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  1. Hi! I saw your post on Rivanarko's page. I'm in Moorhead!

  2. I got another 373 on Sunday...so yeah..I'm not sure where I ended up.
  3. I hadn't gotten a chance to buy a jump rope yet, but I did go at the gym today and did 347 turns. hoping to get more in tomorrow and Sunday to really bump me up!!!
  4. Jumping rope??? SWEET!!!! The hardest part is going to be counting for me...LOL.
  5. WTG Tigger!!! I only got 10 minutes total...I SUCK. And yeah..pushups wouldn't be my thing either...oy vey...I may be screwed in this.
  6. Hey all...sorry I've been totally MIA the last couple days, work has been totally kicking my ass. I have like 3 minutes of planking time so far...sorry about that. I'll try to ramp it up this weekend though and try to hit at least 15 for the challenge. Hope you all are doing great. Hi Bobby!!! Glad to have you here!!
  7. oy...this will be a tough one...but, it wouldn't be a challenge otherwise...so bring it on!
  8. Oy vey...this is a tough one, but that's why it's a challenge...right?
  9. planking??? Are we supposed to be doing that? What did I miss??? I SUCK at planking, I can only do like 6 seconds
  10. LOL...I could barely find it this morning, and then I was like...woah...we got our name!! Woah of course was said in the Keanu Reeves style...
  11. My motivation is really shallow. I'm in a wedding in June and I want to look really hot. I also want to be healthy and I want guys to drool over me. And I just want people to think I'm awesome. Told you, I'm really shallow!!!
  12. Oooh..i'll totally google that tonight and see what i can find!!
  13. I'm not picky on a team name, whatever sounds cool to everyone else works for me. Victorian- It's a mud run so, it's a 5k with obstacles which is really why i wanted running to be part of my goal. Im not exactly sure what the problem is with my knee. I went to the running store, got fitted for good sneakers, but I have a friend who said it could actually be my hip. One is higher than the other, so I think if i need to get a lift in one of my shoes and that will help? Until then I keep popping motrin. I'd rather do a different cardio right now so that I can keep lifting.
  14. Is it ok to change our goals during the challenge? I'm not sure that I'll be able to hit my goals if my knee keeps acting up. So I might have to change my running goal so that I can keep my lifting goal, does that make sense? Maybe change the running to burning 3k calories a week (per hrm)? Then I can do biking or other activities instead? I don't want to give up on the running, but I think I might set up a personal training session in order to get some ideas for ways to make it stronger. Thoughts?
  15. Hello...sorry I suck and didn't realize I was in a squad before now. *waves* Aaaand, I'm at the end of my lunch already, so I'll have to talk at you all more later.
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