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  1. Here to cheer on fellow old house renovator! (Not that I’ve been doing much myself.)
  2. As I write these words, it’s now 10AM and my son is still asleep, when he usually wakes around 6:30/7. I only woke a little while ago myself, after a very, very tough night with a sick Enting. At around 5AM I had to get my partner (who was sleeping in another room specifically so one of us could offer respite in these circumstances), who sent me to the guest room and took over Enting duty. So now I am awake and groggy, and sniffly (I am also sick, just in less severity), and my SIL and BIL are due to arrive in a couple of hours. They are staying at the holiday cottage of our neighb
  3. I’ve really liked Haupt’s earlier books—Crow Planet and Mozart’s Starling. But this one is really getting me in the heart. It reminds me of a pagan path an acquaintance of mine is developing called Fencraft, which was also a revelation for me because it’s always been how I approached my paganism than the more Wicca-bent and Wicca-influenced paths that just never quite felt right to me. (In short, Fencraft—or at least the parts of Fencraft that harmonize well with me are about local-practice and animism.) Rooted isn’t about religion at all, but it slides very easily into my worldview while stil
  4. I stopped being veg about 6 years ago, so it probably hasn’t changed that much. I question now the environmental friendliness of a lot of vegetarian faux meats (as they are often made from by products of things that are farmed in environmentally unfriendly ways), but yeah. Cutting meat for me is definitely environmentally driven. Once I have my free range chickens, maybe I’ll go mostly egg for animal protein XD That’s what I was doing in my late vegetarian phase—I was also growing most of my own veg, it was great XD ETA I was a vegetarian in America, and Europe has different agricultu
  5. I tend to set the “gardening” bar low. Today I went out for like 2 minutes and pulled a couple of weeds. I gardened!
  6. I was pescatarian (vegetarian + seafood) for 10 years and for the most part I loathed faux meat products. Like you, I’d much rather have an egg, some cheese, etc. (I’m an omnivore again these days, although sometimes I consider drastically reducing my meat intake and being “mostly vegetarian”.)
  7. Loving your challenges as always, even if I can’t keep up with them (as always).
  8. Welcome back! Love the hair ❤️ I realized I’m doing my first challenge after 3+ years that isn’t oriented about being a mother (I’ve only got 1) or returning worker, but just about being Me. It’s kind of weird. XD
  9. I’m glad to hear your respawn went well! Your goals look great. I totally hear you on child getting into bed making for bad sleep XD Some nights it’s fine, but some nights it’s not ;_;
  10. Welcome back to the fold. Although it goes against cultural “FOLLOW YOUR ONE (1) DREAM!” advice, I think it’s good to have multiple plans—multiple possibilities. I’ve definitely found it makes a more enriching life for me. (There’s an interesting book called Designing your Life that talks about this.) I’m glad you’ve found a good job now, and you’re on your way back to a better place.
  11. I often charge right in during Week Zero, but I’m holding off this time—mostly because Enting and I both have colds and are a bit poleaxed. I want to focus on getting well because I have my Covid Jab on Monday and if I’m not well they’ll probably make me move my appointment. Ugh.
  12. I can’t get through all 3 pages, at the moment but I love your challenge and new (to me) direction. I’m also learning to People Again, as I’m now in a new part of the country and actually want to, like... make local friends or something.
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