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  1. MiaulinTheCat and the Everyday War

    Sooooooooooo 28-year-olds shouldn't watch Phineas and Ferb?? I have some serious reappraising to do of my life. Sorry you're down a bit today, Miau ... I hope some rest, food, water, and art/writing will give you a bit of relief. Is there any sunshine in your part of the world today? Could you go sit outside and soak up some rays?
  2. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Oh, also, way to go @MiaulinTheCat and @JediNickD - I see your numbers on the spreadsheet and I'm so proud of you!! Way to show up and work hard in Week One!
  3. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Thanks so much, you guys, I am definitely feeling much better today - my stomach was not very happy that I dragged it out of bed and plopped it down at my desk so early in the morning, and my usual empty-stomach-cup-of-coffee was not nearly as pleasant as it usually is; but by the end of the day I was well enough to get to the gym and do a much more intense workout than I expected. Alack, I forgot about the combat challenge until nearly the end of my workout, though, and I was too tired by that point to even think about shadowboxing or hitting anything ... I tried to contribute by doing 40 slow punches with dumbbells (20 per arm) and 19 kick squats. I couldn't do the 20th because I twanged something in my knee on the 19th and thought I had better stop. I will try to squeeze in some more reps tomorrow!! @MiaulinTheCat - I really, really want to say that rope slams are fun, especially since I went and YouTubed them myself and saw how awesome some people make it look. But when you're small and have weak arms, they are not awesome, and they are not fun. They hurt like someone lit my triceps on fire. Which is, of course, why I keep trying to do them.
  4. MiaulinTheCat and the Everyday War

    I'M SO EXCITED TOO!!! Yes ... yes I did. Good for you!! I've been too lazy/nervous to try it - but if it's that much fun, I guess I'll have to!!
  5. The Scriptorium: Psalm Challenge

    I read Psalm 36 and 37 last night, and was really profoundly struck by two sets of verses: I have been meditating on some articles from lately (this one and this one) and pondering the question, Does God "like" me? It's easy - particularly when we fall into sin or discover a sin in ourselves that we didn't know was there, as I recently did and was very ashamed - to wonder how a holy and majestic God could ever want to associate with people like us; and for me, even though I know as a theological truth that God loves me, sometimes it doesn't feel that way. It's much easier for me to believe that He is disappointed in me and frustrated with me than to believe that He loves me. I spend more time apologizing to the Lord than I do in any other spiritual activity. But I was so powerfully struck by the language that I put in italics: God gives us to drink. He delights in (the) way of His children. He holds our hand. All of this imagery is so gentle and tender - like a father cupping his hands to give his little child a drink of water, or watching her steps with a big smile on his face, or holding her hand and quickly lifting her away from the ground if she falls, so she doesn't get hurt. This is not the description of a disappointed, disapproving God. This is the description of a God Whose love is as big as a giant blue sky, dwarfing us and yet surrounding us with a warmth and tenderness that intimately cares about our hearts and our daily lives. This quote from the first of the two articles really moved me deeply: Without detracting from the justice and judgment of God at all, this quote gives us a way to think of God's deep love for us and His deep hatred of sin: His anger and wrath is against the sin in us, not against us, if we belong to Him. If we are His children, then He loves us with all of the depth and intensity of a Father - and this love moves Him to eradicate all sin from us and make us pure and holy. Sometimes we must be chastised when we choose sin, and we still have to face the consequences of our sin, but that is for our benefit, not our hurt. God is not angry with us and He still loves us - and likes us, too, as in finds us pleasing and delightful. We have been covered in the brightness and holiness of His Son, adopted into His family as His own children; and therefore we are incredibly precious to Him. ***** I know this was long; but I was really excited to share it with you ...
  6. The Scriptorium: Psalm Challenge

    Ooo, I like this idea! My sister just bought me a beautiful new notebook, and my grandmother has been giving me tips on how to prayer-journal, so this would fit right in with both!
  7. The Scriptorium: Psalm Challenge

    Ooo, I like this idea! My sister just bought me a beautiful new notebook, and my grandmother has been giving me tips on how to prayer-journal, so this would fit right in with both!
  8. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    I'm sorry, Bravo Squad, I couldn't muster any combat reps tonight ... I seem to be down with a slight stomach virus. I am limping my way down to sickbay currently and hope to be back in tip-top shape tomorrow.
  9. MiaulinTheCat and the Everyday War

    YES OF COURSE YOU MAY I WOULD BE SO PLEASED AND DELIGHTED!!! In the same thought as what Tank just said, don't do it unless you really want to and think it would be helpful - you've got a lot on your plate right now. Or rather, you're trying to get more on your plate. Sorry. Bad pun. I couldn't help myself. *slaps self on wrist* Not all of my suggestions are good, but I'm always happy to give it a try!!
  10. The Silver Archer: The Fire Within

    Well, you know, I was thinking about it today, and I think I realized why I feel different - because of my conference travels over the last 3 weeks, I have barely gone to the gym at all. Only 3 or 4 times over 3 weeks - that's definitely long enough to see a little bit of regression, especially since I didn't really restrict my calories during that time. So I'm confident that watching what I eat and getting back into my gym routine will bring me back to normal in a little while. And in the larger picture, you're right; and what usually helps me is a) remembering that health and fitness are an ongoing journey, not a destination, so it's natural that I'll see some fluctuations and changes in myself over the course of months and years; and b.) if I got myself looking the way I want once, then I can do it again. I am strong and capable, and I know how to treat my body right to keep it full of energy and vitality. And ultimately, that's what matters more than looking a certain way. I tried to take a selfie today of my hair and you couldn't see much - I'll see if my sis will take a picture of me tomorrow! For keeping on top of everything, I've actually been doing really well with Habitica - it's a nice place to have several lists going at once, and plus I get fun digital trinkets when I check off my items. Yesterday I bought my little avatar a new healer's robe and an amethyst tiara and was so excited!! It's interesting that you brought up living in Korea - we have a very large contingent of students from China, South Korea, and other Asian countries at my university; and yes, most of them, the ladies especially, have very slender, delicate frames. So I do compare myself to them a lot too (and it does me no favors!). But I was thinking about what you said today, actually, and using my dissatisfaction to fuel my determination to get back in line - I made some concrete plans to go back to my older, smaller lunch routine and incorporate more cardio into my workouts for the next few months. Thank you for your encouragement and advice!! <3 <3 <3
  11. MiaulinTheCat and the Everyday War

    Ooo ... if you're ever bored and need someone to draw, feel free to try interpreting my characters! I know what they look like in my head, but I'd love to see what they look like in yours! Tracking your moods would be helpful, especially if you also tracked what you ate and when, what you did, and what happened in your life ... but that'd also be a lot of work!! Hmm ... I see why your mom might be concerned, but I also feel like it's a really good thing that you feel like walking. Maybe if you promised her to eat a snack right after you walk each time? Or ask her what would make her feel better about it? I agree, getting out into the fresh air and sunshine and stretching your legs would almost certainly help you feel good!!
  12. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Well, I'd certainly prefer to count them that way!! I felt like that would be being too easy on myself ... So that'd be (5x20) + (1x30) = 130 reps? If each "rep" is 2 slams (one per arm) ...
  13. The Scriptorium: Psalm Challenge

    I'm not 100% sure, to be honest! The problem I keep running into is that my evening routine is 1) update NF, 2) get ready for bed, 3) get in bed, and 4) read my Psalms. So by the time I'm reading for the day, I'm away from my computer and can't write on this thread about what I'm thinking about. Maybe if I tried altering my routine a bit? I'm around the 37th Psalm or so, and I've been really enjoying them and feeling comforted by them - I'd love to talk about them with you guys if I can figure out how not to forget!!
  14. MiaulinTheCat and the Everyday War

    You've been so tough already and the challenge has just started, Miau!! Good for you! YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING OH MY GOODNESS. They're so expressive and I love your gentle style!! Also? Not wanting to get out of bed but getting out anyway? So Much Win. You are so strong and amazing. I thought of you today when I was doing my combat reps - I did not feel like doing them at all today, but I knew you had been shadowboxing, and that gave me motivation!! Do you find that your depressive episodes are linked to your food intake in any way? I'm not trying to be one more Helpful Voice Offering Suggestions; I just have noticed in myself these last few months that if I get too hungry, I get really weepy and sad and angry at myself. So I'm just curious.