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  1. I am a hardcore parkour fan... And I want to be a traceur too.... But looking at my body right now, regardless of what my fitness level is, I know I am nowhere near to even starting to think about being a traceur. I need to get my weight down to a manageable level first and then build up my muscles and then learn parkour. I have a long way to go... But you are halfway (probably more) there. You know where you are... you are taking martial arts lessons and lifting weights... All the best for your journey Hopefully when I am ready, and my body is able to take it, you could give me advise on par
  2. Wow...... That's great mate... I wanted someone to say that that's doable. Now I can gear up and actually do it. It would seriously be awesome if I get down to 160 lbs.... (and then if possible 150 ).. Let's see...
  3. This is my first challenge so not sure what to do but I am hoping I will get the hang of it. Here is the link to the blog. I hope that is what you expected.
  4. I just made that blog required for the challenge so yes, I am participating. Lets see how it goes. Here is the link.
  5. I agree with Corbab...... progress is the best motivator. When I saw that I lost 13 pounds in one month I was inspired to take it to the next level. Check out my post. Maybe it will help you..
  6. Hi, I am Akhil, a 22 year old obese (obese is an understatement) engineering student who is bored with everything around him. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that there is so much more to life than the things around me that I have never experienced. Its just that the these "other things" that I have never experienced, they are so many in number that I have no clue where to start. Also I don't have the resources (money) to experience these things. One thing that I can achieve without investing much money is a better body shape. Now I know "round" is also a shape but that's why I
  7. Hey Tony, I have been in the same rut for a long time but about a month ago everything changed. I decided its enough now. No more binge eating, no more junk food, no more soft drinks (I drink water whenever I get the urge of picking up a coke.) It been going great. I believe it all comes down to will power. Decide a goal and look forward to achieving it. It will happen mate. You can have that awesome body that you want. Regards, Akhil
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