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  1. I have been low carb now for just over four months and have loved the results (down 23 pounds and 4.5 inches off the waist) but I have been stuck for the past few weeks at my same waist size. My weight has gone down just a little but not the gut! I know it can be the last place to lose fat but I'm just wondering if this is just part of the process or should I be doing something else? Nothing has changed as far as my eating or exercising. Thanks! www.tanpantsdiaries.com
  2. I feel ya! Dallas is a killer in the summer as well. If I am trying to get a workout indoors, I'll usually find some good cardio (jumping jacks, burpees, jump rope, etc.). There are some good ideas here. Also, good old fashioned push ups, tri ups, sit ups, etc. On the bright side, only a couple more months of heat! www.tanpantsdiaries.com
  3. After one month of paleo/primal lifestyle, I think this may be exactly what I have been looking for. Definitely does NOT feel like a "diet". So far, almost ten pounds down and two inches off the waist! I had also heard that low carb can be anti inflammatory but dealing with a lower back pain (sciatica possibly?) that still bothers me. Looking for any suggestions. You can get more details here on my journey - www.tanpantsdiaries.com
  4. So here we are! I decided to wait two weeks to check my results for a couple reasons. Mainly, I know after one week you can sometimes see very limited results and get discouraged. Also, I wanted to set up a blog (still a work in progress!) to record my progress as well as keep recipes, articles, etc. My thinking is that this will help keep me committed. So here's what happened! Measurement - First thing I did when I woke up was to measure my belly. This was the same time of day I initially measured so I figured there would be no factors to take in such as breakfast or a workout. I
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