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  1. My Epic Quest of Awesome, to be updated the first of every month February's Challenge: No restaurants, exercise 6 times a week, sit daily Current Level: 1 XP: 0 XP to next level: 500   Exercise 6 times a week: A. Bodyweight Monday Wednesday Friday: 50XP B. Yoga Sunday Tuesday Thursday: 50XP C. 10XP bonus for every 1 pound lost   Become fluent in braille A. Read 1 hour a day: 10XP Each B. Read aloud every Sunday: 25XP C. Test speed the first Sunday of every month: 5XP D. 5,000XP bonus at 250w
  2. My mental and physical health are at war with one another. My mind screams in panic. I eat until I'm numb. My fat causes me to panic more. I eat... I panic... I eat... I panic. I eat even more when lonely. For the month of October I vow to: 1. Sit with my pain in an hour of daily meditation. 2. Eat until satisfied, not stuffed. 3. Not skip meals. 4. Exercise Monday through Saturday.
  3. Kage


    Hi, all, My first four-week challenge was a huge success. Now I'm going to do a six-week challenge to catch up to the group, since I was moving and didn't have internet for the beginning of this cycle. Last challenge's rules: 1. Eat until fulfilled, not full. 2. Drink a glass of water before and after every meal. 3. Learn to cook one new meal (which turned into 'learn to go grocery shopping for healthy ready-made meals,' since I'm living in a hotel on a school campus for a while. 4. Don't nag my husband, which has resulted in the strongest, happiest
  4. Kage


    Oh, man. It's been more than a month since my last post. How is that even possible? I had some family issues, moved across the country, didn't have internet for two weeks, started my student teaching for my master's degree, and have been learning a new video game. Phew! My goals were not to overeat, to drink lots of water, to cook one new meal, and not to nag my husband. I was completely successful in all of them, except I didn't learn to cook one new meal-- I learned how to go grocery shopping and buy healthy convenience foods instead. This is a huge accomplishment, as my busy lif
  5. Kage


    Observation: If I anticipate having to skip lunch for work, I eat twice as much at breakfast to compensate. Except it doesn't actually work! I'm still hungry, I'm just also 300 Calories farther from my goal!
  6. Kage


    Ewwww. I overate in a big, bad way. Not intentionally. I didn't *eat* much, but I *drank* a large smoothie, part of a coffee drink, and a huge tea latte. I feel physically disgusting. Socially, it was absolutely worth it. I visited with a childhood friend for the first time in years. It was lovely. In the future, I'll stick to teas and water. the sugar was too much for me. Now I know!
  7. Kage


    It's been such an informative week! I've learned how to not overeat at work, that I will always overeat at a hibachi grill, and that eating pizza without Netflix means I'll eat two pieces, but eating it with Netflix means I'll eat six. Fascinating!!! I'm hydrated. I still have to learn to make a new meal; I honestly forgot about that one. My marriage is stronger than it's ever been. I'm still chomping at the bit to workout, so I think I'll start on Monday and just do what feels right, when it feels right.
  8. I'm trying to decide how to handle cravings as I change how much of and what I eat. Do you guys ignore them completely; eat something healthy, distract yourself with exercise, or what??
  9. Kage


    Yesterday was a mixture. I had a small, super early, healthy breakfast, a very late lunch of ten small veggie grape leaves, and a bowl of potato bacon soup for dinner. I didn't overeat, but it still felt too carby (even if it was realistically fine.) I also snacked on 4 chocolate cookies while I was at work. I stopped as soon as I saw what I was doing, and I honestly think it stopped me from having too low of blood sugar. Not the ideal medium, though. I'm debating whether to get on the scale and see how much I weigh. I'm definitely someone who becomes obsessed with the
  10. Kage


    Another day, another step toward where I want to be. Doing a lot of work today on planning for what I want my relationship with food to look like and what kinds of things I want to be eating. I also learned that I can get soups and sandwiches from the deli of my local supermarket, meaning I can save time, money, and calories by getting a cup of soup and/or a sandwich rather than going to a restaurant and getting a giant portion of an expensive, unsatisfying something. Neat! I still want to exercise. *A LOT.* I'm itching to get moving, but I don't want to start too soon and overwhel
  11. Kage


    Another day. Another step in the right direction. Learned that I can text myself, meaning I can text myself a food journal. Breakfast was a two-egg omlet with one slice of deli ham and a small bit of shredded cheese. Lunch was a sandwich from Jimmy John's and most of a Dr. Pepper. Dinner was 3 and a half too-large pieces of too-thick pizza. I didn't eat any desserts or have any snacks. Other than the Dr. Pepper, I drank water and plain tea, no Gatorade or bottled coffee drinks. Strangely, controlling one aspect of my life makes me feel as though I can control more. I feel strong. I
  12. Kage


    Another day done. I did notice myself eating more sugar and less protein/healthy fat, but I reluctantly let it happen and decided that I didn't enjoy it. Now I know
  13. I'm a sedentary, but relatively healthy 24 year old male. I'm transitioning from a office job to one where I'll be walking 5-10 miles a day. Ideally, I want to get into bodyweight exercises with an eye toward eventually doing gymnastics, as well as walking so much and generally taking up fun activities whenever I feel like it. Is NerdFitness' beginner bodyweight workout sufficient to start taking me from sedentary to fairly active? I'd also like to walk 5 miles 3 times a week between now and when I have to do it every day (just over a month.) Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
  14. Okay, so my lifestyle quest this month is to not nag my husband. The long story short is that a few months ago, while stressed about some truly wild things going on with school, he said that he wasn't actually gay-- that although he likes boys and doesn't like girls, all he's ever really wanted is to be normal. He took it back a fw days later and explained how bad things were with school and that, when he's depressed, his sexual orientaiton seems like the obvious culprit. If that one thing could change, so would his anxiety and depression. Needless to say, this completely spiked my anxiety an
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