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I’m a 41 year old American woman who married a Brit and emigrated to the UK. In November 2020, after a few years in London, we realized a dream spoken from the earliest days of our relationship and moved to a woodland property, which we call Owlshire, in the Forest of Dean/Wye Valley. Owlshire is comprised of 9 acres of pasture and woodland, and is semi-off grid. We have self-sufficiency plans for the property, to be taken slowly as we now both work full time, too. We also plan to host LARPing and board gaming events with our friends, because we are indeed, total and complete geeks.


I started my journey with Nerd Fitness when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my son, the Enting, who is now 2.75 years old. He’s been a part of every challenge! In no particular order I regard myself as a storyteller, hearth witch, fiber artist, wanderer, gardener. I like to get my exercise from doing everyday tasks—the gardening, collecting firewood, hauling supplies, taking walks, and the various other responsibilities I have taken on at Owlshire.

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