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  1. I should've posted here two years ago then! We just moved from Mankato out to Rochester.
  2. Can a Rochester nerd pop in on the TC thread?
  3. Following a fellow Minnesotan! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Whoa! Thief?? Which way did he go?? (Is the story behind this at the beginning of the thread?)
  5. Hard to believe it's been more than a year since I stepped foot in this place.....Think I'll find a quiet corner and get myself re-acquainted with the surroundings.
  6. Here it is! I've been working since January to look as good as the girl on the left! Dropped 30 lbs and 2 inches off my waist and couldn't be happier after marrying her!
  7. Edendir pops in for a quick pint. Dressed in formal attire, he makes the rounds to say a short farewell to his fellow Rangers. He's off on a quest to marry his betrothed and will be gone for a brief while. I'm getting married on Saturday!!!! I'll be out for this challenge, but I'll be back with a vengeance for the next one! And I'll make sure to check in once in a while.
  8. Thanks ShadowLion and Xena! It was a great time Saturday, and I relatively kept myself in check. Still not enough to make 00, but I felt pretty good about it since it was a bachelor party. This week I've hit 3 workouts, but haven't made the time to update things here...I'll get better at it after the wedding is done I promise! Here's to hopefully looking like a 00 in 8 days!
  9. Ok got another workout and a run in last night, and I only have to work about a half day today so I can get a really good one in today...I'm thinking at least a 5k and an hour lift. Bachelor party this weekend, so the limiting drinking thing may be a little lax.
  10. Thanks for the support guys! It really helps to know that people are supporting this. This week is going better. 2 workouts and 1 run in so far. Changed things up and did the 300 workout today, but I took my time and did it with a bit lighter weight than I'm used to. Gotta keep this up! 17 days til I get hitched!
  11. In a word, terrible. It's Thursday and I just got my first workout in for the week. I haven't been able to make time for them this week with an extreme amount of wedding planning/prep. At least I'm still taking a bigger role in work meetings...gotta find the silver lining, right?
  12. Week 1 in the books. Made 00 status in 2 of the three categories. My fiance and I had date night on Friday night, so we had a bottle between the two of us...I'll get it next time though.
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