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  1. What is boot camp all about? I won't be able to make it this Saturday morning because I have a concert I'm reviewing on Friday night in Manayunk so by the time I get home to Jersey it will be late. I don't think my body will be happy if I try to work out on a lack of sleep. I might be interested in going another week though!
  2. So I've been completely absent since first posting this a year and a half ago. CoreyD - Did anything ever come of a meet-up? How was the Broad Street run this year? I haven't done it in a couple years but I was very under impressed with there set-up the last time.
  3. Week Update: (I promise starting tomorrow the posts will be daily) Monday Workout Bench: 3/8/60 Squat: 3/10/50 Deadlift: 3/10/50 Dips (Assisted 100lbs) 3/8 Pull-ups (Assisted 100lbs) 3/8 Walk/Run - 2.5 Miles Nutrition 1,349 Calories 128g Protein 61g Fat 90g Carbs I ate about 75% Paleo. I did have a glass of fat free chocolate milk, a yogurt, and some ranch dressing mixed in with my tuna that were all non-paleo. Full Report of everything I ate: http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/nutrition_food_chart.asp?sidn=%5FbT%5CwV6%3FU++++++F%5BQwZasJ+++++++&iMTGoalNum=210534191&dteDateShow
  4. Also if anyone knows how to make nicer looking charts on here that would be great. I'd like to continue to keep track of these measurements and show you guys what my print-outs say each month when I go to the gym nurse.
  5. Alright so my gym allows you to go to their nurse once a month to get weighed and measured. They print out a little report to show your progress. Now of course I hadn't gone since April of 2007 so when I got my report the other day the results disgusted me. Weight: 4/07 - 159in 7/11 - 188in +29lbs Neck: 4/07 - 12.23in 7/11 - 13.75in +1.5inches Chest: 4/07 - 34.75in 7/11 - 40in +5.25in Waist: 4/07 - 29.25in 7/11 - 35in +5.75in Hips: 4/07 - 39.25in 7/11 - 44.5in +5.25in Bicep: 4/07 - 11.75in 7/11 - 13in +1.25in BMI: 4/07 - 25.7 7/11
  6. Alright so just checking in for out at sea on the Norwegian Dawn! Yesterday was my first day working on Ships and Dip. Awesome experience so far. Definitely didn't get to journal and I think that's getting thrown out the window for the week. I'm grabbing food as I run through the office from one end of the ship to the other. Good news....I'm running ALL over the ship. I'm not taking elevators at all some I'm burning MAJOR calories. Just after one day I already feel the burn. We are in port tomorrow and I'm not planning on leaving the ship so I'll hit the gym! I hope everyone is doing
  7. Thats awesome that you've made such progress over the last year. You must feel really accomplished. Keep up the good work! Jen
  8. I had a similar goal last challenge. I wanted to run for 20 minutes straight. I did a lot of interval training at speeds much higher than i would be running a 20 min run. It made it seem like nothing when I finally went and ran at a nice steady pace! Good luck. Jen
  9. So how did the rest of your week go? Any more luck with sleeping? I've heard a lot of good things about breaking yourself of the dreaded snooze habit. Most people find that if they force themselves to set the alarm for later and actually get up instead of snoozing you wake up more refreshed. Maybe that would help. (I don't know if you are a snooze buttom-oholic but thought I'd suggest it if you are) Jen
  10. Your a TRBer and I don't know you! I've been on 6 Rock Boats! Granted I haven't been in the last 3 years but I used to go all the time until well life got in the way. No more excuses for me. I have a master plan and that's to moved to Atlanta and get hired by Sixthman full time. I watch my friend Jen (yea I know same name) do it and we always used to say we would and now I'm finally going after my dreams. Hopefully we'll meet up on a future Sixthman event. Jen
  11. So I was not able to food log at all yesterday. It actually ended as a pretty bad day for eating Paleo. My boss had HoHo's and I just couldn't refuse...ahhh!! And then when we went to meet with a photographer she had chips, cookies, and Swedish fish just staring me in the face for two hours. Needless to say I ate a LOT of junk yesterday. Upside we did book the wedding photographer that we met with last night. So I'm done venue, photographer, and I've chosen a dress. GO ME! Today I'm back on track though and I've journaled so far. I'm sitting on a plane now on my way to Ft. Lauderdale.
  12. Yea I'm going to work as a production assistant on a Sixthman (the company Steve used to work for) event. It's the Barenaked Ladies Ships and Dips cruise. Check out my thread and you'll see how I incorporated it into my goals for this month! I want to work in the music industry so bad and this is a step in the door. Jen
  13. Alright so Monday was a big fail with the food journaling but I did a good job yesterday. I'm logging it all on SparkPeople. I ended the day with 1,4483 Calories and 75% of that was Paleo. I also did one of the Biggest Loser DVDs yesterday to get in some activity for the day. I did not find the relaxation time yesterday. Sadly I think I'm going to have to schedule this in or I just forget about it. Got my travel info from Sixthman yesterday and now I really can't wait for Saturday to get here! Jen
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