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  1. The main issue with bread is the carb content. Definatly stick to the included meal plan, you will need those carbs during the intense workouts.
  2. If you really want to Thor it up, add some sledge hammmer swings.
  3. Thank you, that seems like a good starting point, which is all I need now.
  4. You know you're a nerd when you are irked by the grammar in this thread.
  5. My basic fitness goals are to be strong, fast, lean, and endurant; with the importance in that order. In each catagory my long term goals are: Strength Bench Press 1x my bodyweight Squat 2x my bodyweight Deadlift 3x my bodyweight Speed Run a sub 6 minute mile Run 100m in under 15 seconds Leanness 20% bodyfat Under 200lbs, if compatible with other goals Endurance Be able to run 5 miles without walking For strength I'm getting some free weights to do the Starting Strength plan soon, and suppliment that with some kettleball training. I don't know what I'm going to do for speed, anyone know of a g
  6. I went camping for the Fourth of July, left my deodorent in the tent. Got back from swimming all day, and it had melted and leaked all over my bag.
  7. I want to try out one of those swingy cannonball thingys, AKA a kettlebell, but I don't know where to start. Anyone have a favorite brand? What weight should I start out at? I've heard 35lbs is a good starting weight, but I've already been doing 45lb plate swings, so would 35lbs be too easy, or is there a different mechanic behind it? Also, what are some god videos on proper form? Any basic beginner workouts? Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Oooo, I hadn't thought about Google Docs. love Google stuff, also that would make it possible to track my workouts if I'm away from my computer (hahahah, away from my computer, yeah right), and it would be much easier to share with this forum!
  9. Take a look over at my user info to the left this post. See that "Join Date" thingy? What does it say? December 2010, that's what. As you can see, that was 18months ago. In that 18 months I have started three different workouts, done a few weeks, then quit. In the time between these little bursts, I fooled around, and usually gained back 90% of any fat I lost. However recently I joined a 12-week weightlifting program at school. Because it was a class I had to attend, and was graded on the work I did. In 12-weeks I added 35lbs to my bench press, and similar gains on my other lifts as well as lo
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/video/health-15749655/woman-loses-300-pounds-the-old-fashioned-way-25535671 This video is very inspiring. This women lost 300 lbs in 3 years. Warning: Rant below I can't believe how much emphasis they put on her losing the weight "the old fashioned way" with "just nutrition and hard work". Show me someone who has lost more then 5-10 pounds (and kept it off) with these stupid fad diets and super speed cutting routines. The ONLY way to lose a good amount of weight and KEEP IT OFF is with WORK and NUTRITION!!! Honestly, people are so disillusioned today. Close rant.
  11. Good article, and the website looks pretty cool. http://www.dieselsc.com/101-ways-to-be-fckin-epic Not just fitness tips and info, but life lessons also. But #24 is DEAD WRONG.
  12. Since I started getting fit I have been drinking A LOT of water. 8 cups a day isn't cutting it, I drink over a gallon (3.7 liters) of water. Now some of this might be because of my size, I'm 6' 3" (1.9 meters) and 220lbs (99.7 kilograms), but my water intake still seems high.
  13. Nutrition isn't that hard, just cover half your plate with a salad, and half with a steak. If it's breakfast then it should be 1/3 egg, 1/3 bacon, and 1/3 fruit.
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