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  1. Gosh. Time flies when you’re #livingthedream. Things are good here. We’re busy between day jobs and Owlshire activities. Have not been tracking XP. I’ve not checked threads. I’ve decided that PAI is not the measurement I need right now, but still counting steps. There will be photospam at some point, at least at the end of the challenge. We have an orchard planted and I’m just getting the first vegetable beds sorted.
  2. It looks beautiful! And the inability to resize images on iPad is why I always post MONSTER SPAM PHOTO POSTS XD I figure people know what they’re getting into with my thread by now XD
  3. Love the wall Yes, I know that feeling of “it’s okay future me will deal with it.” And I love your non-challenge
  4. Oh, it is. But I’ve also found some other cool PAI-loving stuff around here. Can’t wait for you to come back I may say PA-sta and to-MAH-to now, but even I have my limits The pet pheasant also comes around the back of the house and watches me work in my office. Things are going really well right now. I keep waiting for the other foot to drop XD But I’ll enjoy it for now....
  5. I think you underestimate yourself. The circumstances to do something adventurous vs actually doing it stands between a lot of people. So while I do fully accept that I am #livingthedream, that doesn’t mean you aren’t also #adventurergoals. There are many dreams and many goals, and all are impressive. (Also, I sort of think of myself as a retired adventurer since we’re trying to settle and grow roots ^_^) The vibe of the place may also be a bit different due to pandemic restrictions.
  6. Best of luck to your father, and I’m glad your boss is letting you stay home. I’ve been wanting my Austin-ish family posting about the snow there—not to mention yours. And then I had to come here, because I saw the title of your challenge and... um. XD
  7. You are such #adventurergoals. Good luck with the book contract, and enjoy those beautiful mountains! It sounds like a fantastic way to make up for that lost adventure last year.
  8. Congrats on getting so far on the novel! I love your themed challenge
  9. When we were investigating moving to the Forest, we did so on the belief that Mr would have to commute and be away a few days a week. Not ideal, but we thought it would be worth it, and in the future he might be able to negotiate more time at home. As Lockdown has carried on and remote working is... well, working, we think he’ll only need to go a day or two a week once things ease up. My role was always intended to be remote, pandemic or no, so that works out well for us whether or not it gets extended.. Any work I take in the future will need to be remote or require very little time in the (
  10. First seeds of the year are planted (they’ll go into the kitchen window for the next couple of months): (Enting saw me posting this and said “Oh, Mommy and me did that.”)
  11. Week Zero Started: 200XP Ended: 242XP Goal: 400 A good week for goals. I did ~4 hours Deep Work each weekday, got my fitness combo most weekday, and did a fair bit of outdoor work in Owlshire on Saturday. We even had a bonfire! Hoping for more green work today to start Week 1. The ground has been frozen for the last week so I couldn’t dig, but we finally came above freezing last night so maybe soon I can start doing more with the vegetable bed and we can get the rest of the fruit trees in... if not today, then next weekend.
  12. Rest well. And remember a plan is a place in which to manage change. And it sounds like you managed it well. ❤️
  13. In the gaming industry, it is the person (or team of people for a bigger game) that is in charge of the narrative elements of a game during development. In my case, I’m a one person team (smaller game), so I also do all the plotting, script writing (dialogue, cut scenes, etc.), create the settings (levels)/characters (which I work with in collaboration with the art team), discuss how the story fits into the rest of development, and so on. Basically, if it’s about the narrative or story, it’s my job XD
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