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  1. There you are! I used to aspire to a Rivendell aesthetic, but then I accepted I’m much more of a hobbit XD
  2. Basically, it’s designed to push you so that instead of having yearly goals with any urgency or tactics you have ambitious quarterly goals with tactics, and there is more urgency and understanding in your objectives. Here’s a decent summary, but I recommend the book. .
  3. Well, I fell off quickly! I’m mostly following the rules, but I’m snacking a bit much. The weather just turned autumnal, and I think my instincts has gone to hibernation mode. It’s not time to lose the fat! It’s time to pack it on for the winter! Dear Lizard Brain, I understand that’s how we’re wired, but I am not in danger of starvation. I promise. I discovered the game design course I was going to take was not a “at your own pace” class but had weekly assignments and a dubious peer review system, and being realistic about my existing commitments, decided to drop it fo
  4. Pro game writing, only about a year now ^_^; Game should launch later this year (but has been prone to delays, which is very normal). My novels (novellas if you want to get technical about it) were a mostly light hearted, contemporary science fantasy series.
  5. I’ve just started the Coursera Game Design: Art and Concepts course. I was brought into games a bit sideways (but I’m told that happens a lot with writers). When I was presented the lucky opportunity to put my hat in the ring for a role (I knew a person, his team was looking for a writer and thought of me as a potential candidate), I took my many years of studying the craft of storytelling and actually writing and basically reverse engineered a sample script by playing similar games as to the one I was auditioning for XD I didn’t have explicit (professional) games expe
  6. Thanks! This particular game design course is theoretical rather than practical, but I’m eyeing a Unity for Games course later. I know a bit about game design already (I work a story writer in gamedev), but I wanted some formal learning on my CV as I’m a bit of a Ravenclaw at heart >_>;
  7. Prelude: Summer came and went at Owlshire. We had a cool and often wet summer, sparked now and again by short heat waves. The garden didn’t fare well. Tomatoes in great promise, suddenly gone in their entirely in a few days after a blight hit. Anemic vegetables, little nibbling animals… There’s always next summer. At the beginning of the year, I started a full time “9-5” job for the first time in almost 10 years. Time slips away so much more quickly when one has a day job, even one they enjoy. Last week I turned 42. I’m an American word witch living in the
  8. Final weight-in - down 3 lbs! (Solid, based on trends.) Slow, sustainable weight loss is good by me, and that’s 1/3rd of the weight I wanted to lose before the end of the year. I didn’t track my activity as much as I intended to, I’ll do better next time. (And more activity!) So, a successful challenge! On to the next!
  9. My weight loss is a bit stuck, which I think is portion size creeping up again, so I’ve pared down this week and we’ll see what happens.
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