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  1. Wow, those sound amazing! I really need to get to that part of the world. (I may be going to Norway this summer, but it's for a conference.)
  2. Ooooh. Love the theme! Good luck on your goals!
  3. Present Me would like to thank Past Me, who when I was stumped for what to cook yesterday, looked at this coming week's meal plan and thought "you know if I made an extra large amount of egg mayo (lunch) and veggie chili (dinner) TODAY, then I don't have to make it all on Monday AND we have healthy homemade food today, Monday, and probably Tuesday." Thank you, Past Me! In related news, the Mr left on a 3 day business trip at 5AM ths morning (which we didnt even know he'd be going on for sure until last night), so I'm solo-juggling all the things and I'm still recovering from my cold. I'm not sure I'll last the day with work, but I've still got to do all the childcare/school runs, dog walks, and property management items that are non-negotiable. 😫 But this is what the challenge is about, right? Trying to keep a grip in the midst of chaos...
  4. Ah, that all sounds lovely! We're in 40 square miles of forest but it's dotted around with villages and a couple of small towns that are fairly accessible to one another. We're personally surrounded by more than a hundred acres of forest and pasture much of which we have public footpath access through, but there's a pub 100 meters down the lane, big housing estate less than a 10 minute walk away through the woods, and the village center can be driven to in less than 5 minutes or walked through the woods in about 20 minutes at my pace. There's a small shop, a surgery, and the Enting's primary school. The towns with more amenities are about 10-15 minutes away by car, and the nearest city about 40 minutes away through beautiful rolling countryside. It gives us this feeling of being remote (I can literally walk for hours a day and never run into another human) but without actually being cut off. Which is the best of both world's for us! And as for hardcore homesteading... I didn't mind a property that needed a bit of love (and hoo boy we got that), but the house had to be "move-in ready" Maybe a house that needed a bit of modernizing or touching up (ha ha we've had to have the plumbing in every bathroom redone and the decor in half the house is still circa 1980s Grandmacore) but we had to be able to live in it comfortably from day one. Besides, both of us have full time jobs, a young kiddo, and various other things going on, so we're pretty much hobby homesteaders and do what we want (and if it's critical and we can't, we hire it out). It works for us!
  5. Yeah, Enting loves Skye but he’s still nervous because she goes from fun and cuddly to jumpy and nippy with no warning. And she’s already as tall as him in her hind legs and she’s less than half of her expected adult size…
  6. Mr is not yet willing to make that compromise as it breaks the “no dog upstairs” rule. When he suggested yesterday that we managed to securely wean Enting into his own bed so we can manage the dog, I did point out that involved a cumulative 2 years of me cosleeping in the guest room 😜 I guess we’ll see who gives first, 😂
  7. Skye's an escape artist, but thankfully the only place she wants to escape to is back with us. Still, we'd like her crate-trained as it comes in handy! Mr doesn't want her sleeping in our room but she can't bear to be away from me so I'm sleeping on the sofa with her on the floor next to me until we figure out an exit strategy. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Our kiddo is 4 y/o, we thought it was a good age to introduce a (family-friendly) dog. If I had older or no children (at home) I may have considered another breed (or mix). Although now I have a goldie I already can't figure out why I'd want anything else ever again. LOL
  9. Love the theming, and good luck getting that ship out of the ice!
  10. Welcome back, and good luck on your challenge and the next stage of your life!
  11. Good luck with your goals! They look well thought out and considered. Every pregnancy is different, but first trimester completely flattened me (I lost 10lbs due to inability to keep down food and slept 18 hours a day). I spent the second semester recovering... but was doing pretty okay physically in my third trimester. (Some may remember that, I joined NF when I was 30 weeks pregnant!)
  12. When we were at the breeders', she opened the baby gate into the kitchen. We didn't think much of it until we got home and she opened the crate we had for her. Then we got her another crate (she was borderline too big for the original one because we were expecting to get a younger puppy), and she opened that one, too 🤯 We've got it secured now, but within 24 hours we knew we were dealing with a dog that might be too smart for our own good LOL When I was a child, my dad got a Samoyed but--I realized this many, many years later--my dad's health was already declining (and either he was oblivious or in denial) and the dog never got the training or exercise he needed. He destroyed EVERYTHING. He escaped CONSTANTLY. He was affectionate, loving, but a destructive and logistical nightmare that caused so much discord in our household. I loved the Samoyed, but the experience put me off dogs until... well, now, when I'm in my 40s and have a stronger understanding of what went wrong with my childhood dog. So yeah, I'm all about the training, and all about "a tired dog is a happy dog!" She's too old for puppy classes (at least the ones offered locally) so we've been doing a lot of "training" via YouTube which I think mostly because she's really eager to please has been going pretty well, but we know that we lack knowledge and experience so we've also got a professional dog trainer coming by next week to help us with the parts we've been struggling with (nipping and jumping are a big one, despite much advice from friends and the Internet, and it's particularly a problem because it frightens the Enting) and if we like the trainer we'll probably do their "older puppy" classes (6 months-18 months) when they're next offered. I spent the first 10 days making a record of in and out for housetraining purposes (re: no training at all) and now we have a pretty solid routine that she knows well (at least on the weekdays). The last few days I've been sick (plus weekends which aren't quite as structured) so it's been lots of shorter outings and she's definitely found it confusing. So I think she got it pretty fast (She also keeps trying to go back to her bed in my office because 5 days a week that's where she spend most of her inside time LOL)
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