him that is talking. This is your fear. You're afraid that he might go away, or stop talking to you, or say something to hurt your feelings; and you're trying to control him and control the situation to avoid being hurt or dumped." So I answered those voices with I am going to give him space to feel any emotions he chooses to feel, without my interference ... I am going to trust him to take care of himself without my help, like he's been doing for most of his life ... I am going to let him decide if he wants to see me tomorrow or not; he gave me space, and I will return the favor. I chose to let go. I chose to not control, and to live with the discomfort of not knowing. I chose to honor him with the same space he gave back to me. It wasn't easy, but it was empowering and exciting.
  4. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    I think @Elastigirl might have?? Otherwise no, so thank you!!
  5. The Silver Archer: Heart of Purpose

    Wellp, I woke up this morning (well, and then went back to sleep, and woke up, and went back to sleep ... got 10 hours of feverish sleep last night/this morning/this afternoon) and the young man had replied and said he completely understood, and he appreciated my courage in telling him what I needed and he was happy to be just friends if that was what I was ready for right now. So I think he's a good egg. I'm feeling a little on the sad side about it, both because I realized last night that I've been so anxious about the whole thing that I didn't really pray about it much at all, and also because I'm really hoping I didn't hurt his feelings or burn any bridges ... but I prayed for forgiveness and thanked the young man profusely, so now I just need to refocus on my work and life, and give the whole thing to God in prayer, and just be the best friend to him that I can. Today is going to be a rest-and-work day ... I finally crawled off to bed at 2AM this morning and slept until after noon, so now I need to get enough done that I keep my professor reasonably happy. I skipped class and am working from home, so that will help. Tonight I want to write a bit of narrative, if there's time ...
  6. The Silver Archer: Heart of Purpose

    And congrats to YOU, my fellow Ambassador!!
  7. Rhovaniel: Consistency is the Key

    That sounds like an incredible feeling and I'm so happy to hear it. So many of the weights and burdens we carry around from day to day really aren't ours to begin with - I hope you're able to keep letting go as time goes on, so you can run and soar and fly. <3
  8. shadri - seas the day

    Shadri!!! Following on the first page this time! Yay!!
  9. NeverThatBored: Action Absorbs Anxiety

    Following to watch you grow and absorb and conquer!!
  10. Elastigirl Enjoys Life

    Lots of good things going on and lots of words I do not know (paralettes, Integral Strength) - following to learn!!
  11. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    ... and following!!
  12. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK TWO Chapter 1 Channel the Storm {placeholder preview for this chapter} Sky Elvenword has returned to Middle Earth via the time portal in order to be with Ayre and Aki Kallana, who are being brutally hunted by the Dark Elf for reasons yet unknown. Mistral Uí Diarmada, Sky's teacher, is back in the island nation of the Temple Archers, trying to find a way to reach her wayward student. As she cares for the Kallanas, Sky has begun to notice a rising infection in the life-wound on her forehead - she suspects it was reactivated when the Elder cursed her with the Burning and does not know what the consequences of this infection will be, should she be unable to heal herself. A mysterious young Warrior has appeared at the Guildhall and seems to be trying to lure Sky away from safety - or from danger. Without Mistral, Sky has no way to continue her training, and she will be forced to use the skills she has learned to combat the dark shadow rising in the deep forests and rivers of Middle Earth. - - - To be continued.
  13. Kamar-Taj Gonna Ranger: The Doctor Strange Themed Mini Challenge

    I am in ... I am so in that I can't even tell you how in I am.
  14. EaseActivate becomes a Ranger

    You made it!! You have arrived in your Ranger home! Welcome to the family, Ease! Your goals are terrific and I can't wait to watch you smash them out of the park!