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  1. It appears I start my new job next week. Yes, that one. I willl need to rethink my goals: for the remains of this challenge, for the next few months. In the meantime,
  2. I realized I didn’t actually order the flower seeds! Just vegetable seeds. But I’ll be making another order anyway when the potted herbs and such come into stock so I’ll do it then.... Enting and I went on a walk this morning—didn’t cover any new ground, but I see something new each time and even when I don’t, the seasons and weather are always changing.... I’ve probably taken 50 shots of this view, and I don’t care. It’s next to a little house on the footpath that is on practically vertical land, but the house must have the most breathtaking of views from
  3. This weekend: Went to the garden centre. Went to the farm shop. Continued the digging of holes in the pasture-now-designated-orchard and planted our first two trees: a green gage plum, and a “Beauty of Bath” apple tree. We have very rocky soil, so the bigger sandstone pieces have been collected and wheeled down to the future vegetable garden to use for borders and pathing. Monday: 10 more trees and some number of assorted berry bushes arrived. I submitted my order for vegetable and flower seeds (they didn’t quite have what I wanted at the garden centre) tonight.
  4. Right. So the thing is done and turned in, and I should hear more (one way or another) in the next week or two. I went for a walk with the Enting on Friday. It was a long walk, with new ground explored. Of course, it was a day that would have been good for my Daily Steps and PAI, but I forgot to put my Fitbit back on after my shower I may give myself points for it anyway. He may be the Enting, but I think he’s turning into a Hobbit. As we reach a rise on the way back,
  5. A bit of anxiety, but it took a few days to even find someone for this week so that was more anxiety inducing XD Hopefully it’ll be okay.
  6. There’s some mistletoe on the other side that needs trimming as well. But it bore hundreds of apples last year (if the rotten ones we had to clean off the ground after we bought it was any indication), so I think we’ll be okay XD I may get used to it eventually, but I still go “wow” sometimes when I’m out and about. Thanks! As I said on a previous post, I hadn’t been actively seeking work, but I was open to this studio asking again. And it’s something for my CV I can hopefully expand on later if all goes well. I’m sort of “she who has many skills t
  7. Week 1 End: 95/200 points. My progress has tailed off a bit in the last few days—my plan did not exactly have me spending all my time trying to find a short term, short notice nanny and trying to write when I wasn’t doing that! I’m not too concerned, I’m doing well on points still and I can rebalance later on. Plus “doing another job for this studio” was actually on my “Big Quest” lists, so it “counts” on my Game of Life Here are some moody photos of Owlshire on a frosty morn, and a walk we took down to the river last week. (Enting walked the whole way! Up and down hil
  8. Oh yes, it would be work from home even not in pandemic times, although maybe I’d be taking a trip or two into the office for face to face meetings in non-pandemic times. On the other hand, adding childcare adds a vector of infection to the household, so it’s not entirely safe.
  9. Thanks @rhovaniel, @iatetheyeti, @harriet, and others who checked on me this week. The events in the US on Wednesday were also an emotional blow, as you know I’m an American so I can get personally preoccupied with the dramas of both the UK and the US! In addition, Enting developed night terrors again right in step with the new Lockdown, and I’m utterly wrecked. I’m mostly coping, I’m continuing to fill out my XP spreadsheet, but I have basically no time online what with the Enting. Then, on Thursday/Friday, I was contacted by the games studio I did a brief contract for for in Sept
  10. Lockdown 3.0 commenced in England last night. This doesn’t really affect my goals, but my spirit is still so, so weary.
  11. Having found the route to the village, I wanted to start getting Enting acquainted with it so he’d feel comfortable walking it. Much to my surprise he walked the whole way into the village and then a bit back before decided he wanted a carry and a snack. It took an hour to get to the village so it wasn’t exactly a speed errand, but carrying him back uphill definitely got my PAI score for the day XD
  12. I like hilly climbs, but I have Enting’s ability and safety to think about as well. We’ve had some slips and slides so I’m not entirely being a paranoid parent.
  13. Week Zero I’m at 51/200 XP in week zero, earned across most categories. Notably, I didn’t manage any PAI-based XP as I haven’t gotten my average back to 50 yet, which I want to work on this week. I’ve done some errata after playtesting and some event changes, and I’m ready to keep on.
  14. I have a 2 year old, who needs a dog? XD (We are thinking about a dog at some point in the next year or two.)
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