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  1. WARNING PHOTO SPAM AHEAD Further property explorations: And then today I left the property line for the first time since we got here! The neighbours (who came by to introduce themselves yesterday) had suggested I take the footpath across the lane. There is a feeling I’ve often had when we are on holiday or hiking around the UK. This feeling of “I can’t believe that I’m here. I can’t believe this is my life.” That’s how I feel now, and this is my front yard.
  2. When it’s safe again, come by and for a kettlebell lesson and some Dutch practice (for the Mr) you’re welcome to use us a homebase for a holiday
  3. We’re busy unpacking and settling in, so have some picspam of an adventure around the property I had with the Enting yesterday. Long shadows as we headed to the “back” pastures (heading west). And it keeps going.... And going... Woodland on each side. The one to the right is ours, the one to the left our neighbour’s below. The hill rising in the centre is on the other side of the river. I found my Entwife! She’s sleeping now, but when we came here for the second viewing in July we were able get further into the pastures and woodland (the horses had been here the first time) and when we turned a bend and I saw this tree, I knew this was the place. It’s hard to capture that feeling in a photo, but it was there. Into the woods! We had hoped to go all the way along the public footpath to the lane and then surprise Mr by ringing the gate bell, but when I got to the short bit to the lane owned by the neighbours it was overgrown to be impassible (which shows that the footpath isn’t really used) while holding an Enting in arms (he’s still unsure about woodland terrain). So we had to turn back through the pasture again (the woodland is fenced off from the pasture as they had horses, so the only entrance to the woodland on our property is from the far back pasture). In the woods, looking out toward the pastures. If you squint really hard, you can just see the river in the centre. (It was more visible in real life....)
  4. Hello, we’ve made it. (And now have Internet.) GOAL ACHIEVED! FINALLY! Packing went smoothly, loading went smoothly, drive across the country went with nary a single traffic jam or accident. But of course something must go wonky on moving day—my seller texted me that they were having trouble getting the lady they’d bought from letting them move the horses, which was causing logistical nightmares. They also had to get the solicitors involved because the sale had completed and it wasn’t her house anymore and she was trying to deny them access. I’m told that she had screwed up on removals and had twice as much what she told them she had which put removals themselves in a big fix because her house just wasn’t packed up in time. By the time we arrived, much of their stuff was still loaded in vans, some things were still in the house and they were finally moving some of the horses. Our removals worked with their removals and managed to get everything in and out, but the house was a bit trashed as a result We had people back and forth until late in the evening. I’d already told them that they could leave some things overnight in the stables and that I’d chicken-sit for them (I don’t know anything about horses and dogs scare Enting, so those needed to be moved as a priority) if for whatever reasons (weather, etc.) they couldn’t get everything out on moving day. So today they came back and picked up the chickens and the coop, and a few things that had been stored away and left for today. Our seller is wonderful, and did a walk-through on the house for us because there’s a lot of new-to-us technology in it—solar panels, biomass central heating, a mini sewage treatment thingie (rather than a traditional septic system) and about 50 million keys. She gave us tons of advice on local shops, etc. We’re Facebook friends. We’re still unpacking. Made good progress through the kitchen today, but there’s still a lot to do and it’s all a bit overwhelming. But anyway, I know you’re just here for the picspam
  5. The other day, as we discussed progress on our impending move, Mr said, “We aren’t out of the woods yet....” “No, no,” I said. “We aren’t in the woods yet. Getting into the woods is the whole point!” (The wood, on our last visit in July.) When I started this particular journey with NF almost 3 years ago, I was 30 or so weeks pregnant, and I remember the last couple of challenges prior to to my son’s birth being “well, this might be the one where I have a baby” until it was the challenge where there was no longer a maybe—I was definitely going to have the baby that challenge. This is how I feel about our impending move, which I feel like has been gestating almost as long as my son did. (Much longer, if you factor that we’ve been dreaming about this non-specifically since our first days together.) It’s now. If this seemingly final attempt falls through... well, I guess one way or another it’s— The Journey’s End This challenge hopefully includes: Getting into the woods, IE moving to our new home (Edited: During Week 4?) This will include myriad tasks including continued decluttering, planning staging, setting up movers, and miscellaneous related activities. Settling in (post-whenever the move happens) Unpacking, setting up the house the way we want it, learning our way around the house and its various functionality. This includes the main house, outbuildings and a whole host of new to us gadgets and appliances. Exploring our new surroundings (in tandem and trailing off of the first two sections.) Keep up with 4+ miles a day walked on average. I do want to increase this incrementally, eventually, but this is not that challenge. Once we’ve moved, get acquainted with the new property (field and forest), leave an offering at the Entwife tree, travel beyond it. Start getting acquainted with the villages on either side of us, the forests beyond our property line. Go visit the river and make introductions. If the first task falls through (again), I will revise the challenge. If things go well, expect a lot of photo spam.